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  1. The orange and white are great! Nicely done
  2. Looks great! The decal looks superb!
  3. Tis is really looking good. Looking forward to more updates
  4. Looking good! This will be sharp when it is all together
  5. Looks great. I really like the weathering.
  6. Great detail in the engine compartment!
  7. Excellent! Pane lines look great.
  8. Looking good so far. Bummer about the paint, but it certainly is a challenge you can overcome!
  9. A Friend of mine had a '73 'Cuda that was Hemi Orange with a white interior, Looked great.
  10. I agree! Fantastic build. They all look great!
  11. GREAT color and really clean build! Nice build
  12. The bumper look great David. Are planning on clearing it?
  13. Very nice model and the pics are great as usual!
  14. Fantastic! Great Paint work
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