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  1. Rodney,....really impressive work. Wanted to ask what transverse spring you are using for your front suspension....I am doing a very similar layout on my '31A low rider Tudor and was just beginning to look for a spring for my setup. Yours looks really good and if I have the same part available in my stash it might save me a ton of time looking....Thanks TIM
  2. Eric....congrats on building the real car and I really like the tweaks you've already done to the interior. Will be watching with great interest....Cheers....TIM PS - excellent color plan, too!
  3. Those of us who participated in the MPC National Customizing Championship from 1969-79 will remember Tim Slesak, both as a competitor and later on, a judge and contest booth director. Those who attended Chuck Helppie's NNL Nats #40 Reunion banquet a year ago this weekend will also remember Tim's letter about the MPC series that Chuck read to the assembled throng after dinner. Well....TIm and his wife have settled in Vermont after decades in Texas, and Tim is back building some incredible models. He recently sent me the link to his Fotki album, and gave me permission to post some images here. This one is a taste of his talents, building primarily brass 1/25th scale models that are right up there with the best of Richard Carroll and Dave Berry from back in the day. The jewel-like detail he achieves is pretty amazing. While modelers who work in brass almost always create miniature works of contemporary art, a certain automotive realism is often lost in the process. Tim's models instead exploit the brass medium to create even more lifelike miniature replicas, which in my opinion puts his work on a unique pedestal in the model car world. Tim was inspired to build this from that memorable rootbeer candy 1/1 scale hot rod that toured the Autorama shows about...what now....about 15 years ago?Like the other premier craftsman of the hobby back in the 1970's and 80's, Here are some photos of one of his most recent projects..... You can see more of Tim's incredible mostly brass creations here.....and thanks for looking! (the other) TIM
  4. Thanks Ken...I will ask the Publisher what's up. I suspect that I will be told it's another fallout of the messed up book and mag distribution network due to C-19....TIM
  5. Ken....was there any explanation for the cancellation? If so, and depending on what it is, I can forward to the publisher and ask them to get involved.....thanks. TIM
  6. Alan....last I heard (unofficially), the '30A Coupe was planned for a Q1 2021 production run. Let's hope that is still the plan! Cheers....TIM
  7. Congrats Randy on bringing this one home! I can just imagine flooring the go pedal and hanging on! On my end, will be getting back to finishing mine up after having to stop for another high-priority project which I just finished yesterday....I'll make sure to let you know when mine is done. The two (yours and mine) will share the overall proportions but be very different in the details....that's what makes model car building so fun and creative, and why I so like comparing two models based on the same basic kit. Cheers....TIM
  8. Cliff....that gorgeous color just glows! Great pix, too. Congrats on another very fine project completed....TIM
  9. Meant to mention this when I first saw your post a few weeks ago - very sharp build! Brings to mind one of our SVT Wednesday meetings with Ford Special Vehicle Engineering and Team Mustang members back in the day, when I had invited Roger Harney of Revell-Monogram to sit in and we discussed Revell new doing model kits of both the 1999 SVT Cobra and the 1999 SVT Lightning. Fortunately for all of us, he and they followed through, and about a year and a half later, the kits were on the shelves at the stores. So wish there was a similar level of effort and understanding by today's kitmakers of the adult model car market these days! Anyway, Tim, big Congrats on your model. TIM
  10. Dennis....yeah, I've been waiting for your next update. Great progress. When an author does a how-to like that one in the mag, the hope is that people use it for inspiration and then attempt the same thing on their own. Even better is when they make their own adaptations and revise, personalize, or improve upon what I did in the original article. In that regard, it's really inspiring to me personally to see where you are headed with this project. One other comment - your excellent and numerous pictures do a much better job of conveying what you are doing than is possible in a magazine article. While I still strongly believe this hobby strongly deserves its own, stand-alone model car magazine, I must admit that the online forum format is sure a great addition to the hobby and the ability of an author/builder to convey - and teach - what he or she is doing with a project. TIM PS - that mockup is sure lookin' good! TB
  11. Jim....this was around 35 years ago for me that I took the course....and it was optional - we weren't required to take it. I have no idea whether it is offered to employees today. Personally I found it to be a real asset not only in my work life, but my personal life as well.....Particularly since I retired and now have the time to read books and novels instead of business documents and the like! TIM
  12. Years ago I remember checking this out, and my really vague recollection is that there were just a couple of the hot rod Hemi engine accessory parts that failed to make the transition to the Boss Nova kit. i vaguely recall one of them being an intake manifold for one of the induction options. Can anyone verify this? TIM
  13. This kit is not perfect by any means, but it is a respectable effort that builds into a very sharp model: TIM
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