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  1. WOW. Very realistic. Well Done!
  2. I think it looks great! Very nice detailing (and lots of it)
  3. I dont really know much about cats. The shelter said that they were not related, but bonded. So my Daughter took them both.
  4. My daughter brought these 2 home from the local cat rescue. Johnny and Dwight
  5. Really Cool! Very well thought out.
  6. Very sleek looking. Really nice paint work.
  7. I agree with Mike, Looks great.
  8. That really looks great. I really like the color combo.
  9. Cool El CAmino! Looks savage.
  10. Looks great so far. Looking forward to seeing you fill it up!
  11. This car is truely an icon. Cant wait to see what you do with it.
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