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  1. I've made the front fender "reduction" and some other minor changes to my body as well. Not painted yet, but already looks much, much better. Thanks for posting....TIM
  2. Thanks Ben and John. That is a highly surprising and super-quick turnaround on John's/Round 2's part. TIM
  3. Tony....be still my heart!!!!! Yes, Please!!!! TIM
  4. This one hits the target in so many ways. Great parts swapping (that '50 Olds engine, yeah!), super-clean build style, in scale wiring and detailing, well-chosen paint scheme....and those way cool sunken taillamps. And as it always seems with your projects, an inspired wheel and tire choice. Huge congrats, Dennis! TIM
  5. For those that haven't looked at Howard's album yet, there are several pages of photos of some of the nation's most historic Willys, Anglia, and Austin Gassers among his photos......definitely worth checking out! TIM s
  6. Thanks Howard.....personally I took a breather this year. A couple of colleagues from my pre-retirement employer and I took in the Mopars at the Gilmore event the day before and kinda wore out my car guy ""fix" for the weekend. Plus the ever-increasing Concours general admission ticket price and the highly sub-optimal parking situation were standing in the way....but I'm sure I'll be back next year. In the meantime I get to enjoy your pix....looks that a great time was had by all....thanks again. TIM
  7. Hey guys...thanks for the feedback. And Alan....very cool to hear stories like that! Best regards....TIM
  8. Patrick....congrats and looks very sharp, that CJ-7. Glad to know the article helped. And needless to say, love the boat! Cheers....TIM
  9. Here's a link to a photo album with images of build-ups of a number of kits mentioned above plus some others not mentioned (i.e. the Honda 750 chopper in the MPC 1979/1980 Monte Carlo kit) .... https://public.fotki.com/funman1712/tim-boyds-124th--12/boyd-scale-cycles-/ For what you are looking for, the F150/Harley kit DynaGlide is probably the best bet (even if you have to buy another kit), followed by the Replicas and Miniatures rebop of the 1962 Triumph Bonneville. IIRC I did an article for Model Cars, circa 2006 or so, showing a showroom stock buildup of the Bonne....and also did an article showing how to detail the Dyna into a very sharp street bike replica. From the above album, here are a couple of shots of the Dyna and Bonne....much more at the link......good luck with your project. TIM
  10. Oh how it sings! Great job bringing this one home, Dennis. Big congrats....TIM
  11. Guys.....I don't have the new kit yet, but be aware that the original release of this kit tool in the early ? 1990's, had an incorrect engine. It was the 301 block from the Monogram 1981? Turbo Trans-Am version of the Firebird, not the 400 V8 from the 1978 release. Of course, the 301 didn't exist in 1970. While the 301 was derived from the original Pontiac V8 family, there were a surprising number of visual differences between the two engines including the engine block. I don't have any of the reissues since the original 1970 1/2 kit release, so I don't know if this was corrected in the interim or not. Swapping in the correct engine is an easy swap if you have any of the correct 400's in your parts box, however. Meanwhile, as I pointed out the my book Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits, the wait for a fully correct Pontiac 400 Ram Air IV in 1/24th or 1/25th scale continues.....TIM
  12. That is one beautifully conceived and executed model, Roger! Big Congrats....TIM
  13. ….that a modeler could make into a 1960's era drag racing Junior Stocker? A forum search revealed some mentions of a 1955 SD from Bandit Resins, R&R, et al, and I see that AAM had cast one in the distant past too. But I'm looking for a reputable source or sources for newly cast tri-five Sedan Deliveries that I could recommend to someone who wants to build a Junior Stocker replica today. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.....TIM ;
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