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  1. Tom....really promising start on this one. Go, go, go!!!!! TIM
  2. Yes, I understood that to be a live program, but that was several years back now. I suspect that they ran into some significant issues in making the tool once again production ready, and decided there were other projects requiring the same investment of time and/or money that would have a higher financial return (e.g., 1963 Nova wagon, 1964 Olds Cutlass convertible, IH first Ertl cabover kit redo, et al). I don't know with any certainty, but my guess is that it is still on the list of possible future projects, but ranking below others priority wise. TIM
  3. Mike....I built a Revell 1941 Willys Street Rod kit shortly after it came out in the very early 2000's. It was a terrific kit, other than the front end was not "down in the weeds" as you so right note that it should have been. I dropped the front end on mine, and it made a world of difference. Thought I had a few pix posted in my Fotki folder and planned to copy one here, but looks as though that is not the case. I did do an article on the kit and the mods for Model Cars magazine, again in the early 2000's. There was a cover snipe picture of the model on the cover of that issue. Worth a look if you have a full back issue library....TIM PS - Randy Frost did a resin conversion kit with the front end dropped as it should have been by Revell; again well worth a look but doubt that it is still available new today....TB
  4. At one point a few years ago, there was at least one other early Mustang replica (new tool) under consideration. Whatever chance it had was swept away by the Hobbico debacle. Having said that, the new 1971 Mustang tool kits, if they sell well, might possibly open the door for other first generation new tooled Mustang kits to be considered in the future. TIM
  5. The '64 El Camino was also part of the kit and promo tooling decision.... Still, the 2 door Nomad wagon kit/promo would have shared the same amount of AMT tooling as the 4-door wagon with the El Camino kit/promo. I presume the choice was, as you suggest, Chevrolet's to make. And even back then, 4 door wagons were way outselling 2 door wagon versions of the same topic, so for Chevrolet - looking for the widest possible 1/1 sales benefit from the promos - the choice of the 4 door Chevelle wagon over the 2 door wagon would have seemed the logical one from their point of view....TIM
  6. Guys...I gotta confess here that I did not even remotely anticipate the level of buyer interest in the Nova wagon when the idea was run by me a few years back. Thank goodness the Round 2 guys stuck to their guns and didn't listen to me! Of course, the all-new tooling, and the derivative kits yet to come, were not a part of the discussion back then (as least as I recall it). But even with those enhancements, I was not tuned in to the kit buying preference of you guys at all when it comes to this subject. Really interesting to read the reasons for your positive reactions and interests, and once again, proof that none of us (or at the least, not me) have a sterling record when it comes to picking possible new kit topics. TIM
  7. Another tasty build, thanks for posting Craig. And cool adaptation of what I think is the trailer in the Revell Kurtis Midget kit, including your tie down straps. I presume your crank-mounted blower adaptation came from the AMT Double Dragster kit..or the Revell Orange Crate, or..??? Best....TIM
  8. Dennis...those small changes you did make a world of difference (in my mind) in the accuracy of the completed model. Well done! And thanks for posting your images, too. TIM
  9. This outtake (unused) image from my 2020 "Collecting Drag Racing Model Kits" book project (CarTechBooks.com) of the Bantam bodies shows the difference in scale between the roughly 1/22nd scale Sizzler kit and the 1/25th scale Slingster kit....
  10. Interesting...and the obvious explanation of why the decals intended for the Bantam coupe were too large and why I then had to cut the center scallop apart (while it was wet, no less) and then apply the end portion behind the roof opening on my build as shown below. Also noted the same issue on the buildup on the box side panel, but the instructions sheet showed the decals as fitting the downsized body properly.
  11. As Rob says above, this thread just gets better and better.... Dennis...the wheels up mockup looks really sharp, and a really inspired choice of decal livery and bed accessories, too. The pure fun you are having with this project comes through loud and clear in your updates.....great! Best...TIM
  12. Kurt....good luck with your project. There is an article in the April, 1988 issue of Scale Auto that shows step by step how to kitbash a fully accurate 1930/1931 Model A Pickup Cab. It is not hard to do, and sounds way within your build capabilities. If you can't find the issue on eBay, it may still be available in the Kalmbach back issue department, and it is part of the "Scale Auto first 35 years" CD they produced about five years ago, and that is definitely available now from Kalmbach. And to further clarify some of the comments above, the new Revell '29A Roadster kit that Mark picked for the same kit competition is not only an entirely all-new tool but represents a hot rod version of the '29A. As such, the frame in the kit is "Z'ed" at the rear, and the rear suspension is a modern Ford 9" differential suspended by coil-over shocks. If you want a historically accurate frame on your project, the original Revell kits first dating from the mid 1960's are the way to go. However, you probably need to check the exact wording of the "same kit" category and figure you how to use enough of the new Revell kit to qualify for that class. Perhaps a "hot rod" adaptation of the original concept (oh no, I hear the groans awakening all over the world as I write this...which I do sympathize with...). Anyway, good luck with your project. Below are a couple of photos of the results of that Scale Auto article, as possible inspiration (please forgive the hot rod flavor of the model; but the cab conversion process is the same for a vintage Model A build) ....TIM
  13. Good Point, Hakan....I do recall reading that Tomy had retained the tooling for the IH farm tractor kits, but I was not aware/had not heard that this might also extend as well to the IH Cabover tooling....TIM .
  14. When I did my Scale Auto article a few years ago on all the 1/25th scale Ertl kits before they bought the AMT tooling bank, I did a detailed comparison of the two Ertl IH Cabover kits. The changes between the two kits were far more extensive than I had imagined. Too many to justify changing the existing tool back to the original form. With this new approach, Round 2 will now have two complete kits to sell. Brilliant move, one I never dreamed we would ever see in a million years......TIM
  15. Stress Buster: Build Tutorial and Kit Review: Revell Slingster Dragster - WIP: Drag Racing Models - Model Cars Magazine Forum A little (actually, a lot) late, but thought you might be interested anyway.....personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Revell reissue this one, minor warts and all.....TIM
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