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  1. I just had the same thing happen on my daughters Malibu - took that one back. I have no issues making them fit correctly though, just a PITA
  2. Leaving a Dr appt yesterday for an easy afternoon, then stepped on the brake pedal and heard that grinding sound... My truck is due for PA inspection, so I did all 4 rotors, and pads. The inside pad would not fit in the caliper on any of the 4 calipers. I had to grind the ends of the backing plates of the pads down to for them to slide in. So much for an easy afternoon!
  3. Looks great! That color changes teh entire look
  4. I dont know how I missed this. Looking really good so far!
  5. Very nice. Your dash and interiors are always fantastic!
  6. This Morning my top 3 would be: Jimi Hendrix: Voodo Child (slight return) Black Sabbath: Into the Void Lynryd Skynyrd: I Know a Little
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