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  1. new for 2018

    I got a very brief look at the new front end of the Revell Boss 302 (test shot) a few weeks ago and it looked to me a major improvement. Want to study it in detail (when the final kit comes out) to make a definitive judgment, but was encouraged by what I saw......TIM
  2. Didn't take the time to re-read this thread from the start, so if this is a repost I apologize in advance. Here's the link to a complete set of photos of the Kenworth Challenge Transit Mixer AMT Kit assembly instructions, courtesy of a truck kit enthusiast in the Netherlands.... http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/truckkit_instructions/amt/t559_kenworth_chall/ TIM
  3. missing versions in kits

    Casey....yeah....I vaguely recall photos like that too. Yeah again...anyone who fancies themselves a serious model car builder needs to get to the International Model Car Museum at some point in their life. It is an amazing place to be sure. TIM
  4. 31 ford model A 2n1

    To the best of my knowledge, the Riley Two-Port engine option has been included in all versions/releases of this kit tool. If anyone reading this is unfamiliar with this engine, the lead article in the current issue of the other model car magazine shows the engine in component as well as completed form. TIM
  5. missing versions in kits

    Here's a photo of the original 1/10th scale master for Revell's stillborn 1/25th scale 1953 Studebaker kit. After the kit was cancelled, the master was rejiggered (including front and rear wheels moved forward in A/FX style) for the "Miss Deal" release in 1967. This artifact is on display at the International Model Car Museum near Salt Lake City, Utah. TIM More from the International Model Car Museum at this link.....
  6. What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?

    Casey and all...update....checked with my source at Round 2 and the particular project I was thinking of when I wrote my original comment, is still on the development list, but not at the front of the hot projects list. With very little staff and many "to-do's" they need to prioritize the projects that can be expeditiously and profitably brought to the marketplace first. Good news is that apparently it is still on the future possibilities list, not dropped entirely as I had feared. TIM
  7. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Commenting on some of the points raised above..... * From what I understand, the Revell part of Hobbico is a profitable and successful business Enterprise. * Further, Revell has a number of newly tooled kits (not yet announced) underway and in various states of completion. Several are (I would guess) debuts that would be announced this year. * Finally, the issues with the Model A tool were (to be best of my understanding) not associated with a Hobbico bankruptcy filing. ************ None of the above is too dismiss the implications of the Hobbico Chapter 11 filing. This is a serious development and, as many of you have already stated, it will have an effect on the hobby we love in one way or another, and probably not in a positive way. TIM

    x2,,,,,,Casey's right on the money with this suggestion.....I've bought several "gluebombs" of this kit precisely for this application.....TIM
  9. What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?

    Scott..those are very good questions. I am not aware of any progress on this project whatsoever. Regrettably, I failed to ask for an update last time I met with one of the people involved. If there was any movement I am pretty sure he would have told me without being asked. Hmmm......TIM
  10. '29 Ford TROG Style Beach Racing Roadster

    Bernard....yet another winner from your modeling desk, and timely as all heck, too! As for the Feb 2018 SA Vintage Beach Racing demonstration car, it is essentially the Revell '30A Coupe body, the Altered States extreme chopped top, the kit's "skeleton" interior reformatted to a highboy (non-channeled configuration), and almost everything else from the oft-reissued Revell '31 Sedan kit. Interesting that we both used the Revell kit Riley two-port engine, and the headers from two of the AMT 1929 Model A Roadster kits!!!. The primary purpose of that article was to offer lots of ideas for your own Vintage Beach Racer builds. (Just an FYI....while the article was completed in early October, it just hit the newstands a week or so ago, well after Bernard's build was complete, so the originality shown here is all his!.) TIM
  11. 2 T.R.O.G. 4-banger roadsters T&A

    Phil - those are very sharp, very timely builds! Thanks for passing along the photos and the inspiration....TIM
  12. 23 ford delivery

    AAAHHHH! OOOOOO!!!! Show us more, show us more! TIM
  13. Wow!!! That is one sharp 1/1 scale Autocar! TIM
  14. remember the AMT "Iron Horse" Mustang?

    I wouldn't be surprised to see the most recent evolution of this kit become a Round 2 reissue at some point.....TIM