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  1. Wow! That will sure visually jump off the hobby store shelves.....kudos to the Moebius/Model King teams....TIM
  2. Yes...that's the article. Pretty cool info in it, too, IIRC. TIM
  3. This looks like a page from the magazine that Dodge sent to their car and truck owners on a fairly regular basis. My Dad was a Dodge guy, so he got the mag. I saved a very interesting article from the mag back in the day that fully documented MPC's promo business, and I used some of the info from that article in my recent book "Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits" (CarTech Publishing, 2018). TIM
  4. Uh...except that I took the photos myself. And hundreds (if not thousands) at the D>A>A>M show last April saw them in the flesh...err....wood too! Cheers ....TIM
  5. The "NNL Founders Present the 40th NNL Anniversary Celebration" took place in Toledo, Ohio on the Friday evening before the NNL Nats #40, and on the Saturday evening after the NNL Nats concluded that afternoon; October 11 and 12, 2019. The events were conceptualized, produced, and mc'ed by NNL Founder and 1977 MPC Grand National Champion Chuck Helppie. Chuck wanted us to celebrate the last-ever NNL Nationals with a couple of complimentary events that harkened back to why the NNL began in the first place. Friday night's activities centered around a dinner and presentation/series of on-stage interviews with several figures from the formative years of our hobby, including 1965 Revell/Testors National Champion Rich Morgan, and Denny Johnson, creator of the "Zingers" concept that kitmaker MPC turned into a winning product line. (Several other key figures in our hobby's history were invited but unable to attend due to health issues). Subsequent interviewees included NNL Founding Father Tom Woodruff and the current leaders of several of the other major NNL Events across the United States. Further insight came from Tim Slezak, who eventually became one of the key judges in the MPC National Customzing Contest than ran from 1969 through 1979. Tim sent a letter to be shared with the attendees, as did GSL International Model Car Championship and Convention and International Model Car Builder's Museum head honco Mark Gustavson) as well. Each speaker received a beautiful "Ring of Honor" desk plaque. Those attending left with a better understanding of how the NNL began as a NON-COMPETITIVE gathering where the country's best model car builders could gather to enjoy their hobby and build friendships that would, and will, last for a lifetime... Saturday night's event was set up like the original NNL events in a hotel conference room, with tables for the participants to show their own models and see those of the others. It featured the largest ever gathering of model car magazine cover cars dating back as far as nearly 60 years, and a display of some of the most significant modeling treasures from the International Model Car Builder's Museum in Sandy, Utah. Another highlight was a table of 1949-current Mercury cars, revisiting the original "Merc Deuce Reunion" theme that was so successful at NNL #2 in October, 1981. Many of the best known model car builders of the last four decades were present that evening. It was great to renew so many friendships and catch up with the activities of each other. Not to mention, have a chance to see first hand some of the most significant model cars ever in our hobby. On behalf of the participants, I'd like to publicly thank Chuck Helppie, along with fellow NNL Founders Tom and Karen Woodruff and west coast modeling legend Pryor Passorino, for his and their efforts to put on two nights of pure model car related enjoyment and friendship that we'll all remember for the rest of our lives. ( If you would like to know more about how this event was developed, visit the following Facebook page.... https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Sports---Recreation/NNL-Founders-Present-the-NNL-40th-Anniversary-Celebration-288074061863099/ ) The pictures at the link below start off with the Friday night activities, followed by the Saturday night events. Have fun looking and enjoying, and remember that NNL's far and wide are all about model cars and having fun for sure, but even more importantly, the friendships that develop from them. Also of note, well-known modeler and photographer Doug Whyte, and his wife and son, were on hand at both evening events with a professional video team, and they will be producing a summary of the key events. Be watching for it, and enjoy all the pictures in the album below. Enjoy....TIM
  6. Great project! Makes me wanna dig one out and build it. Really like the fine details you incorporated like the number stenciled on the grille. Congrats...TIM
  7. Oliver....great that you decided to build the kit instead of the alternative! Great touches too to personalize the design....scallops look really cool. Congrats! And let's all continued to convey our wishes to Revell that they figure out a way to put this kit back into production, and to do it SOON!!!! Best Regards....TIM
  8. The Revell display model at the NNL Nats #40...
  9. Guys....I remember the GLMFAA very well. Their club participation and support was a real boost to the NNL Nats, particularly during the first decade of the event. For those that were not there back in the day, the GLMFAA display often comprised nearly a quarter of more of the entire table space. Great memories....TIM .
  10. Sorry, we missed you, Bill. Somehow I feel you were there in spirit if not in fact. Good Luck with the new housing arrangements....TIM
  11. I remember when I was .... oh well, let's just say I didn't really understand the kit modeling business. Then I was hired by AMT do to various projects in the mid 1970's, and interviewed with AMT and Monogram upon graduation before I went another direction. What I found to be the case then (and it remains true today) was that how things and decisions appear to the public was often much different than what was actually going on in the companies,. And while communication between the kitmakers and us (their consumers) is far more open today than back then, there are still topics they keep pretty close to the vest. So.... I don't know any specifics about the '71/'72 Road Runner tool, but I can assure you all of the following.... * The Round Two people are car nuts, and they are also very astute business people. I STRONGLY doubt they have any preconceived bias against the 1971/72 Road Runner; in fact, I personally find the possibility to be inconceivable. * Round Two has many projects in the works and only so much tooling money, and staff time, available to make them a reality. New project ideas are evaluated against existing ideas on the list, and only a certain amount make to the stage of tooling and production. And at least a few of these projects, some announced and others not announced at this time, are pretty ambitious projects coming down the pike. Bottom line, continue to respectfully express your preferences for this or any other potential kit topic. But I also urge you take advantage of the insights from many on this board who have industry experience and/or insights, It can help to explain why certain things happen, or don't happen, in this fascinating hobby of ours. My 2 cents...hope you find it helpful. TIM
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