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  1. Recently completed my Raptor build and was going to start again on my stalled Foxbody Mustang, or Mark VII project, but instead a buddy of mine picked up the same GMC snow plow kit and built his up so I figured I’d follow suit and start on my snow plow kit. I ended up purchasing the 76 Chevy step side kit for parts (mainly the much better decals and carbureted intake and Chevrolet grille) I also picked up a set of Mirrors from the MPC kit. Wheels and tires by Fireball Modelworks as well as the door handles. Laid some color down; Duplicolor Cardinal Red and just did a mock up just to get some motivation. Not sure if I want to clear coat and polish or leave it with the flat faded look 🤷🏻‍♂️ Also filed the grille down to open the slats.
  2. Thank you all for the kind words. I will try the given advice mentioned above for the third brake light, great idea!
  3. Calling this one done. First one done for this year lol. Couldnt come up with a good solution to make the third brake light look realistic so I just left it alone.
  4. Thank you all for the compliments and kind words. Got a little detail painting done. And mostly assembled, just a couple things left. My only complaint with this kit is the windshield doesn’t seem to want to fit right and the head lights for sure don’t fit flush with the fenders.
  5. Revell’s Snap Tite kit. Box stock. Testors “Star Spangled Blue” as a base, topped with Tamiya TS19 Metallic Blue. Used Dupli Color bumper paint for flares and bumpers. Hand polished with XPC3 1000.
  6. Thank you, that was the look I was going for. got the engine assembled and detailed. Detailed similarly to the engine for my Mark build but decided to leave this one non A/C. Only thing left is add some small decals.
  7. Yep, still staying a GT, just using the LX kit for mostly everything except the body lol anyways got some color on the interior, tried embossing powder for the first time on the door cards and floor. Came out decent I suppose.
  8. Thanks for the compliments. I did some more work this evening, mostly test fitting. I decided to not use any of the amt chassis and entirely revell, as the suspension, interior and under hood have way more detail (at first the plan was to just use the motor from the LX kit and maybe the under hood piece.) the only pieces from the GT kit I’m using is the rear half of the interior. I cut out the LX package tray and rear seat setup, and put in the GT rear seat and interior side panels aft the more detailed LX door panels. Still have to make a floor behind the rear seat. suspension and modified interior tub all mocked up. Did have to slightly shorten the rear trailing arms to center the tires in the wheel well.
  9. Nose swap was a success
  10. One step ahead of ya lol also I think I’ve finally found a use for these Pony wheels I’ve had for years
  11. Decided to take a break from my Lincoln Mark VII project and wanted to do a simple kit with minimal work. Well, that was a lie. Picked up AMTs reissued 88 Mustang GT (although it has an ‘87 style intake manifold).. and we all know how terrible the head lights are.. I got to thinking since I have the left over body from Revells Mustang LX kit I wanted to incorporate the more realistic headlights.. so far what I have. Grafted the LX header panel & head light buckets into the GT bumper. Going to have to fill in the LX grille since the GT is smooth. All I have to for tonight, we’ll see how this surgery goes..
  12. ac lines plumbed, calling the engine complete until it’s time to place into the body
  13. Thank you, I’ve done further plumbing on the engine since those pics I’ll include one later as this is the most detailed engine I’ve ever done lol
  14. Yep this has been discussed on the Mark VII fb page and below are the measurements on the 1:1, although I’m not mathematically smart enough to scale them to 1:25 lol😂
  15. did some detailing to the Windsor. Had to do more parts rummaging, distributor/boot from an sn95 5.0 Mustang kit, also had to modify the serpentine system as the Mustang drag racer kit doesn’t have AC, so clutch and compressor from a 90s Cougar 5.0
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