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  1. Kromolly

    65 Comet

    Very nice and so COOL!
  2. This is absolutely incredible modeling, artistry and realism. The metalizing, weathering and details such as grease and oil are stunning. Jaw dropping! This is probably a really dumb question, but is the dozer and and all of its components entirely scratch-built?
  3. Very nice, clean work. The Vega is a neat subject.
  4. Very nice. That looks like a color combination GM would have had back in the day... not common, but likely available in '68. For interior colors today you get your choice of tan or gray. Did I mention tan? Bleh!
  5. Really nice detail on that kit. It's not necessarily a subject I would be interested in, but here's hoping KA Models will be producing more kits. If they continue at this quality level they should do well. The really early Datsun and Toyota pickups would make a neat subject. Growing up a neighbor had a '59 (IIRC) Datsun pickup. I can't even count the number of times I remember him stalling out next to our house.
  6. Very nice, clean and accurate build. I really enjoy seeing these old family cars come to life. It's hard to believe how long it's been since the cars of that era were commonplace.
  7. Great idea. I've been looking at my display case thinking the same thing. Now that I have some WIPs after a 25 year hiatus, I am going to need more space!
  8. Testors enamel? Yes, it can be really hard to mix. The solids will settle to the bottom and clump up. I use pieces of sprue as a stir stick and thoroughly stir the solids. I have a bunch of 25 year old Testors Model Master paint that I've been able to resurrect by stirring and adding a little thinner. It's hard to see in the pictures of the bed what the problem is. Orange peel? It's hard for me to control paint from a rattle can onto such a small surface with compound curves, angles and depth. I find that there is too much paint coming out. You may be able to wet sand and polish, or color sand and clear coat it. I've used polishing cloth up to 12,000 grit to polish and then rub with a liquid automotive wax. "Cleaner wax" can damage the paint, so make sure it's wax only and test it first to make sure it doesn't damage the paint.
  9. What are you spraying with? The Testors orange looks thin. When I'm airbrushing Testors I'll do multiple very light mist coats and let it flash in between, then when the coverage is looking even and thorough I'll do a final heavier finish coat.
  10. All of the comments above about the poor quality of today's television are the reason our TV hasn't been on in nearly 3 years. We don't even watch fake news anymore. Whatever network, it's all overly sensationalized to grab the attention of viewers, for the same reason they pretend to drop the ultra-rare windshield on the restoration shows. Modern entertainment is an insult to intelligent humans. Or maybe it's a statement on how far the expectations in our country have fallen in the past 3-4 decades? Somebody is watching this stuff, because they keep making more of it.
  11. Very cool project. I'm following.
  12. Wow, I need to check my local Wally World! That's a good price.
  13. That looks really nice. Beautiful paint.
  14. Here are several of my favorite paint jobs. Since I haven't completed or painted a model since 1996 (but I currently have some WIPs 😁), these are 25+ year old paint jobs that have survived display, moving, being packed away for years, etc.. All were done with Testors Model Master enamel and air brush. To the best of my recollection the red and the gold bubble tops and the Thunderbird were all clear coated with Testers gloss clear coat. I recall that the white top on the Thunderbird was polished paint without clear. The two pickups were polished without a clear coat. Trim on all is bare metal foil.
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