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  1. Guys....all of you who have received the offer from TEN for digital subscriptions for the remaining portions of your subscriptions to Hot Rod DeLuxe, Street Rodder, Muscle Car Review, and the like....please be aware that you have ANOTHER option which they cleverly failed to convey to you. Call the number at the bottom of the notice for customer service and DEMAND a full refund check for the value of your remaining subscription period that you paid for. This id the clearest way of saying to TEN and the new owners of the now-discontinued titles that you strongly disapprove of their decision to drop this titles (which were, I am told by insiders, still profitable), and that (if you are like me) you have no used for digital subscriptions in their place. Best....TIM
  2. A really impressive conversion/kit bash, and great pictures, too. Congrats....TIM
  3. Hope I am understanding your question correctly.....so here goes... No....the 1965 Coronet pre-paints were originally from Polar Lights tooling, now owned by Round 2. The were also factory stock model cars, not the AWB Coronets suggested above. The (again) presumption implied above is that Moebius/Model King eventually would do a second Coronet body to fit on their Golden Commandos AWB tooling that is just becoming available now. To my eye the Polar Lights Coronet bodies were never quite correct. If Moebius/Model King ever did one in the future, I suspect the body would be much more true to the real car..... Again, I apologize in advance if I've misinterpreted your question.... TIM
  4. I did a complete two-part build on a C-800/AMT Race Car Transporter (with an extra tow-behind trailer) in Model Cars mag circa 2014 or so. Use the kit version with the Delivery box as Ralph mentioned above (the Stake and Tractor kits have short and shorter wheelbased, respecitvely) It's not a 100% unmodified parts swap special, but can be completed with some mild kitbashing. In those articles there were also a few hints on avoiding longtime inherent assembly issues with the AMT C800, and adding the factory cab-back sleeper upgrade. The current issue of Classic Truck Modeler magazine also has the assembly issues covered (using similar but not the same photography as in the Model Cars two-parter). If you can get a hold of the two Model Cars back issues, it would give you a good head start for the project.... Best Regards....TIM PS - here's a shot of the completed C800 chassis and cab before the transporter body install....
  5. Heh Casey....the info has more to do with the leadership/management of AMT as a corporation....and I kinda think this is not the best forum for that type of business-related info. Appreciate the suggestion, though...will consider it. TIM
  6. Heh Eric....your Trike model looks very, very cool. Thx for sharing! TIM
  7. I've subsequently learned some more on this subject from others at AMT during this period. Hopefully I or one of my writing buddies will get to share it some day, when the proper opportunity arises ...TIM
  8. Jim...glad you found it of use. Typically in the past when Round 2 has sent out sample kits, they show up at the stores and websites about 4-6 weeks later....I actually got these before the holidays but just got around to deciding to post the images last week, so I would guess the "ready" clock is already well running down on these two....TIM
  9. Here's the full story on the first two reissues of the MPC Trikes which are coming very soon......TIM
  10. Many of us sure hope so!!! Not so sure I would call it a safe bet, though.....TIM
  11. There is only one set of tools, parts of it are used for both kits and parts of it are unique to the roadster and coupe versions....TIM
  12. For more on the kit itself... Round 2's reissue of the AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat annual kit has a few new tricks up its sleeve. These include new box art that revisits the original 1966 annual kit appearance, a newly tooled set of four plated solid (no windows) Halibrand type mag wheels that replicate those found in the original annual kit, and a decal sheet that was inspired in part by the original annual kit decals, but features all-new artwork and considerably expanded content. Check out the photos for more details. Thanks for looking...TIM
  13. Most of AMT's "Modified Stockers" kits were little more than their original annual kits, with revised bodies featuring large wheel openings, gutted stocker interiors, the original kit engines and chassis plates, some additional exterior bumpers and bars, AMT drag slick tires, and a new decal sheet. This kit, however, is entirely different. Can you say mostly all new frame (except for the engraved front suspension), Halibrand Quick Change differential suspended by parallel leafs and coil overs on their own crossmember, no interior bucket but instead a detail roll cage assembly that extends into the front engine compartment and under the trunk, and a few parts (such as the Moon tank) adapted from AMT's prior 1965 Chevelle funny car? New parts include a piece of clear acetate (I think) with a tampo-printed screen overlay, and tampo printed tires. Per Model Car Kit authority and historian Mark Budniewski comparing this kit with the AMT 1965 Chevelle funny car kit tooling: "Front bumper/grille is the same save for elimination of a mounting pin on the back. Rear bumper has backup light detail eliminated for the Modified Stocker but is otherwise the same. Moon tank and valve covers are unchanged, as is the shift lever! The recent reissue kit has an "unblocked" chrome tree. The '64 rear trim piece is there, as is the front cover for the funny car's supercharger." It's a really fascinating kit...and (in the context of the 1970 introduction date and AMT's other Modified Stocker kits) a very well detailed offering, other than the early 1960's promo-type front suspension that is molded to the frame. I've always had a bad attitude about AMT's Modified Stocker kits (primarily because of how they destroyed original issue tooling), but this one is different. Almost begs a build! Check it out in the 16 images at this link and form your own opinion....TIM
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