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  1. Marc....really great to see you back at the scale bench. I am pretty certain I remember several of your entries for GSL from back in the day (and I think I photographed a couple for my magazine event coverage, too), but in any case, I think you were well in the thick of it all three times you were there. Looks like a very fun build and I also agree with you about the Mickey Thompson I4. Best wishes for bringing this one home...TB
  2. This one dates from late 1968 or early 1969. After I won 4th place nationwide in the 1968 Dodge/MPC/Car Model Magazine Funny Car Contest, the CM Editor sent a form letter asking me to write some stories for the mag. I came up with four or five different projects, but of course had no way to photograph them, and was soon distracted (for the next 11 years) by competing in the MPC National Customizing Contest series. Of the four, one was finally completed in the late 1980s, another in 2012 (and featured in Model Cars magazine), a third in 2021 (my replica of the first gen Prock and Howell '33 Willys) but this one still sits in a box after... what...54 years???? It was to be a rear engined (two Avanit R4 V8's, side by side) drag or speed exhibition car using the Revell Miss Deal '53 Stude funny car (really, AWB) body and some of the engine mounting hardware from the rail dragster in the AMT Double Dragster kit. The frame was built from aluminum tubing and sheet styrene, and a few leftover pieces from the aforementioned Dodge Funny Car winner that were originally in the AMT '53 Stude funny car kit. I don't beleive I did any more work on this past probably middle 1969 or so....
  3. OK guys, I'm game. This one was started back around late 1976 or early 1977 with the intent of being one of a series of models to be entered in the 1978 or 1979 MPC Model Car Customizing Contest Championship. It was an outgrowth of a commission from then-AMT to build up three models for their upcoming annual sales rep meeting of what were to be the followup series of AMT Ford Van Custom kits. I had to scratchbuild the new parts (from AMT engineering Dept. blueprints) and then complete the models. My own model was to be an extension of some ofthe design themes from those three custom van kits, but done with (what at the time I considered to be) more good taste than the AMT kits. I worked on it for a few months, (note the old AMT body putty), sketeched out a possible paint theme, and then in the box it went, where it has remained for the last 46 years.... OH....just thought of one even older...will post that one next...TB
  4. One of these was a Scale Auto Enthusiast cover story from the late 1980's....and very much inspired by an Ivory colored '32 Woody built by Boyd Coddington. It had a way-ahead-of-the-curve paint color - a way old can of Krylon early 1960's style aqua turquoise. had originally planned to paint it with a can of Mercury 1978 Medium Jade touch-up paint but that disappeared in my move from Michigan to East Cobb Georgia c. 1987, and the Krylon was the backup. The rest of the kit was largely stock from the (originally MPC) AMT/Ertl reissue, but to get that stance was a major league headache and I recall that making up much of the story in SAE. Of course, as usual, once I did this one I couldn't help but do a second one, that was far more traditional in flavor. Both these used real wood for the woody area insets and the first one, just as Boyd C did on his car, had much of the internal bracing cut away. Then, still couldn't let up the inspiration so i did a third one based on the Monogram '30 A Woody kit, but using the "Sedan Delivery" style panels included in that kit. Here's how that one came out... These two ended up in a follow-up article either in Scale Auo Enthusiast or Car Modeler magazines. Of course, while these were pretty well turned out for the late 1980's , they do not begin to approach the level of detail and quality seen in Dennis' latest project in the WIP part of the forum . But I still like ''em for what they are. (You can see Dennis' Woody project here... Lots more pix here if you want to see more on my three Model A woodies above....and three other Boyd woodies along with a scale surfboard collection....and thanks for looking...TIM
  5. Dennis....fascinating progress and agree with everyone....lookin' really good. Best of luck bringing this one forward and over the finish line. Will be especially interested to see where you go with the color palette, too. Best....Tim
  6. Kit...bravo my man! Please keep me posted on your progress on these....TB
  7. Hi Tim....really great to hear that you've enjoyed looking through my fotki albums. I must have, in total, thousands of hours invested in putting them online, and it is very rewarding to hear that someone has enjoyed them, particularly someone with your talent and stature in the hobby! (Note to those who do not know TIm's track record as a modeler....1970 Car Model Magazine issue with Detroit Cobo MPC Coverage....the first magazine coverage (I think) of Tim's long career as a creative and winning model car builder).... As for those Testors Lacquer cans....bought those all about 15 years ago, and sadly, most all of them have now leaked out the bottom and are mostly useless. Plus I think most of the colors have been discontinued; if not they seem to be very difficult to find at the stores anymore. But as far as the airbrushes go, I already have two ancient (as in 1970's) Paasche dual action brushes (I just used one a couple of weeks ago, still works great) and a Badger single action from the 1980's....Here's one of cars I 'brushed back in 1977-78 that won Best of Show at the 1978 MPC Detroit show and finished third nationwide later that spring..... But I prefer spray cans when they work for the particular paint application, if for no other reasons than that I tend to get more consistent results and don't have to worry about cleaning the brush afterwards..... Thx gain for the comments. Hope that somehow someday we can get back together in person....would love to do a tabletop matchup of your awesome dual engine boat/tow vehicle with the ones in my post above. TIM
  8. Some very interesting guesses here. My understanding is that the two for NNL East will likely be clones based on past kits, but ones that are considerably improved (both in accuracy and also in improved ease of assembly) vs. the original kit issues. Let's hope the real news comes out soon! Unfortunately I won't be able to be there, but I'm hoping to hear the "huzzahs" from New Jersey in late April all the way over here in Michigan. (Well, obviously, not really, but at the least, some very surprised and excited posts on the message boards and forums!) Best, TB
  9. KK....very, very cool stuff. I you haven't already done so, recommend you check out my album of completed 1/25th scale drag and ski boat kitbashes here......OH WAIT! Don't want to do anything to distract you from your GSL build...so bookmark this and check it out after first weekend of May! Cheers...TB
  10. Emre...thanks for your comments and voicing your agreement on my hot rod car and boat thoughts! Best....TIM
  11. Alan....luck....just pure luck! Hah! Best....TB
  12. Robert....sorry about that....I didn't see your mention of blue regarding the C-Stripe. I agree, that would be highly cool. Of course, if they did the blue one, I'd also like to see the pale green one (IIRC, that was the fifth color and very rarely ever seen....) TB
  13. Robert, thanks for the comments. The C-stripe was available before, IIRC it was in the original c.1990 "Pro Street" kit release with the c.1964 DOHC Hemi engine. Here's an image of a 1970 Super Bee I built with those decals....TIM
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