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  1. No worries Tim. Have a great Christmas, even without the new kit! Cheers...TIM
  2. Interesting point here...see image #15 at the link above to see what Mike is referring to....I hadn't noticed the difference myself. TIM
  3. Rear Wheels and Tires are mostly enclosed, fronts are exposed, just as appears on the box art illustration....wheel sizes are same as the Tommy Ivo front engine rail dragster version of this same tool....TIM
  4. No, not exactly. The McEwen kit has an additional chrome fret with a new injector new top hat, and three-piece new front airfoil that is not in the Prudhomme kit; it is molded in dark blue instead of light yellow, and of course it has an entirely different decal sheet.....TIM
  5. At this link you will find a detailed recap of the contents of this new Round kit release, along with commentary to go along with each of the 13 large format images. That includes an image of the decal sheet, too. Hope that helps...TIM
  6. I've got a model I built in 1969 with the AMT Garlits kit rubber belt and it still is there - and works - to this day! TIM
  7. I believe I took those from one of the reissues of the Monogram Tom Daniel 1960 Chevy Sedan Delivery circa 1980 or so...my memory says "Bad Actor" (not located where I can double check right now). Hope that helps, Bill....TIM
  8. Thanks everyone for taking a look and for your comments. Kinda cool to hear that a few of you remember the model from its magazine appearances nearly...yikes...40 years ago! Hope all you U.S. based folks had a happy thanksgiving with your families and best wishes to all. TIM
  9. Jesse, totally agree with you on that chronically undersized MPC blower that was in nearly every funny car and dragster kit they did until the early 1970's. Fortunately most of us have properly sized extras in our parts box, or you can buy a great example from calnaga castings for only a few bucks....TIM
  10. Hi Alan...greetings Mate. The Revell 1/16th is conceptually similar in design but far more detailed (as you would expect in a larger scale.) The MPC kit represents the very final evolution of the front engine dragster genre (including the longest wheelbase) before the rear engine invasion started in 1971.....the Revell kit is from the same era. Without digging out the rulers I think the Revell kit wheelbase is probably slightly shorter (in scale) than the MPC kit. BTW I recently dragged out the Revell 1/16th and marveled at what a fine job Revell (back then) did with that kit. Clearly (in my mind) the most detailed front engine dragster kit ever. Best....TIM
  11. Here's a 16-image detailed look and commentary about the above kit, with emphasis on what's new vs. the previous two issues of this kit that originally dates from 1970. Thanks for looking....TIM
  12. At this link you will find a detailed recap of the contents of this new Round kit release, along with commentary to go along with each of the 13 large format images. Thanks for looking....TIM
  13. For those who missed it, I recently posted the "missing in action" section from my book "Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits" in the new car kits review section of the forum. Copied below is what I had listed from the book chapters on BOP and Chevy Intermediate muscle cars..... Here's the list of Buick Olds Pontiac (BOP) kit candidates I suggested.... MISSING IN ACTION GTO/442/Gran Sport kits yet to appear in any 1/24th-1/25th scale kit * 1970 & 1971 GTO Judge Hardtop and Convertible (1970 with optional RA-IV engine, 1971 with the 455 HO engine) * 1971 GT-37 w/400 4-bbl * 1973 GTO or GrandAm Coupe with (for extra credit) the planned – but not produced – 455 Super Duty engine * 1964 & 1965 442 * 1968-1970 F85/Cutlass with W-31 package * 1970 Olds Rallye 350 * 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1971 & 1972 Gran Sport, including 1969-1972 Stage 1 * 1967 GS-340, 1968-1970 GS-350 GTO/442/Gran Sport kits that need a new/modern kit offering * 1965, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, and 1972 GTO (1970 to include RA-IV engine; 1971 to include 455 HO engine) * 1968 442 Hardtop and Convertible * 1970-1971 442 Hardtop and Convertible with W-30 package And here's the list of Chevy Intermediate kit candidates.... MISSING IN ACTION Chevelle and El Camino that are yet to appear in a 1/24-1/25th scale kit: * 1967 El Camino with 396 V8 * 1970 SS 454 Convertible with LS6 454 V8 * 1970 El Camino with LS6 454 V8 * 1971-72 El Camino with LS5 454 V8 Chevelle and El Caminos that need a new/modern kit offering: * 1964 Super Sport Hardtop/Convertible * 1965 Super Sport Hardtop/Convertible with L79 327V8 * 1969 El Camino with SS 396 option * 1970 SS 454 Hardtop with LS6 454 V8 * 1971-72 SS 454 Hardtop with LS5 454 V8 TIM
  14. Yow!!!! Thatsa ton of money! I was always partial to the '73 Cutlass myself. When I was ready for my first new car, I spec'd out both a '73 Cutlass S 455 4bbl and a '73 Cutlass Supreme 455 4bbl at the Olds dealer before I got real (way too much money) and ended up with a '73 Duster 340....but I still think that year Cutlass was a really good design. I've had two Jo-Han '73 Cutlass S promos sitting on the shelf for years....was about ready to start a kitbash with the ' Revell '72 Cutlass 455 engine and the Revell '77 Monte Carlo chassis until I realized that the Cutlass promo interior was a generic treatment rather than the specific Cutlass S swivel seat sew pattern..... Best....TIM
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