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  1. Found one... Made by Blue Ridge Decals sold by Southernscale replicas obtained through a user on another forum... whew!
  2. I'm building Bill Elliott's 1986 Coors car. I have seen some models on here with an aftermarket air dam/bumper that looks correct for the 1986 season. I think I saw where one was by Blue Ridge Resin. Dr. Google couldn't find anything on this Blue Ridge Resin. Hoping someone on here my be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  3. Great job! I hope mine ends up lookng this good. It's masked and waiting to be painted... I'm so scared. Seriously though, I'm really glad Monogram came out with this body. It has been a fun car to build.
  4. "Awesome" job! That is a very nice, clean build! Thanks for sharing. I just finished this same car as well (still refining my processes). This car is part of my bigger project to build all of Bill Elliott's cars from 1983 (first win square bird WIP) to the last win 2003 Dodge Intrepid. I picked up building these again during COVID shut down. When I started working from home I had no commute to help me unwind so modeling filled the gap nicely. Its amazing the amount of resources we have available now vs when I was building these as a teenager.
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