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  1. Mark C. added a post in a topic New Guy Here,...   

    Hey Albert! Glad I found you... now I know where to go for my California car show fix!

    Too bad about the goings on at the other board, I still go back and forth between this, that, and some other boards, but don't really call any one board home these days. This one seems to be the most civil and hobby-oriented board out there, so it looks like you've found a good place to be.

    See you around!
  2. Mark C. added a post in a topic 1970 Elmo Langley Mercury Done!   

    Looks awesome, Billy!
  3. Mark C. added a post in a topic Hobby Heaven closed   

    Thanks for the info, John. I've been thinking about giving them a try, and now I think I will. It'll eliminate the border/exchange rate hassles as a bonus.

    BTW, it's modelexpress.net. When I typed in .com it went to a site that tried to get me to download some kind of scanning software that I didn't want. Just a heads-up to anybody that is looking for the site.
  4. Mark C. added a post in a topic Hobby Heaven closed   

    To answer your question, this is a quote of Tom's from his board:

    "I was born with… …an automotive obsessive gene with emphasis on the miniature variety, and it’ll always be my number one priority."

    That says it all to me.
  5. Mark C. added a post in a topic 1950 Cadillac "Purple Haze"   

    Nice job on the Caddy! I think this is the perfect application for this kit, especially since it looks like it has a mild top chop right out of the box.

    Looking forward to more progress pics!
  6. Mark C. added a post in a topic Sum Bare Neked Ladies......   

    Here's s'more:

    edit: I should clarify for those not familiar with Canadian music... these guys are the Barenaked Ladies... a band. Sorry for my feeble attempt at humour. :roll:

  7. Mark C. added a post in a topic WIP: Chrysler 300 Wagon   

    Great job so far!

    Here's the European production version:

    Here's a link to the website:

  8. Mark C. added a post in a topic Overhaulin Bel-Air on EBAY   

    I'm not goin' with anybody on this, but I liked the "before" car better. :roll:
  9. Mark C. added a post in a topic Trumpeters 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau Coupe   

    Thanks, Peter. I can appreciate the language difficulty for you. (By the way, I could easily understand your review of the Monte Carlo.)

    I think a lot of members could benefit from your excellent work for the Bonneville.

    Sorry for asking you to do something so difficult! :oops:

  10. Mark C. added a post in a topic Trumpeters 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau Coupe   

    Thanks for the review Peter. Very factual and well illustrated.

    I also enjoyed your review of the '60 Bonneville that you posted a long time ago on another board. Would it be possible to post your Bonneville review and repairs on this board for the benefit of those people who didn't see it before?

    A word on subject matter and kit flaws. For my $$ it's all about subject matter. I don't mind making some corrections on kits if I like the subject matter. I bought the Trumpeter Bonneville because I like '60 Pontiacs despite its high price and the many flaws the kit has. The Monte Carlo will not be coming home with me, and that's all I'll say about it.

    I hope this Monte kit sells well so that Trumpeter will continue to bring out more American car kits. I really hope that their choice of subject matter combined with the many flaws of this kit will not kill the chances of more future releases. The downside of this is that if the kit does indeed sell well it may turn off future customers who were not expecting all these problems on a premium kit.

    I also hope that somebody from Trumpeter reads this board so that they will understand the need to pull up their socks a little in the future. I don't like to trash a kit or manufacturer, but they have to realize that people just will not shell out premium $$ for a kit with so many serious flaws... those are the facts as I see it. Just my 2¢...
  11. Mark C. added a post in a topic Seeking Opinions/Advice on potential new project.   

    Yep! And without the complicated bodywork I'll at least have a chance at being able to do it! :mrgreen:

    BTW, thanks for your suggestions, Bob! All advice I can get is really appreciated!
  12. Mark C. added a post in a topic Seeking Opinions/Advice on potential new project.   

    Thanks, Bill! I hadn't even thought of MCW. I've been wanting to order something from them, and maybe this might be just the thing.

    Here's a pic I found on their website, compared to the Laurentian:

    It just might be doable!

    The MCW car also would get me out of hot water regarding the taillight issue between the Bonneville and the Catalina/Laurentian:

    I've gotta say their '61 is awfully tempting as well!

    Hmmm... Strato Chief?

    BTW, for anyone interested in Canadian Pontiacs, here are a couple of links:





    Thanks again! I'll keep you guys posted if I decide to go for this one!
  13. Mark C. added a post in a topic Seeking Opinions/Advice on potential new project.   

    Thanks for the responses, guys!

    I have to admit I'm getting a little spooked by this project. Bill, I hadn't noticed before that the fenders would have to be shortened behind the front wheels, but you're right... they do.

    So now I've got a couple of major problems with the body that I don't think I can deal with, given my current level of skill.

    1. Given that the rear fins start out as a V shape in the rear and taper out to a point just behind the door opening, I don't know how I can cut a section out and fudge in the fin pieces, given that the distance between the fins is ever changing as it traverses from front to back. If I cut a section out then glue the 2 pieces together the fins will no longer line up at the cut. I can't just fudge it in because then the fins will make a little zigzag halfway along their length. The only way I can see it working would be to replace the entire fins from the front point right to the back.

    2. The same situation appears on the hood. The great big Pontiac arrowhead that starts between the grilles and widens out till it hits the windshield creates the same problem. If I cut a section out here than it will no longer line up. Maybe it could be filed narrower at the cowl, but I'm not sure it would look right. (If my name were Juha or Bill maybe I could do it... but me?? hmmmm.... )

    Thanks for the advice, guys, but the more I think of it the more I'm considering following my original plan... restore the Bonneville. Less chance of me ruining vintage plastic that way.

    Maybe if I want to make a Canadian Pontiac I'll start with something that has easier lines, like a Trumpeter '60 Bonnie. All the lines seem to run pretty much parallel on that one...

    Or start with an AMT '62 Cat... it's already shortened! LOL

    I dunno... I hate to give up on it, but a fella's got to realize his limitations! :?