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  1. tim boyd added a post in a topic First Look - detailed review of second round test shots of the new Moebius '65 Belvedere Sedan kit...   

    Steve....1965 was the model year that Ma Mopar switched from pushbuttons to a conventional steering column shifter.
    I remember the magazines making a big deal about it, and how strange is seemed when my Dad took delivery of his factory-ordered '65 Dodge Custom 880 wagon to replace his '58 Dodge Custom Sierra D500 wagon.
     As far as I know, that change took place across all Mopar products that year.  Having said that, adding a pin shifter to the steering column is a lot easier than scratchbuilding a pushbutton pod, making the Police conversion you describe all the easier.  Best...TIM 
  2. tim boyd added a post in a topic First Look - detailed review of second round test shots of the new Moebius '65 Belvedere Sedan kit...   

    If you study the parts trees closely (compare them to the photos of the Satellite kit I did a few months back), AND if I am remembering correctly, you will see that they switched tool inserts  in the case of the engine/transmissions - e.g. the engine block/tranny halves appear in the same place in the parts tree of both kits, but with an automatic trans in the Satellite kit and the manual version in the Belvedere.  So they couldn't have included engine block tranny assemblies both in a single kit run.  
    In other cases, like the tailamps, you can see that the Belvedere tailamps and the Satellite tailamps are in different spots on the same tree, so in that case, they could have run both versions in a single kit, but even these days, the cost of extra styrene adds up and with the relatively low sales volume and profit margins, every dollar saved now can go to develop additional versions of this and other Moebius kits down the road.  
    As I mentioned in the text, they are planning to include the stock four barrel manifold and air clearer in the Belvedere kit, and as you point out, the extra windows, so in some cases they are doing what you want, just not maybe with the exact parts you want.  And in some other cases, such as the "Custom" version of Revell's '50 Olds, almost all of the stock version parts are still in the Custom version kit so with that one, you get plenty of extra parts that allow a lot of kitbashing as well.  
    I understand that this probably sounds like corporate you know what, but sometimes it is easy to forget that these kits must still turn a profit in order for the kitmakers to have a successful enterprise, and that means a number of carefully managed tradeoffs along the way.....TB  
  3. tim boyd added a post in a topic Group 29 - the thread for everyone's '29 Ford Roadster builds   

    Second kitbash...using the extra floor pan and instrument panel tucked into Norm Veber's '30 A Chopped Five Window Coupe body, early Caddy V8 with Man-A-Free intake, Replica and Minaitures wire wheels and big'n'little wide whites....AMT/Lindberg '34 Ford Pickup Grille and Grille Shell, '36 Ford Washington Blue paint with flat clearcoat... Halibrand Quick Change with transverse rear leaf spring....most everything else here is from the Revell '29A kit...

    I did add exhaust header extensions and did some final cleanup after these photos,but this is 98% of the finished model.  
    Looking forward to seeing everyone else's builds posted here.  Best...TIM 
  4. tim boyd added a post in a topic Group 29 - the thread for everyone's '29 Ford Roadster builds   

    First kitbash of this kit...a '29A Highboy on '29A (instead othe '32 Deuce) frame rails.  Also...dual four barrel conversion for Buick nailhead, polished reflective firewall, hairpin radius rods, matchting big'n'little front and rear tires, steelies with chrome spyders from Holthaus... 
  5. tim boyd added a post in a topic Group 29 - the thread for everyone's '29 Ford Roadster builds   

    Phil...thanks for taking the lead on this....
    Here we go....my first two box stock builds....the Highboy and Channeled versions, just as they come out of the box:

  6. tim boyd added a post in a topic Lindberg 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster   

    Harry and team....same approach was taken to panel lines on aircraft kits for many years; even now new kit reviews will highlight when panel lines on aircraft models are recessed as though it is a "plus" (which it obviously is).  
    My guess on this is that it is related to the complexity of comparing the tooling.   On the model's body mold, it is very easy for a tooling engineer to scribe a line into the surface that when molded will result in a panel line that sticks out on the kit body itself.  On the other hand, to yield a final kit body with recessed lines, the tooling engineer has to craft a surface on the tool that sticks out from the overall body surfaces of the mold.  Much harder than just scribing a line in the tool.  I've often wondered just exactly how they do this.
    One interesting point out of all this is that the model car companies adopted recessed panel lines starting in the late 1950's, while aircraft kits, judging from the reviews I've read over the years, were decades behind us.  Interesting...
    Anyway, this is all just a layman's guess.  Any experts out there with firsthand knowledge, pile on if I'm wrong!   Cheers...TIM  
  7. tim boyd added a topic in Under Glass   

    I sure hope that at some point, someone will....
    ...create an album compiling images of all the great box stock and kitbashed builds of the new Revell '29A Roadster kit that have been posted here at Forum over the last few weeks.  
    I'm sure that the team that developed the kit would enjoy looking through those images, and I suspect many of us would enjoy it as well (I sure would).  Cheers...TIM 
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  8. tim boyd added a post in a topic Another Revell '29 Roadster   

    Yeah...that works!  Excellent progress, Drew.  I am sure you are inspiring many others with this project....TIM 
  9. tim boyd added a post in a topic NEW REVELL '29/ OLD AMT '29 mashup, Oct.12, tweaking stance   

    X2....super sharp, Bill.  Best...>TIM
  10. tim boyd added a post in a topic Lindberg's '64 Plymouth "Lawman"   

    This could possibly be the original proposal buildup that Bill Coulter did for Lindberg's management way back in the day....at least ten years ago....  TB  
  11. tim boyd added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    First Look - detailed review of second round test shots of the new Moebius '65 Belvedere Sedan kit...
    You'll be joining me as I take a first look at the parts trees of this second version of the Moebius '65 Plynouth B-Body tool.....if you click on the link below.
    Seriously, earlier this evening, I set up my camera and photo'ed each parts tree just as soon as it came out of the bag shown below the first time. I found there's a few surprises, too.

    You saw the images of the black test shot build on the Moebius table from everyone's NNL Nats Photo Coverage...now see the details behind that model.
    And make sure to use the "Roll" feature so you can view the captions with the photos. (Stated another way, if you just look at the thumbnails, you're going to miss a great deal of the story here).
    I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have. And join me in saying "Thanks" to Moebius Design Engineer/Product Manager Dave Metzner for providing this sample and allowing me to share these images and info with you. Thanks for looking...!
    Detailed review of second round test shots...
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  12. tim boyd added a post in a topic 70 images from the "Traditional Hot Rods" Cult Theme Display at the 2015 NNL Nats   

    Guys...thanks for the "thanks".  Yeah,,,,I was pretty buzzed at the turnout for the Cult Theme.  I had hoped for maybe 20-30 models at most...and we ended up just under 100!  Glad you enjoyed the pix....Cheers...TIM  
  13. tim boyd added a post in a topic 170 images from the 2015 NNL Nats #36 - Just updated with all builder's names and captions for each image in the album.   

    Tom....no....it's the cover of the next issue of Model Cars Magazine.  I too did a double take when I looked at my photo...but it become clear that it is the magazine when I studied it closely.  Sorry for the false alarm!  TIM 
  14. tim boyd added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    Scott, I have heard, albeit not directly from John G., that the original parts are being restored to the Deora.  I do know that they have done extensive work trying to locate original period photography and photography of the restored Deora, for a picture book that may be included in the kit (similar to what they did for the Man From Uncle re-release).
    Like you I am presuming that the Monte Carlo is the AMT/Ertl new tool, not the original 1970 Annual kit, but I forgot to ask John for verification.  I'll ask him the next time we talk.