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  1. Wow, that's really neat. The color and weathering look great. What a special family connection!
  2. Yes, that color is outstanding, and nice shine!
  3. Wow! Those are beautiful. Your paint is spectacular and detail is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Both are a work of art, in build quality and automotive design. Beautiful display pieces. Nicely done!
  5. Short-time member here. I appreciate that members are polite and supportive as someone else said. So many forums contain posts that start off helpful, only to spiral into arguing and insults... middle school stuff. I haven't seen that here, and I only see complimentary comments any time a built model is posted for viewing. That's awesome! Hard for me to find time during the warm, dry months, so I've been away for some months. But I look forward to catching up and seeing what's new.
  6. Wow! Gorgeous wagon. Excellent work
  7. I've had great experience with them, including a pretty complex order with over 40 items, 100% correct. Shipping was pretty quick. I haven't ran into the "out-of-stock" issue though.
  8. Reading all of these complaints about TV commercials reminds me of why we haven't turned our TV on in 3 years. TV is just another step in the "dumbification" and downgrading of America. I also think the content on TV today is as annoying and useless as the commercials. I am a much more content person without that noise box blaring every night.
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