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  1. Thanks for the price info, James. I'll update the photo caption accordingly. Best....TIM
  2. Luc....thanks for posting these images! Cheers....TIM
  3. Round 2's second kit offering based off their all-new tooling of the 1963 Chevy Nova wagon is finally here (almost - it is currently in production and should be available for sale a few weeks from now). Here's a first look at the kit contents, and....surprise! Not only does the kit add a new fully detail engine compartment detail along with custom and tow car versions based on the original 1963 annual kit content, but the tooling for the Hemi-style V8 display engine and the tow-behind trailer is all new as well. 37 images and commentary await your review at the link underlined above. Thanks for looking! TIM
  4. Kit - Yep, I could tell from Dennis' model projects that he knew his subject very well. Even so, I was surprised, and proud to see, Dennis listed in a Rod and Custom mag (from the 1990's or 2000's) as one of the major domo/organizers of one of the SoCal Reliability Runs some years back. And later on, to see his 1/1 builds including that one you pictured above. TIM
  5. Jim is right. General consensus in the Pontiac enthusiast community was that a '75 GTO was planned, but was cancelled when the Buick 350 became the engine that would be used in the real car ....there were several photos of an early GM '75 GTO Design Property that showed up in the Pontiac rags (Hi-Performance Pontiac. Pontiac Enthusiast) showing the car before the T/A and '74GTO shaker hood induction was added to the property. The MPC kit was a very accurate forecast of what the real car would have been (other than the horrible graphics treatment). TIM
  6. Kit....mega kudos to you for showing the team that for real authenticity, those radius rod frame mounts that are molded together with the radius rods need to be separated and attached to the frame (and thus, wear frame color rather than the plating). This is an "error state" that I still see on many otherwise first-rate hot rod model projects. Oh....and the trailer and bed material is too cool! TIM
  7. The Ford C-Series is one of the most successful industrial designs of the 20th century....it was in production with no major changes for over three decades (1957-1990), was consistently the top seller in its truck segment, and managed to maintain a premium price position vs. competition to boot. When you zoom out of the world of model car kits, and even out of the world of the automotive industry, the C-Series was an incredible product and business proposition.... TIM PS - not to mention the kit's Ford Super Duty 534 V8 is a super cool model kit artifact on its own.... Comparing this engine's size vs. a Ford FE 427 V8....
  8. Bob, hope everyone out there in model car kit land is listening to us and is prepared to pounce when the '30A 5W Hot Rod Coupe kit here finally reemerges here in the States in and other markets across the world.....TIM
  9. As noted in my recent book on drag racing model kits, this kit tool is actually a well conceived and executed mid-engine funny car proposal from Mr. Daniel. If you like late 1960's/early 1970's funny car replicas, this one is well worth your money in my opinion....TIM
  10. While I know there are many who disagree with me, the latest Revell 'cuda kit series are, overall, the best yet to be scaled in 1/25th. The biggest issues with the kit, some body shape and proportion errors, are relatively easy to address without advanced modeling techniques. See the 1970 'cuda AAR article in the recent Kalmbach "Muscle Cars, Resto-Mods, and Pro-Touring" special issue for the how-to....TIM
  11. What James said. What we need to realize is that above all else, the model kit business is just that - a business. While from our perspective as serious modelers this IH Cabover kit with Roth livery appears as a frivolous or out of touch exercise, from the perspective of the kitmaker, it theoretically will appeal to a completely different target audience and will result in incremental kit sales with a very small up front investment. And that is very much in our best interests, as it creates incremental financial resources to help fund other newly tooled and modified reissue kit topics....end of business lesson.... TB
  12. Bob....I'm partial to Testors or Tamiya Flat Red, thinned and flowed into the recessed areas of those hubcaps... However, since your steelies wheels are already red, flat black might be a better choice for your hubcap lettering. When doing this, I seem to have better luck with the Testors Flat Black Enamel, thinned with their Testors Thinner, than I do with thinned Tamiya Flat Black. Not sure why, but the Testors Flat Black ends up looking better to my eye. Best wishes for your continued progress....TIM
  13. Actually the factory stock 1964 Chevy II kit will arrive in stores ahead of the 1965 Chevy II 100 Sedan Gasser kit, from what I understand.....TIM
  14. Gilles....huge thanks for posting this news. SO.....does anyone know if the kit available now from any United States based source, or do I have to order one from a European mail order house? If only the latter, any recommendations on who would offer the best price and/or quickest overseas delivery? Thanks again...TIM
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