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  1. Color looks spot on! Nice and smooth. Very nice paint work.
  2. David, This is really coming out Classy! Your foil work is superb. Looking forward to seeing it under glass
  3. Very Creative! I have been following your build. At first, I was confused about what the direction was going to be, but have been very impressed (I don't have that kind of vision, I hope that didn't sound negative at all). You have amazing customizing skills, I am looking forward to more progress.
  4. Looking forward to more of this!
  5. The stance is a huge improvement! Really nice work making a cool model better.
  6. Fantastic! I also enjoyed the WIP. The finished product is masterful
  7. Nice 57 !. The color really looks good
  8. Coming along great! The interior looks fantastic!
  9. The colors look fantastic as does the paint work. Looking forward to seeing more!
  10. Actualy, I was lucky enough to get in for 209. I had posted that I had received 209 and was happy
  11. great looking build! Very clean and nice paint
  12. Welcome and really clean build. You have skills!
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