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  1. A model I've been wanting to build for what...just about 50 years now. Just finished last week and never seen outside my workroom until tonight. A 1970 'cuda built just the way I would have ordered it from the factory had a been a few years older when it came out. 14 other overall and detail shots at this link...and thanks for looking....TIM PS - thanks to several of you, particularly Bill Geary and Bill Coulter, for body refinement ideas and approaches; those thoughts largely paralleled my own thoughts and helped to reinforce my work plan ....TB
  2. Earlier this week I got a look at some pix of the newly retooled parts for the 1932 Chrysler kit....they look very sharp. Notable improvement over the originals....TIM
  3. The AMT Rabbit tooling still exists. And FWIW (given the memory is now 42 years old), I put together one of these right after it came out, without paint, to assess whether AMT had made progress in improving the quality of their newly tooled kits of the late 1970's. My recollection was that the kit went together really well The kit was tooled as a joint project with the AMT Scirocco kit of the same era; much of the underbody is shared parts trees. Round 2 reissued the Scirocco within the last several years, so we know the tooling exists. Those of you who read the other model magazine should check out my fairly recent "Classic Kits" column review of the AMT Rabbit, it contains some pretty interesting "insider info" about the kit from back in the day, and a published quote from the soon-thereafter AMT-Lesney-Matchbox product manager discussing the market (non)results of the kit.... TIM
  4. Interesting to see this thread and train of thought is still alive. Domestic model company personnel are aware that there is interest in a '68 Coronet R/T. Getting there from here, though, is not easy. I agree that a sci-fi connection would be a big plus, but lacking that would not totally rule out a newly tooled body to go with an existing kit tool innards. Especially if there were other spin-off kit versions that could be merchandised with the new body. Bottom line, in my personal view this one has transferred from the "never will happen in a million years" to category to the "unlikely, but these days you can never say never" category. Or stated another way, this would be an interesting thread to resurface five years from now and read again, to see what if anything has materialized. TIM
  5. Guys...if I am remembering correctly, the original AMT Courier "Minivan" kit could be built 100% showroom stock, in the Ford "Free Wheelin'" package livery. I built the kit when it came out and it's was a pretty decent effort in the context of late 1970's AMT kit development.....TIM PS - here's my build which was a combo of the original "Minivan" kit and some parts from the slightly later "Firestones" kit release....
  6. Alan, I sent an original tool wheel to Norm and he ran some for me, but because as discussed above, the "master" had some flaws in it, I'm not sure Norm wants to offer it to the public per se. Maybe you should email him and find out..... Best...TIM
  7. What John said just above. Blows me away that nobody has ever done a correct RA IV engine in 1/25th, not to mention a redo of the 1970 GTO, the one many consider to be the best 1/1 scale GTO ever....TIM
  8. Dave....I highly regard the original MPC Toyota Supra annual kit from 1982/83 - a picture of the kit is at the link in Carl's post above. One of MPC's best annual kits ever, IMHO. Here's a picture.... .... of my build of the kit....primarily a cleanup of some of the gee-gaws on the original Supra body and some typical early 1980's mods including a California ride/stance.... Here's a link to 16 more pictures of the build for anyone who might be interested.....TIM
  9. Dennis....just saw this. Great job. And love, love, love the choice of a Y-Block for the engine. And yes, Dave, just saw your comment. Yeah, very, very big smile here. Best....TIM .
  10. Bill....can't wait to see your latest update and progress......Cheers....TIM
  11. Heh guys...great to see this thread hoppin' once again. Boy some great work on display here! Congrats to all....TIM
  12. I posted a message with info about the new kit a couple of months back here, perhaps someone can find it and link it to this thread.....TIM
  13. Images of the kit and mostly its new contents at this link; including the instruction sheet. Start at image #08....TIM
  14. Yikes.....someone is very misinformed on this one...... As to your direct question, yes a few fellow model car builders joined me in a trip to Boyd's original backyard shop in Stanton in early 1984.....including (I think) David Dale, Gary Gollehon (sp?), Jim Kampmann, and a few other names you might recognize....TIM
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