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  1. tim boyd added a post in a topic '34 Ford Pickup Lo-Boy Hot Rod - 9-21 Update   

    Bernard....just "discovered" this thread due to its location in a forum section that I generally do not visit daily.  I better rethink that decision...
    Anyway....yet another fascinating BK build, I see.  Great proportions and really encouraged to see that some builders like yourselves are still way into what I call "extreme kitbashing".  And I think the weathering powder was exactly the right step to bringing this one home.  
    Will be checking back for updates....but congratulations so far!   TIM 
  2. tim boyd added a post in a topic 1954 Hudson Hornet Street Gasser   

    Chuck.....a very cool project, excellent component choices, and an engaging writeup to boot  Also like your "real background" photography.  Really well done!   TIM 
  3. tim boyd added a post in a topic Revell 1971/73 Ford Bronco   

    I'm no expert on first gen Broncos. 
    However I have first hand experience on how Ford allowed trucks to be ordered in the 1970's.  That's because one of my first jobs at Ford was as the Truck Scheduler at the Lansing (Michigan) District Sales Office in 1978.  
    I don't really want to remember much from back then, but let me summarize it quickly.  Ford would let customers spec their trucks to almost any configuration, trim levels were not series like they are today but stand-alone options that overlayed other options and equipment.  So I am not too surprised to learn that the truck the team at Revell measured might be spec'd the way it is noted in FJ's note directly above.
  4. tim boyd added a post in a topic AMT '77 Pacer Wagon - a new loser out of box!   

    Bob....that is totally killer!  Really sharp.  Sorry we missed each other at the NNL Nats....would have been good to catch up....Cheers....TIM 
  5. tim boyd added a post in a topic WoooooHoooo! How About a '66 SUBURBAN !?!?!!!   

    Russell.....now that is outright cool!   A 1966 Blazer, ,right in front of our eyes.  Somebody needs to build this (including kitbashing the 4x4 drivetrain) with tne Subby kit hits the market. TIM 
  6. tim boyd added a post in a topic MPC 1971 Road Runner Reissue (?)   

    There were additional reasons that the all-new B-Bodies were postponed one year to 1971.  
    Relying on memory here (rather than having the printed documents in hand - always a little dangeroust), one of the business magazines (memory says it was Fortune) ran a very negative article on Chrysler Corporation in early 1969, suggesting that it may have been on a track to a future bankruptcy.  This was following a major railroad company bankruptcy that had recently taken place and shaken the business world as a result. That article caused waves inside Chrysler, prompting a plan to reduce/postpone capital spending.  
    Secondly, the all-new '69 C-Bodies did not start off selling very well.  The bodies looked radically different with their high beltlines, and were off-putting to Chrysler Corporations's conservative large car buyers.  The accountants reportedly forced a cheapening of the interiors for the new C-Bodies, and it was in some cases shockingly obvious, again off-putting repeat buyers.  The proportions were somewhat awkward with the Dodge Polara/Monaco, with a too-long rear end, and a carryover rear axle with a too-narrow track width that hid the tires way inside the rear wheel wells affected all three makes but particulary the Dodge C-Body due to the mildly Charger-like bulging rear fenders  The Chrysler C-Body sold fairly well, but the Dodge and Plymouth versions retracted from the excellent 1968 model year volume.  Many of these design/content issues were somewhat addressed in 1970, and the 1970-73 C-Bodies sold somewhat better,  But the damage and internal loss of confidence at Chrysler Corporation was palpable in corporate decisions that followed.    
    It's interesting to speculate what would have happened if those B-bodies had hit in 1970 as originally planned.  They certainly would have sold better than the carryover '70's that eventually came to market, but they also would have cannibalized sales of the all-new E-Body Challengers and Barracudas.  Hmmmm.....
    As for the '71 Plymouth B-bodies being a ripoff of the '68 GTO Design language, no.  If anything, they are in some areas mildly reminiscent of some of the Oldsmobile Toronado and Cutlass design themes of the late 1960's, but given the three-year window between the time designs begin developing to when they hit the market, the basic design theme of the planned '70/eventually '71 Plymouth B-Bodies would have been well underway before any of the '68 GM A-Bodies hit the market.  
  7. tim boyd added a post in a topic MPC 1971 Road Runner Reissue (?)   

    The 1971 Plymouth B-Bodies (Road Runner, GTX, Sebring, Sebring Plus) were landmark vehicle designs that were largely ignored when brought to market in 1971.  Only recently have 1/1 scale enthusiasts and collectors begun to realize just how important and significant these cars were.  They are certainly in my top five favorite Mopars of all time, and if I was inclined to own a 1/1 scale musclear, one of these would be at the top of my list alongside the '71 Charger SE w/ 383 or 440 Magnum V8's.  
    I've built both the Revell-Monogram and MPC (1987 reissue) '71 B-Bodies and they are both very good at capturing the magic of the 1/1 scale originals.  If forced to choose, I'd give a slight edge to the MPC version.  
    So needless to say, I'd love to see it reissued, and the idea of a secondary parts tree with the '72 exterior trim items makes it all the more desirable.  Plus the recent surfacing of what appear to be a couple of solidly authenticated 1/1 scale '72 B-Bodies with the Six-Pack 440 engine (IIRC, that's what is in the MPC '71 tool) just add to the "rightness" of this proposal..  
    I'd love to see it happen. 
  8. tim boyd added a post in a topic 1927 T Phaeton / XR-6 Roadster   

    Alan, try issue 174 (January 2013) for the Tub and issue 190 (November 2014) for the XR-7/////TIM 
  9. tim boyd added a post in a topic 30 Model A #2   

    Tom....GREAT touch with the license plates on the inner door panels!  Love it!   TIM
    PS - I'm a big fan of what appears to me to be the 1/1 car  you show as inspiration, starting with the use of the small block Ford instead of a generic SBC.  There are a ton of pictures of this car on my 1/1 reference photo album....TIM  
  10. tim boyd added a post in a topic Mild kitbash/under two week project - Revell '30A Five Window....   

    Paolo, sorry for the delay in answering your question; my mistake 
    You are exactly correct, those blocks are magnets and the base they attach to is also part of a magnetic jig setup I got a few years ago from Micro-Mark if I recall correctly.  
    I used this background when I first posted pictures of the Revell '29A Roadster version of this kit tool, and I liked it so much that I've continued to use it for other builds since then.  I think it gives a bit of character to the pictures vs a plain white background sweep.   
    Best Regards.....TIM
  11. tim boyd added a post in a topic Mild kitbash/under two week project - Revell '30A Five Window....   

    Dennis....thank you very much for the comments and feedback. 
    The engine color was chosen to be roughly reminiscent, rather than a precise copy of, the old Ford Flathead engine color  It's actually Tamiya TS-78 Field Gray, which is not gray at all but an olive/gray/green combo.  It comes out of the can in a flat finish, so I gave it an overcoat of Tamiya Semi-Gloss Clear to be more realistic.  
    As for the dark metallic orange version, that was a build straight out of the box, with no mods at all.  I think the channeled version of the coupe makes for a far more presentable model out of the box, than the channeled version of the roadster.  The color is Tamiya Metallic Orange (a recent addition to the Tamiya paint range) with Testors Wet Look Lacquer Clear overall).  
  12. tim boyd added a post in a topic 1927 T Phaeton / XR-6 Roadster   

    As a post-script to this discussion, some of you may not be aware of the XR-7/'27T Tub Double Kit.  It didn't sell very well when introduced in 1963, and was never reissued.  
    I did buildup/kit review stories on both versions of this Double Kit for Model Cars magazine a few years back.  Most recent was a buildup-review on the XR-6, which appeared roughly three years ago.  
    Prior to that, I did a buildup-kit review on the original "hot rod" version of the '27T portion of this kit for Model Cars magaine.  This first version contained a good number of parts that never made it to the first reissue of the '27T as a stand-alone Trophy Series kit in 1967.   
    If you are not familiar with these kits, probably well worth your time to go through your MCM back issue stash and did out these articles.  
    Best ....TIM 
    PSS - here's an outtake from the original MCM article on the '27T version of the Double Kit....note the parts that never made it to the reissue including the entire front suspension, grille shell, quad headlamps, and front wheels for starters....
  13. tim boyd added a post in a topic 1927 T Phaeton / XR-6 Roadster   

    Luc is exactly right here.  Round 2 has invested considerable time and effort, including hiring the services of the most knowledgeable people, to do an extensive inventory of their tooling bank  .  
    The success of that effort is the reason we have the original California Hauler kit back, for example, a tool long thought to have been scrapped but one that turned out to share the Peterbilt Cabover tool parts but with the Conventional Cab parts trees welded off.  This only became evident based on Round 2's efforts to fully understand their tooling bank.  
    Round 2 has also been pretty good about disclosing what they have.  When they say the do not have something left in the tool inventory, I for one tend to give them the benefit of doubt.  
    Having said all this, I suspect that they have a few surprises yet to come out of the AMT/MPC/ etc. tooling bank.  As Luc says, whether they see the light of day will depend on what is required to make it a once again a salable product.    You may see at least one such example some time in the next year.   TIM 
  14. tim boyd added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    Revell made a trip to the GM Heritage Design Collection in Warren, MI, a couple of years ago to scale the Suburban, so unless someone knows the specific truck in that collection, my guess would be that the vehicle will wear factory stock equipment, perhaps followed later by a more street-machine orientation.  
    But this is just 100% speculation on my part.  I would imagine will see the Revell quarterly flier with an image very shortly now. which will probably provide more visual info.   TB  
  15. tim boyd added a post in a topic Mild kitbash/under two week project - Revell '30A Five Window....   

    Thanks Andy and Hector, and the rest of you.  Glad to know this captured your attention.   This kit can support so many different kitbashing ideas....hopefully I've inspired a few ideas for you to build on.....will be watching to see what all of you do with it......Best Regards...TIM