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  1. was going to use a DSLR but it was low on battery and I didnt have a charger on me so iphone pics will do for now.
  2. Alright, all done! decided to drill out the rear grill which was a pita. The build is far from perfect but its good enough
  3. Just about on the home stretch now, just afew more carbon decals and I think il drill out the rear grill and that should be about it, getting the front airfoils in was a major pain in the ass.
  4. Some progress pics after afew weeks, just have to do some more carbon decals, they are pretty tricky as you can tell by my many wrinkles.
  5. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001276991964.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5ad14c4dYsLWmC I got hexagonal and obtuse diamond, but yea the rear grill I cant do unfortunately, im sure someone will make a third party F/E kit but that will take several months
  6. small update, Got the body paint down and my aliexpress order came in. The metal mesh is close enough, I bought mesh for the rear grill but its much too small so il stick with the plastic piece I guess. since the side grill is see through now I did scratch build a rad to fill in the hollow part
  7. New poster here, knew this kit was pretty hot so I thought id document my progress. Just about completed the interior section, now to start on the body, going to do volcano orange. Going to try LP-53 clear orange over the silvers/chromes i have on me on spoons first, maybe alclad chrome or SM08 plate silver next. I tried the carbon stocking method for the first time and it was pretty meh,dont mind since it will mostly be hidden, will use SMO decals on the body. did black primer then stocking>gunmetal>remove stocking>smoke>semigloss. I also tried to imitate alcantara by mixing flat black with C188 flat base rough sprayed under thinned at 30 psi to make a textured look, I think it turned out just OK as you can see on the door panel. Also since 4 wheel steering was recreated, there were some fitment issues with the rear axles and I had to modify it abit to get the camber Trued.
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