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  1. Traditional A-V8 Hiboy (Revell)

    Alan......really, really sharp. And really like the way you handled making the factory stock rear wheel wells on the Revell body. Not sure which of my threads you are referring too, but if you can PM me or respond to me here, perhaps I can help you find it Meanwhile, onward! Great choice of topics and great progress so far.....TIM
  2. And for those that might be wondering, here is a look at Fred's roadster during the Saturday morning entrance "parade" at the GoodGuys Nats this past Saturday.....he later found a superb "power parking" spot . More detail shots in my event coverage (see link in the post in the 1/1 Car Reference Section of the Forum if interested). And he did stop by Tom's house on the way back home on Sunday..... Now you know.....this is just one of several reasons that Fred's '30A Coupe build in this thread is so innovative and highly detailed..... BTW, Fred was highly involved in every step of building his Highboy. It has many subtle tricks and innovations…..and was attracting a great deal of interest from those GoodGuys Nats spectators/participants who know Highboys inside and out. Even better, Fred drives his hot rod all over the country.....6,000 miles on the Odo since the car was finished a couple of years back. Go Fred!!!
  3. Tons of new and cool model car building ideas here....

    Link above corrected....thanks for the heads-up....TIM
  4. Starts on image # 194 at this link.... thanks for looking....TIM
  5. Tons of cool ideas here.....enjoy. TIM http://public.fotki.com/funman1712/11-scale-automotive/2018-goodguys-columbus-/2018-goodguys-columbus-/
  6. Just a quick comment that Bill and I have somewhat different views on that issue of underscale Ford engine blocks in the Revell Buttera kits. I'm not claiming that my interpretation is more correct than Bill's, only presenting an alternative view..... Refer to the last (bottom) post in page one of this thread.... http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/127459-2627-turtle-deck-t-hot-rod-kits-requested/?tab=comments#comment-1850443 The image posted below compares the Revell Buttera small block 289 Ford with the Revell '32 Ford Street Rod series 302 Ford V8. TIM
  7. 32 Ford A/SR - FINISHED

    Rickard, this is truly a spectacular piece of work. My congratulations to you for the scope, execution, and completion of this project. Best wishes.....TIM
  8. Here's a picture of the Triumph Bonneville bike in the AMT '63 Chevy Apache kit described by Ellen....this is the showroom stock version.....followed by the Bonneville racing version (along with the streamliner GoKart from the companion AMT '63 F100 kit)… TIM
  9. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I received a letter from the bankruptcy court yesterday with a similar message. I'm not a bankruptcy expert, and I found the message to be very confusing. I have also learned that the Revell US assets could have gone a very different route that would have been great for the hobby. These decisions boil down to a judgment call, but based on the limited information available, my impressions are that the Bankruptcy court took the route of least apparent risk, rather than the route of optimizing the future business potential, with their decision to honor the approve the bid for the US Revell business to the Revell Germany holding company. I am not privy to much of the hard facts here, so this is nothing but an outsider's impression. But if I am correct, this is very, very disappointing, and a huge missed opportunity for the hobby. Still, I am an optimist and hope for the best from Revell Germany. TIM
  10. The ROG, lot of kool cars

    Thanks for posting, Greg. Many cool cars in the Rodder's Journal coverage. With apologies in advance to those of you who already know about the following, it seems to me that many users of this forum do not regularly view or purchase the two major model magazines. For you non-purchasers out there who like these beach racers, you might be interested in the February 2018 issue of the other model magazine. It has an in-depth article on building models of "The Race of Gentlemen" type cars, with many ideas, hints, and sources of parts for this type of project. It also shows a few of the basic steps in building this "TROG"-themed model... TIM
  11. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    Scott.....Tamiya recently released a new pearl yellow spray paint color in their "TS-" line; I haven't used it yet but it might be a reasonably close approximation of the main color in the Piranha drag car.....you can order it from the Tamiya website if you don't have a well stocked hobby store nearby.....TIMa
  12. NEW Round2 MPC 2018

    Nice to see the "Spirit of '57" Gasser reappear. This chassis lends itself to many kitbashing projects. Wonder if the front axle remains in the dropped format used for most of the original kit reissues, or the straight axle of the original release? As for the McEwen dragster, I'd bet on the Ramchargers kit as the base rather than the Garlits/Young American, as the former was released in 1968 vs the latter in 1970. Still, based on the picture posted above, looks like the Garlits/Young American is closer in content to the actual car. TIM
  13. Revell/Monogram Aerovette

    According to an authoritative source quoted in a book from the era, with just minimal tweaks, was to became the production 1980 Corvette. You can read more on this in my new book ….. and I think that this "factoid" (if you choose to believe it) makes it more than worthwhile to own this kit. TIM
  14. Thanks Dennis....yesterday Rodder's Journal newsletter posted a link to their photo album of the 2018 TROG and there was a '30A Coupe there that looked just like mine (different colors, but otherwise a near match). It's just such a fresh departure from my usual rod building tastes/themes. Anyone who loves to build trad hot rod models should try a TROG-themed project... All above....thanks again for your comments and feedback. Tulio.....I'm working on couple of additional albums, and yes, one will be of all my '48 Fords including the Woody. I'll post here when done... Best regards everyone......TIM