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  1. one question, did you pushed cab forward or cut the forward part of the frame to fit short hood?
  2. I'd buy for sure would see 1972~73 AMC Matador as well
  3. Hi, Would like to get one if someone have unwanted part PM me please Thanks in advance
  4. Could you contact me with the same info? I'm working on White 9000 so Reo would be perfect base for mine
  5. I've sent you a PM about this truck since I want to make same conversion would you mind help me with that? Cheers!
  6. So here it is what it is ~ I want do buid a conversion in 1/25 using AMT kit Obviously from the "MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE" movie I saw this movie over 10 times maybe and I love this particular wrecker. so I've found out in this forum that at least one conversion was made so the things I would know is how to properly cut the frame and hood how to properly do reposition of the cab and how to stick the engine into the short nose never made any truck conversions like this but desperately want to create this baby Cheers!
  7. Excellent!! but the Wrecker from the movie has Apple Green interior and nickname "BERTHA" on both cab doors and it has broken "FEDERAL SIGNAL BEACON" on the roof (rotator only) apart from that SUPERB!!
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