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  1. tim boyd added a post in a topic Anybody built the "Kart" from AMT's 1962 kits   

    Here are both the GoKart and the Triumph from the AMT 1963 F-100 and Chevrolet Apache kits, built up.  These were covered in detail in an article in Model Cars Magazine around 2010 or so.....TIM
  2. tim boyd added a post in a topic 1965 Dodge Monaco. Update, 2/2 Chassis   

    Steven...that looks terrific! Can't wait to see it come together in final assembly....TIM
  3. tim boyd added a post in a topic My Goal For 2016 - Buy A New Mustang GT Premium Before 2017   

    Cameron...I have a '16 Mustang GT Premium with the six speed manual...it's the convertible version.  It's quite a leap beyond the S197-based Mustangs...both in terms of technology/content but also in terms of the feel and drive of the car.  
    I look at it as the Mustang GT having finally made the leap all the way into sports car territory.
    I think you'd be very pleased with your choice.  I also think you are exactly right to pay down the remaining CC balances before making your move...Good Luck with your plan!  
    Cheers....TIM   (full disclosure...I'm a retired Ford lifer so I may not be the most independent thinker on this subject(!)      
  4. tim boyd added a post in a topic AMT 1929 Ford A Roadster "Mod Rod"   

    Jairus...I'm loving what you are doing to this one so far...particularly the Z'ed frame up front...please keep us in the loop as you make progress!   TIM 
  5. tim boyd added a post in a topic AMT 1929 Ford A Roadster "Mod Rod"   

    Dave....same here on considering you a friend...for sure!!! 
    Great reference pictures, too.  
    As far as molding the windshield unit to the body on the AMT kit....guys this is why I am always ragging on about the need to actually build model kits before critiquing them.  The AMT windshield/IP unit does not match up to the AMT main body cowl at all.  Not even close.  If you are painting your AMT '29 a dark color, it will hide the gaps fairly well, but if you are painting a light color (white, yellow, orange) you are going to cringe at the result - a ditch all along the joint, with even larger gaps at the outside edges of the joint.  I sure cringed did the first time I built one.  That is why I consider it to be absolutely essential to, yes, cut the windshield frame apart from IP/cowl continuation and...yes....mold the IP/cowl configuration to the cowl of the body.  The result won't be 100% accurate - as proven by Dave's 1/1 pix above...but it will look one heckuva lot better than doing nothing at all.   
  6. tim boyd added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    Yikes....the body is highly altered....cut off at the forward edge of the front fenders....retooled at the rear with an "integral spoiler"...hood entirely different....That would be a major investment to return the tool to stock condition....for comparison here is a stock MPC 1966 Dodge Monaco 500 Hardtop built by yours truly back in ...  yes...  1966.  (This MPC tool also included the 1966 Polara 500 Convertible version which was the basis of the Magnum kit) .  

    Compare it to the parts breakdown shot in Mike's post of the eBay listing above and you can see how much has been changed.  Uuggghhh!   
  7. tim boyd added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    The tool was significantly modified to create the "Magnum" (IIRC) concept/showcar kit-  the one with the single and dual bubble tops and a jutting front end design.  I don't have that kit so I can't comment on how heavily the tool was modified.  If the tool still exists, I suspect it is pretty much irretrievably altered in terms of being able to return it to a showroom stock '66 .... TIM 
  8. tim boyd added a post in a topic AMT 1929 Ford A Roadster "Mod Rod"   

    Dave...hear ya on this.  That was certainly my initial impression as well.  
    But having painted and built several of these now....I no longer have the feeling that the Revell body lacks finesse.  Maybe it's the paint thickness on top of the body moldings, which appear a bit overwrought to me when looking at just the unpainted styrene.  
    Clearly i would have done the stock rear wheel wells/Quarter panels  if I had led the kit development, but in almost every other consideration I now prefer the new body.  Plus as one of our esteemed/respected hot rod builders have pointed out here (sorry guys, I can't remember exactly which one of you highlighted this), the drop off of the rear deck area (when viewed from the side) is more accurate in the Revell body.  
    And you don't have to mess with the cowl/windshield area (the AMT kit really should have the lower part of the windshield/IP part cut away and molded to the front cowl, and then again you have to deal with plating the windshield on the AMT kit.  All this is done correctly, right from the box, in the Revell kit.  
  9. tim boyd added a post in a topic '41 Plymouth Gasser Barn Find - Updated 2-02   

    Bernard...wow you did a great job...it really looks "real" to me.  
    Way to go.....TIM 
  10. tim boyd added a post in a topic Rooster's 29 Ford (Home Game)   

    James...looks promising.  You've probably already taken care of this, but I don't see it in your pix, so just wanted to make sure you paint the rear fenderwells (which are stamped into the two interior sidewalls) body color while you've got that paint out.  I've tried it by masking off the interior color and adding the body color on the fenderwell area, and also by simply cutting away the fenderwells from the interior stamping and painting them along with the other body parts.  Both approaches work pretty well.  
    Will be watching as you bring this one to completion....TIM   
  11. tim boyd added a post in a topic Revell AG McLaren 570s   

    Very, very sharp...and an excellent choice (IMHO) for a McLaren kit. TIM
  12. tim boyd added a post in a topic Full Review - Round 2's reissue of the AMT Dodge Deora Kit.   

    Me too, Dan...me too!   Thanks for the feedback...TIM
  13. tim boyd added a post in a topic New/Reissue kits I would like from Revell   

    Roger Harney, who worked at Revell/Monogram  for 57 years, told me about five years ago that Monogram scrapped the Uncertain T tooling sometime in the past.  I got the impression this occurred in the late 1970's, during the period that Tom Gannon was the President of Monogram.  The outlook for the model car hobby was much different back then; if they had known how it would evolve I'm pretty confident that the tooling would not have been scrapped.     TIM 
  14. tim boyd added a post in a topic Revell 2nd QTR 2016   

    Art....you know something the rest of us do not?   E.G> that somehow Round 2 has acquired the old IMC/Testors/Union tooling?  If I am interpreting your statement correctly, are there any more details you can share?  
    To the best of my knowledge, the old IMC tooling had "disappeared" and was unlikely to ever be seen again.  Likewise, Round 2 has been very open in the past in declaring when they have acquired tooling from other sources, but I haven't heard anything from them publicly (or privately) on this topic.   
    Thanks in advance for any clarity you can add here.....TIM 
  15. tim boyd added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    It's on their Facebook page as of this afternoon.  That's about as official as it gets.  TIM