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  1. I have all the kits, but never built one. Found a seller on Ebay that has decals for a different Butch Miller, Joe Shear, and Dick Trickle Camaros. Hoping to find Mark Martin Camaro and T-bird decals. Can still find the kits here and there and they don't have the prices of the older MPC Super Stockers... yet !!!
  2. Absolutely LOVE these cars !!! I have all but the Barracuda waiting to be built. These are not cheap or easy to find. If you find one, get it...or I will !!! Paid $225 for the Mustang last month. For a little more info, cars that use these headers did not have a right side floor or firewall. These kits have a generic big block, as did the old MPC Cup cars. When I finally build 'em, I will fix that !!! The rear suspensions can be done a million ways. Do it "right", and the Camaro and Mustang will have leaf springs, Chevelle and Monte Carlo will have coils, etc. Of course, these are NOT stock chassis so you can change it up. Back then, some teams ran both. Someone mentioned using other bodies. I have a Nova, Ventura, and Cougar all waiting for one of my spare chassis. Definitely need to find a Javelin !!! Although these kits are dirt cars, some of the real ones were NOT !!! The Camaro and Mustang raced on pavement. The Chevelle was a dirt car, saw him race at Kankakee, Sycamore, and Fairbury, IL. The 'Cuda was a USAC team, they ran both. The GTO and Monte Carlo are not familiar to me. With aftermarket wheels and tires, you can go either way and be "right" !!! Mine will be dirt cars... because I said so !!! If you have never built one of these, you HAVE to get the GTO when it's available. I'm getting at least two, just to have the chassis !!!
  3. That is an in-car camera from a million years ago. They were in all the early Monogram GM kits. There is also a dome shaped antenna that goes with it, usually placed on the roof or trunk lid. I used 'em on the Buddy Baker UNO Buick and the Richard Petty STP Pontiac. The 1:1 antennas were ALWAYS flat white as they were NOT to be painted !!! These were heavy and bulky, so NASCAR gave the users a weight break. Suddenly Darrel Waltrip, Cale Yarborough, Rusty Wallace, Ricky Rudd all wanted to carry the cameras !!!
  4. I do have both kits you mentioned, but they will need their own beacons. I will try "Wanted" section. At least you didn't explain how to grow f****** turnips !!! THANK YOU !!!
  5. Looking for non-operating light bases or light bars for 1/25 construction equipment I'm building. I have SCADS of AMT amber lenses, nothing to mount them to. Tried Googling this and was sent all over. Was even sent to a site on how to grow turnips. Not repeating my comments here !!! Just find it strange I can get these for 1/160 locomotives all day, but can't get them for 1/25 vehicles.
  6. First, I hope I'm putting this in the right place. First time here !!! I'm 58 and I model 1/24 and 1/25 scale. Haven't built in 22 yrs. I have TONS of racing kits I've stock-piled since 1982, mainly oval track. I would like to get back into big rigs also, with all the "new old" releases of kits I built when I was 10-12. HOPE I can do 'em better now !!! My other hobbies are N scale model railroading, my 1:1 '74 4WD Suburban, and torturing neighbors with Rolling Stones at 98 decibels !!! My screen name is a combination of hobbies. "Run8" is full throttle on locomotive. Racing is...well... RACING !!! It was also the name of my race team when I raced hobby stocks in the early '80s.
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