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  1. tim boyd added a post in a topic A Detailed Preview of Revell's Upcoming '30A Chopped Five Window Hot Rod....   

    No further updates here.  Anxiously awaiting as you are!  Hope you guys put in your advance orders.....  TIM 
  2. tim boyd added a post in a topic 1971 Plymouth Duster 340   

    Very nice indeed!   Outstanding work...TIM 
  3. tim boyd added a post in a topic Revell '29 Roadster Altered   

    Lookin' good so far.....TIM
  4. tim boyd added a post in a topic 1965 Plymouth Fury. Update, 5/10, More Under Hood Details   

    Not only that, 1960's Mopar C-bodies were just horrible when it came to rust.  Anyone owning one of these cars in the snow belt (such as SE Michigan where my family lived) could expect to find rust breaking through sheet metal surfaces within three years of being new.  That's a shame, as mechanically- and interior appointments-wise, the 1965-68 C-Bodies were great cars....   TIM 
    Update...I now see that Bill and several others also mentioned rust....sorry for repeating....TIM 
    PS - looks like another great Mopar C-Body build, Steven...I'll be following for sure.  TB 
  5. tim boyd added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    Well. for what it is worth, I see at least one topic suggested here in a number of replies that is actually under active development by one of the model car companies.  As in all-new tool of a subject never before kitted in 1/24th-1/25th scale.  As to what the present status of the project is, I do not know.  But I do hope it will see the light of day sometime in the next couple of years.    TIM 
  6. tim boyd added a post in a topic Has Anyone Built This Kit? Quality? MPC 1960 Corvette   

    Mine from this kit...box stock except for the wheels/tires (Revell '32 Ford 3W) and lowered front ride height....more pix.....TIM 

  7. tim boyd added a post in a topic Revell Midgets - all gone?   

    Here you go....79 how-to/buildup and completed photos of the Edelbrock version...click here     and....
    and here a similar treatment for the Offy version....    and click here...   

    These two kits are among the best 1/24th/1/25th scale kits to ever be tooled....they are amazingly authentic and pretty easy/quick to build for experienced modelers.  I cannot recommend them highly enough....  TIM 
  8. tim boyd added a post in a topic 427 SOHC valve covers   

    For those looking for the ultimate in accuracy, Steve Perry at Calnaga looked at all kit SOHC valve covers in various kits and then redesigned his own masters that improve the accuracy ...   TIM
  9. tim boyd added a post in a topic AMT 3in1 boat kit 1959 1960   

    Here's the assembled "Chris Craft" engine in the AMT kit....

    More pictures of two kit buildups of versions of the AMT Chris Craft 3 in 1 kit... http://public.fotki.com/funman1712/tim-boyds-124th--12/boyd-model-boats/boyd-boats-/page2.html   see images #43-48.....TIM   
  10. tim boyd added a post in a topic 1/24 scale motorcycles   

    Brian...there are a number of 1/25th and 1/24th scale bike kits out there....but almost all are out of production and somewhat pricey.  
    The Maisto diecasts are pretty decent....and there were some from Franklin Mint and others as well...even some of the Hallmark 1/24th scale Harley christrmas tree ornaments could be made to look pretty sharp.  
    Here's a link to some of my own motorcycle kit builds and kitbashes in 1/24th and 1/25th scale....TIM    
    The one below is a built Revell 1/25th scale Parts Pack Harley Custom Chopper....I saw one go on eBay.com a few weeks back for nearly $150....for a kit that cost .79 cents back in 1963 when new!!!  

    This one is a Revell 1/25th 2001 Dyna Super Glide Custom....built box stock (with paint detail) from their F150 Harley 100th Anniversary kit c. 2001.  

  11. tim boyd added a post in a topic 427 SOHC valve covers   

    Two comments...1) Pat...that is a way sharp diorama and your SOHC engine builds look terrific....2) Steve Perry has done extensive research and now casts up what he considers to the the most accurate SOHC cam covers out there....his product line is at calnaga.com and his pricing is very reasonable...TIM 
  12. tim boyd added a post in a topic '27 T Touring...a 70's Street Rod   

    Just to add my kudos....that's about the cleanest (and most realistic appearing) build of that kit I can recall.  
    Interestingly, when this kit first came out (in the Buttera Tudor Sedan form), I dropped everything and did a 24 hour build.  It was even Testors Candy Blue over silver (when that spray paint dried in minutes/hours instead of days/weeks).   The kit just about fell together for me.  At the time, I considered it the best-ever Revell kit I'd built, a ton ahead of most of their 1960's tooled kits.  It was then, and is still now, one of my all time favorite street rod/hot rod model kits.  
    Thanks Greg for bringing back those memories, and again, great job on that model!   Cheers...TIM  
  13. tim boyd added a post in a topic A Detailed Preview of Revell's Upcoming '30A Chopped Five Window Hot Rod....   

    Everyone here is entitled to their opinion, this is mine.  Sorry if I offended you.  TIM 
  14. tim boyd added a post in a topic A Detailed Preview of Revell's Upcoming '30A Chopped Five Window Hot Rod....   

    Dennis...you are far, far more qualified than I on this topic.  However, at one point in my various assignments at Ford, the SVO Marketing guys were part of my organization and they were all well respected street rodders.   They developed the shorty water pump, oil filter adapter, and other parts specifically to counteract the dimensional issues with using SBF engines in Ford hot rods/street rods.  So I understood the length dimension to largely be a moot point.  Your post suggests otherwise.  
    So I just did a quick google search "Chevy Small Block V8 dimensions vs. Ford Small Block V8 Dimensions"  Here are the results from the website http://www.onallcylinders.com/2013/01/10/engine-dimensions-for-popular-swaps/:
    Engine Measurements
    Chevrolet 262-400
    Dimensions: 26 inches wide, 28 inches long, and 27 inches tall
    Weight: 575 pounds
    Sump Location: Rear
    Starter Location: Right
    Ford 221-351W
    Dimensions: 24 inches wide, 29 inches long, and 27.5 inches tall
    Weight: 460 pounds
    Sump Location: Front
    Starter Location: Left
    NOTES: 351W height to carburetor pad in 23-3/4 inches. 289-302 height to top of pad is 20-3/4 inches. Length for all 221-351W Ford is with short serpentine water pump.
    So based on this information (again, presuming it to be correct and an apples to apples comparison), the SBC is "only" 1" shorter in length, .5" shorter in height, and actually 2" wider in width compared to the SBFord.  Not to mention being 115 lbs. heavier than the SBF.  (Personally, I'd take this weight comparison number with a grain of salt...sounds a little to good to be true in favor of the SBF...)     
    The Jegs website shows one Ford Performance (SVO Successor) water pump yielding only a 27" length (pulley to bellhousing):  http://www.jegs.com/p/Ford-Performance/Ford-Performance-Water-Pump/753291/10002/-1
    289/302/351WReverse RotationDriver Side Inlet1.75" Shorter Than Old-Style PumpsNo Provisions For Fuel PumpOverall Length 27" Pump Pulley to Bell housingAgain, you are the expert here, not me; I've never built a 1/1 scale hot rod as you have.  So fire away if I've misinterpreted something in copying this dimensional comparison data.   
    I should also note that SBF's were often seen in 1960's/1970's Model T and Model A based builds, in part because they are narrower (by 2" per the above sources) than the SBC.  And that 2" made a big difference under those stock/"resto rods" Model A hoods....
    ,PS - that's a super clean engine/compartment in your 1.1....TB 
  15. tim boyd added a post in a topic 1930 Packard Boattail Speedster   

    Very, very sharp.  Love those old Monogram Classic kits!   And your model fully does them justice...TIM