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  1. Wow, that really looks neat. So realistic. Nice job on the weathering. I also remember a century ago when those trucks were everywhere. Seems like I blinked and all the vehicles of my youngish years disappeared.
  2. Some months back I bought a lot of 100 foil lined lids off ebay for $25.00 shipped. I'll use one until it is crusty and hard to clean, or the foil tears, and then toss it and grab another. I bought additional jars from Hobbylink and I don't recall them being very expensive. I keep paint and thinner mixed and sealed in the jars. BB's work great for agitation.
  3. Thanks guys. That puts my mind at ease regarding the completeness of my kit. I think someone grabbed the chain out of the kit but I'm pretty sure it is otherwise complete. Dave - are those photo-etch hooks? They look really good.
  4. That is just awesome. The trailer looks much better with your mods. And the load of cars... wow, each one nicely detailed. Simply fantastic... thanks for sharing.
  5. Looking good! Feel good about getting it done and not about any imperfection that YOU may see. The rest of us only see a cool truck being well built. I'm jealous, I haven't had time to get to any of my models, and I want to build some trucks!
  6. Question for anyone who has this kit. I recently purchased an open box kit with sealed (almost) bags. Can someone tell me about the tiedown chain that comes with the kit? I don't see the chain in mine and there is a small approx 1" hole in one of the bags like the chain may have been taken out. The instructions describe cutting the chain with scissors, so I'm thinking it must be plastic? Is the chain loose in the bag? My main concern is knowing whether it was on a parts tree with anything else that may now be missing from the kit, although it would have to be a small tree to get out through that hole. I'm not concerned about coming up with some scale chain. There is no parts list in the instructions so it's hard to know if anything else could be missing. Thank you.
  7. Yeah, silver. As much as I hate to admit it, in 10 years of ownership of my 21 year old silver 7-series, I've never waxed it. It still looks great. Then again, it's German paint.
  8. That interior is just fantastic! Beautiful job on a great car.
  9. Beautiful car and so nicely represented by your quality build and stunning paint and foil work. Nicely done... thanks for sharing! P.S. The wires & spinners are cool!
  10. Both tractors look fantastic. I also remember seeing the tractors in the '70s and wanted to build one, but my paper route money only went so far and there were lots of car and truck models to buy. I sure would like to see the Ag equipment reissued. Prices are nuts on ebay.
  11. Wow, that's really neat. The color and weathering look great. What a special family connection!
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