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  1. tim boyd added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '72 Hurst/Olds Cutlass Kit   

    Robert....my thoughts exactly on the model year....but I did like the choice of the convertible (which of course, used the angular Cutlass Supreme rear quarters instead of the curved 'hump';rear quarters of the 442 hardtop).   A '70 442 or Cutlass Supreme 455 convertible was near the top of my "replica stock kitbash" build list for years....now we are oh-so-close to a kit-based version....keep those fingers crossed....I know I am.    TIM 
  2. tim boyd added a post in a topic 66 Bonneville Convertible restored   

    A great choice for a model project, and a very clean and convincing assembly.  Congrats...it rocks.  TIM 
  3. tim boyd added a topic in Under Glass   

    NEW Build of Revell's '29A Roadster - a more appealing Channeled version...
    Yet another kitbash, this one takes the [ in the view of some of you ] aesthetically challenged box stock Channeled Roadster version and applies some tweaks to deliver a more visually appealing result.  
    Changes include a vertically sectioned radiator shell to reduce 50% of the kit width (thereby relocating the grille shell rearward vs. the kit location), and chopping the kit's windshield and frame.
    A sectioned '32 Ford Grille Shell and insert from The Model Car Garage. a 390 cubic inch Ford FE engine from the Round 2 AMT '60 Starliner kit, and wheels and tires from the Revell Miss Deal Studebaker Funny Car kit, cement the design vibe to the 1963-67 hot rodding time frame.  (Some details of this build are inspired by an Andy Southard photo of the Paul Hannon channeled '29A Roadster leaving the Monterey Kar Kapades on March 4, 1962 (source: p. 32, "Hot Rods and Customs of the 1960's, Andy Southard, Jr, 1997, Motorbooks International)   
    Chassis changes include a further lowering of both the front and rear suspension, along with a Halibrand Quick Change out back. The steering gear box is relocated rearward, requiring a refashioned, longer drag link with a cowl mount location.  A flush firewall was fashioned and covered with BareMetal brushed aluminum foil.  
    The color is MCW Automotive Finishes special order '56 Lincoln Island Coral (rubbed out and waxed without clearcoat, which is the period-correct treatment for exterior paint), and the interior upholstery is Testors Model Masters Lacquer Ford Wimbledon White and Tamiya Matte Black, with Tamiya Flat Clear.
    Those of you that have been following the Revell '29A Roadster builds on the Forum will note that I've used some of the same changes already shown by the several of the highly talented builders who post here.  You guys know who you are - thanks for the inspiration!
    Check out the photos at this link, starting at image # 22 for the latest details, and a few photos comparing this version to a box-stock build of the channeled roadster version.

    (a front three-quarter bird's eye view showing the changes described above)  

    (note - that exhaust tip on the driver's side we repositioned to match the other one after this photo was shot!)  

    (one of three photos at the link comparing the box stock channeled version on the left with the revised version on the right.)  
    Thanks for looking and Best Regards everyone....>TIM .
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  4. tim boyd added a post in a topic Anyone have a review of the AMT '64 Impala 'Super Shaker'?   

    Mark...you mean the original '63 annual kit?  (Don't have one of those in my stash...).   Thanks...TIM  
  5. tim boyd added a post in a topic Anyone have a review of the AMT '64 Impala 'Super Shaker'?   

    There's a very good Larry Greenberg review of this kit in the latest issue of Model Cars mag.  You guys need to check it out.
    Larry also points out that it includes a Hilborn-style fuel-injection intake manifold sized for a 409 "W: motor; this is the only one in scale I can think of, and it was not in the earlier reissues from what I can tell.  It would be perfect for a 1960's Gasser running a 409....
    Also...if you check the box art, the new kit has the Cragar S/S wheels inserted in place of the ugghhh baby moons that were in the c. '74 reissue that otherwise shares its box art with this reissue.....TIM 
  6. tim boyd added a post in a topic Turning AMT's Disparaged Modern-Tool Ala Kart Into Something Acceptable   

    Wow Dennis, that is mega-cool.   Great creativity....TIM 
  7. tim boyd added a post in a topic '74 Barracuda   

    The new-for-'74 Mopar code E58 360 high-performance small block in the '74 'cuda was a super-sleeper....and yes, reportedly the E58 engine was also available in the non-'cuda base Barracuda model (which omits the dual scoop hood, as reflected on the promo-style body in this kit).  In some ways I preferred the non-cuda version back then, as I was never a fan of the "gee how big can we make a [tasteless] flat black tape stripe across the side of the car" 'cuda graphics during  the '71-'74 model years.  
    I showed a buildup of the '74 E58 in the other model magazine in a summer 2014 article on Mopar Muscle V8's.  I used the excellent 360 four barrel in the AMT-Ertl '71 Duster 340 kit (the 340 and E58 360 appeared essentially identical on the outside).  The correct engine block color is Chrysler Engine Blue.  Air Cleaners were painted in both Orange and Gloss Black, with Orange being the more prevalent color (my own factory-ordered E58 installed in a '74 Road Runner, built in November 1973 at the Windsor plant, had the less-seen Gloss Black air cleaner, so that is the way built my scale E58 engine). 
    This MPC body, with the Revell '70 'cuda chassis/suspension, and the Duster-based E58 engine conversion, would be a simply killer model car project.  
    But Mike, however you decide to proceed, good luck with the build and i will be watching your progress along with many others here!  Cheers...TIM ,  
  8. tim boyd added a post in a topic Reissue of Warren Tope's '73 Trans-Am Mustang   

    Luc is exactly correct here.  The '71-'73 Mustang (for me, speciifically the '71-'72 as it is the most pure execution of the design theme) has been ignored in 1/1 and 1/25th scale WAY too long.  It is a unique generation of its own....and the Boss 351, 429 Cobra Jet Ram Air, and the late '71/'72 351 Cleveland Hi-Po derivatives were all extremely fast cars whose performance stats were largely ignored or misrepresented by the automotive media at the time.   It's truly a car whose time has come.  At the time it was designed (c. 1968-69), it was a logical extension of late 1960's design themes, and incorporated perhaps the most pure ("fastest") fastback roofline ever put on a volume production car.   Regrettably the world changed between design and intro, and the car did not sell well, one of the primary reasons it is discredited and largely ignored today.  
    Several years back now I heard a very credible piece of info that one of the model manufacturers was well into a project with fresh tooling of the '71 Mustang.  This info did not come from a source inside the company, but from someone outside the company whose track record on this sort of topic is largely bulletproof.  But I have never heard anything further, either from inside or outside the supposed company involved.  Still...it would be a great topic for a full detail 1/25th scale kit - in at least three versions, a '71 429 CJ Ram Air Mach 1, a '71 Boss 351, and a '72 Mach 1 with the 351 Cleveland HO..  There are probably also some stock or super stock drag versions that would be worthy of a kit variant.  Of course, since we are (apparently now) dreaming here, a convertible spinoff version would be ultra cool, including the '72 "Sprint" (white/blue) mid-year special trim.  
  9. tim boyd added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    Yupper....and on the AMT reissue there's some very light witness marks from returning the door cut on the body to the correct for three door (and incorrect for Roadster) location, and some mild quarter panel undulations behind the doors....these are pretty easy to fix.  The upward slope you mention and trying to achieve a consistent bevel on the undercut/light catch that runs along the fender tops and below the DLO as it approaches the A-Pillar touchdown....now those are going to take some work.    TIM  
  10. tim boyd added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    True, that.  However, the limited number of Jimmy Flintstone bodies I have used in model have required considerable effort to prep for use and paint, particularly on the iunfinished/rough nside surfaces where "glass" surfaces mount and interior panels mount, etc.   So at least in my limited experience, it's not quite as easy as just pay $15 and you're ready to go.  Your experiences may differ..... TIM 
  11. tim boyd added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    A while back there were unauthorized photos of 4x4 components for this kit originally posted here (and soon taken down), so my guess is that at some point in the future we will see a 4x4 version or two of this basic kit tool.....TIM  
  12. tim boyd added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    Fitting the new chopped top is just as much of a challenge as fitting the original....but from the big picture perspective, it's still much, much easier than having to chop a stock three window coupe top.   TIM 
  13. tim boyd added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    Matt....glad it worked out.  Best regards...TIM
  14. tim boyd added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    Here's a full kit review:  http://public.fotki.com/funman1712/first-look-at-all-n/amt-1936-ford-is-it/  In addition to showing the kit contents, the review compares various previous issues of the kit, such as this image showing the chrome trees from the first (1961) and second (1967) issues, so you can compare the newest Round 2 kit contents to the earlier (and very expensive, collectible) versions of the kit.  

    In all, there are about 35 kit reviews from introductions over the last several years posted at this link:  http://public.fotki.com/funman1712/first-look-at-all-n/  Make sure to use the "Roll Feature" so that you can read the captions that go with each image.  Hope this helps, and thanks for looking.   Cheers...TIM ;
  15. tim boyd added a post in a topic Lindberg's '64 Plymouth "Lawman"   

    Greg...the info on the other board  was actually posted first here at ModelCarsMag forum a couiple of days ago.  It;s in the AMT/Round 2 2016 products thread.  
    Thanks for asking/suggesting.   For those that don't want to go searching for it, I posted the following at 7:29pm Saturday night:
    I had a nice visit with John G of Round 2 today.  
    He OK'ed me passing along that the new Surf Woody kit will have extensive photography of the original car, an entirely new tooled set of drag slicks representing the 1/1 scale original, and matching "dual whitewall" pad printing on both the front tires and rear slicks.  There will even be decaled representations of the murals on the inside of the Woody cab that were apparently on the original car.  
    He also said that the '29A roadster reissue will use the "Mod Rod" version box art (this was the c.1969/70 reissue just before the '73 "Street Rod Series" version).    The missing pieces of the original AlaKart will not be retooled, but all the gates will be opened which will provide a number of "bonus" parts.  The kit will also include the antique racing options for the stock roadster version, which will provide a very convincing "Race of the Gentlemen" type model.  These plans are tentative, of course, and subject to change.  
    Finally John mentioned in broad terms some future projects they are investigating.  Suffice it to say, these guys are very, very creative,  Looks like the next couple of years will see no letup in Round 2's business model and as a result, we as builders appear to have much to look forward to.