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  1. Jim....here's a link to the text for a story I did for "World of Rods" magazine on the "Top 50 Hot Rod Kits of the Last 50 years". Explanation for Top 50 Hot Rod Kits of Last 50 Years album | Funman1712 | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy. I picked the best kits from each decade as finalist, and then at the end picked one best kit from each decade, and the overall winners (spoiler alert....a tie.) Supporting rationale included. Scroll through the pages to see the specific info... The list dates from 2006 so it needs to be updated for the last 15 years - and if forced to choose, I would knock out the Monogram 1940 Ford Convertible kit to make room for the Revell Model A Five Window Coupe hot rod kit in the overall "Top 5". Contrary views welcome... TIM
  2. I finally pulled my kit out yesterday for a look. The non-plated styrene parts were sealed and didn't want to break that seal, but I was able to see that the seat unit included engraved upholstery panels that extended into the canopy area on either side of the driver, instead of stopping at the upper frame rail as on most AA/FD rails. I don't have a picture of the 1/1, but my conjecture is that the roll bar would have been partially concealed by the upholstery, thereby explaining why there was not a roll bar part in the kit itself. The applicable parts are shown in the instructions if someone wants to post those images.... Plus, as Mark said, MPC didn't always sweat the details on their drag racing kits.... Still, I am very much looking forward to this reissue, warts and all! Cheers...TIM
  3. Major update - at a very recent IPMS event Revell had a new product display that included a poster showing an updated execution of their 1930 Model A Five Window Hot Rod Coupe kit. It showed an all-new box art top with an illustration rather than a picture of the built model, and also showed an all-new decal sheet with several scallop designs and black/white checkered firewall treatments for both the highboy and channeled build versions. The box art also showed the Buick Nailhead engines replacing the SBC's in the first kit issue, as was expected. The last time I had checked with my Revell contact,- about three months ago - I was told there was not a specific production date yet for the kit reissue. Upon hearing the above news, I again rec-ontacted my source and was advised that the poster box art illustration and new decal sheets are indeed legit, and that the kit reissue is expected to run sometime later this year, possibly as early as late summer (but I would expect somewhat later in the year). Needless to say, this is great news for all of us hot rod model builders, as this kit is easily among the top 5 hot rod kits ever released (at least it is in my opinion), and the very short production run of the first issue prevented many, if not most, interested hobbyists from buying the kit at that time. If I hear any further updates, including a firm production date, I will advise here. Best regards....TIM PS _ I did not post any images as I do not have the copyright permission for those images. But you should be able to find them on the web easily enough, including a thread on lack of Revelll new kit news iin the "modle car kits" section of this forum....TB
  4. Got me....you are correct! Will correct my post right away....thanks Kerry for the reminder. One interesting factoid about that 6x2 setup...the original concept drawings for the kit, as designed by John Mueller, showed three vinyl balance tubes running from the right side to the left side intake manifolds under the carbs, just like you see on some 1/1 scale versions of this intake setup. Those were pipped somewhere between concept and final tooling, but this detail was indicative of the care that went into designing the Nailhead engine for the modern Revell Model A tooling.... Cheers...TIM
  5. No....the blower is exclusive to the SBC engine tooling/sprues, so it is in the second release of the '29A Roadster. The second release of the '30A Coupe, as depicted above, is supposed to be the Buick Nailhead with (corrected) 6-2 barrel carb and fuel injection induction setups. The fuel injection should include the separately molded fuel block and fuel lines running to each of the injectors - a pretty cool piece of kit engineering/detail. You will still be able to swap engines between the two kits, so the blown SBC from the '29A Roadster second issue can go in the new '30A Coupe second issue without further mods.... TIM
  6. What James said. Decals are also updated per the images posted above. Other than those engine and decal sheet changes, should be identical to the original release.....TIM
  7. IMPORTANT UPDATE - I've been told by a trusted source that the '30A box art is legit. It was just shown at an IPMS event by a representative for Revell. Firm release date unknown....participants at the show were told possibly mid-summer, personally I would plan for sometime later. Will let you know if/when I hear a firm release date. TIM <
  8. Most interesting. When I last checked about three months ago, there was no definitive info on a reissue of the '30A Coupe kit. I'm checking with sources there to see if this has changed. The fresh box art above is certainly a very promising sign - either that or an exceptionally well done fake! TIM
  9. Kit....thanks for the additional background on the KR logo and your building alliance with Rodney. What a cool, cool legacy you guys are leaving for the hobby.... And it is more gratifying than one could possibly imagine to hear that I have contributed that kind of influence to the world of model car hobbyists. Kudos to you and Rodney for building on that yourselves.... All the very best....TIM
  10. Couple of fresh pictures with a load of - what could be more appropriate for a 1970's tribute - Beer Kegs. These are from the Monogram Beer Wagon kit. The bed rail across the back is a press fit so I can leave in it place, or remove it, depending on the scene. Thanks for looking....TIM
  11. Alan.....One of the most popular events these days at the GoodGuys shows here in the States are the "AutoCross" driving events. Even to the point where they now have 7 or 8 different classes of competition, and a national circuit of regional qualifiers leading to an annual runoff in Phoenix in November....TIM
  12. Guys....other than badging, the 1971 GTX and Satellite Sebring Plus bucket seats and interior door panels were identical. The GTX used the round rallye gauges instrument panel as standard equipment, however. The earlier picture brochure orange/black interior image posted above was the Road Runner interior, which was not as plush as the GTX interior. Having said that, I am not even remotely expert on the cars in that TV series, and as we've learned since, often those cars were modified to various degrees from factory stock. However, the dark TV picture/image showing the driver's side door panel is likely the GTX/Satellite Sebring Plus door panel, not the Road Runner. Good luck with the project....sounds like a cool idea! TIM
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