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  1. Very nicely done and as many others said, excellent color combination. I wondered about the inner fenders, I know up to '79 Ford used the galvanized steel inner fenders. I like the look on your Bronco, though. and who cares if it's factory correct or not. Fantastic job on that build. I would be proud to have that on my shelf.
  2. Very nice clean build. The color looks very close to the original GSX yellow. Well done!
  3. Yes they are quite different. I always liked the Riviera/Wildcat wheels myself.
  4. That looks fantastic. Great color combo and very nice detailing and added touches. Love those '70s trucks!
  5. Nothing beats the reaction to a good dog-appropriate joke!
  6. Very cool group there. Another vote for the woody as a favorite! 😉
  7. I envision a thriving '60s hot rot shop diorama with all of this. Very cool stuff!
  8. Very well done replica. It's fun building a replica of something we owned. And like someone else said, love those '70s photos. Seemed like a much simpler time.
  9. That is just gorgeous. Very realistic looking. How about some pictures with doors open?
  10. Wow, that rust is so realistic. Love it! Nicely done!
  11. I'm glad this resurfaced, I missed it last fall. Really nicely done and beautiful looking model. Great color choice. I have to look for this kit now!
  12. Thank you Anders and Chris. What a thrill to get compliments from around the world! This forum is so great for sharing.
  13. I've thought about it, I have that kit. The Skylark GS midsize wheels were different than the Riviera wheels, but they ARE Buick wheels.
  14. Wow, that is a great looking model of an equally great subject. There's nothing like the character of the old trucks. Awesome job!
  15. Nice to see this one being built. I have one in my stash. Will be following your build.
  16. Depends on what you're after, I suppose. I kind of like the primer look and as-is it has an interesting patina. If you went with primer and finished your assembly it would look like a project car and would reflect your burnout with the project, but still be really cool. Hot-rodded six would be cool.
  17. Thank you for the compliments, guys. Much appreciated!
  18. Very nice. Super detailing and a really clean build. Paint looks great!
  19. Jaw dropping! The scratch building on this project is on a level all its own. What an amazing representation of the real thing. Outside of that, I'm speechless.
  20. Wow, that an inspiration! Beautiful cabinets and nice job on the room.
  21. Really nice, clean build, great color and nicely trimmed.
  22. Great looking build. I'm loving the stock cars!
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