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  1. Thanks for posting, Steve. Looks like you had great fun building that model, I'd bet. And there is yet another model inspired by the P&H Gasser out there (this time, the second version),,,,ran across some photos a few weeks back of a replica of the real car built by John Teresi.....TB
  2. Del....of course you are correct! Went back and fixed my original post. Thx for the catch! TIM
  3. Very, very impressive work, Matthew! Glad the Calnaga scoop worked out for you, too.....TIM
  4. Adding to Jim's and Mark's comments here, I am virtually certain that Revell is planning a second kit release off their new 1971 442 hardtop tooling. As to what it might be I do not know, but there are some good ideas here....TB PS - would sure like to get my hands on a 1/1 1970 Cutlass SX with the 4-barrel upgrade (IIRC the standard engine for that one was - get this - a 455 2-barrel )
  5. Thx Mark...never noticed that. And yes, I had an original kit around here someplace....TB
  6. Two others I meant to include and missed.... * 1967-68 Chevy pickups (unique front end design not shared with later models and only available to builders today as highly priced AMT (1967) or MPC (1968) annual kits with greatly simplified chassis/frame and engine executions. * Dodge W-350 Power Wagon (post WW-II to 1968) 4x4. Several knowledgeable sources in the kit industry have stated that such a kit topic underwent a "measuring session" in advance of kit tooling that eventually never materialized. Other recent kit introductions have used info from measuring sessions originally conducted around the same time frame as that Power Wagon session, so someone most likely still has that completed work at hand.... TB
  7. Steve....my view is that the 70.5 Trans-Am Monogram was so thoroughly compromised in its execution that to do additional derivatives would just not work. In addition to the nose issue you correctly cite and to which I thoroughly agree, the engine in this kit actually a poorly executed update of the 1980-81 301 Turbo from the original kit tooling. While all Pontiac V8's were similar in outward appearance, there was enough difference in the smaller engine to clearly differentiate it from the RA IV for those who (like me, and perhaps you too) are into Pontiac minutia. For me, I envision a morph of the MPC 1970.5-1973 Firebird annual kit bodies with the underbody gubbins of the AMT-ERtl 1970.5 Z-28 kit, along with an all-new and fully correct RA-IV V8. There, now II feel better! Thx for the comments....TIM
  8. OK....since we are dreaming.... Newly tooled off patterned off original annual kits (like the '63 Nova wagon and the IH Cabover) * MPC 1968 Coronet R/T HT and Convertible * MPC 1971 Impala HT * MPC (nee AMT) 1928 Model A Tudor (if indeed crucial parts of the original tooling cannot be found) * MPC 1972 Dodge D100 Adventurer SE * AMT 1967 Galaxie 500 XL HT and Convertible * MPC 1970/71 Cyclone Spoiler and GT * AMT 1969 Gas Ronda Long-Nose Mustang funny car All new tooling/new subjects: for all, full stand-alone engine and powertrain detail, partial or omitted engine componentry unacceptable!!!! * 1962-1964 Ferrari Berlinetta Lusso * 2020- present Ferrari Roma Coupe * 2021-present Ford F-150 Raptor and upcoming Raptor R * 2021-present Ford Bronco 2dr, 4dr, and upcoming Raptor * 2018-2022 Ford Mustang GT, GT350, Bulllit, Mach 1, GT500 in HT (and where applicable) convertible versions * 2021-present Corvette Coupe and Convertible * 1970/71 Cyclone (off Revell Torino tool, if Round 2 does not do as above) * 1970/71 Ranchero GT and Squire (off Revell Torino Tool) * 1968-1972 GTO series, HT and Convertible, including 1970 Judge and the first-ever correct 1/25th scale RA-IV engine componentry * 1970 1/2-1973 Firebird 400/455 Formula and Trans-AM, including 1971 455 HO and 1973 SuperDuty * 2022 Ford F150 Lightning * 2023 Chevy Electric Silverado * 1968-1972 Javelin and Javelin AMX (with correct 390/400 engine) * Generic (but all new tooled) 1966-1970 front engine rail with licensing from top drivers of the period Modified reissues: * MPC Dyno Don and Gapp&Roush Pro Stock Pintos ({by far, the most authentic in MPC's Pro Stock kit series) * AMT-Ertl 1971 Charger Rod Shop Stocker * MPC Charger III * Moebius/Model King 1965 Super Stock Belvedere as campaigned by Butch Leal from 1972-74 * AMT Nitro-Charger funny car * Current top fuel rail dragsters (based off Revell's early 1990's tooling which could be adapted to current rail dragster format/technology) * Polar Lights 1969 Camaro Dickie Harrell Logghe funny car (project was under consideration during original Polar Lights ownership) Several others I've already mentioned to Round 2 and should probably not mention here. ....... TB PS- there are at least 2-3 others I would mention here, except they are already under development (but not yet announced) by the modeling companies...
  9. I think there is a good chance you'll see the MPC early 1980's Supra reissued. In fact, I thought I read somewhere that this was already announced???? TB
  10. The box art side panels show the two decal treatments....see photos #2 and #3 at this review link....TB
  11. Tim....thx for the heads-up on this one. I think I might have seen this for a moment as part of a thread somewhere on V-12 Lincoln parts? Anyway, amazing to see how you bring a project together in Brass, carrying on the legacy of both your own previous brass-based work as well as that of Richard Carroll, Dave Berry, Rich Morgan, et al. Terrific! TIM
  12. Kurt....good to see you back at the bench with this one. Those axle "holders" (locators) are molded into the frame for less accomplished builders who might struggle with getting the axle to sit property when using the coil overs and radius rods as the only locators. On most of my builds with this frame, I used the holders to mockup and glue the coil overs and radius rods to the rear axle/diff, then cut away the holders before painting the frame. Very easy and big improvement in realism for those of us all who actually care about these things. Best of luck with your project...TIM
  13. Thanks Richard and John for the heads-up. I was on automatic renewal with Fotki, and had just updated my credit card info (new expiration date) last week. Still they put me on hold today. What the heck???? Anyway, went back in and updated manually. Looks like it is back OK now. Really appreciate you guys letting me know. Best....TIM
  14. Thanks guys for the comments on the photos, and again, thanks to Steve Perry for arranging the photo session. This was one of the top highlights of my 2021 modeling year, and fulfillment of a dream I've had ever since first seeing Steve's model about 15 years ago. Happy to be able to share it with you all. And best wishes to everyone for a great 2022 modeling year. TIM
  15. Claude....I did that too! My poor Mom and Dad....coming in my bedroom and seeing those Hot Rod and other mag cutouts, taped up on my wall.....then there was the huge poster from the Chicago IV (live at Carnegie Hall) thumbtacked and hanging from the ceiling....smile! TIM
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