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  1. Looks good from my house. Don’t beat yourself up on stuff you can’t control.
  2. Now THAT is a great find. I just made some with a flaring tool and cutoff on a lathe. A little time consuming to get uniform. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks guys. It didn’t take much. This was one of those kits that looked great if you just put it together. I don’t remember how old I was but I was very young then and I’m 68 now. It’s a rare kit today commanding over $100 on eBay if in decent condition.
  4. That’s exactly what it is. It’s a result of the plastic flowing through the mold from different directions from different injectors. The plastic from one injector is colder than the other and setting up before it meets the plastic from the other injector resulting in a parting line throughout the part that unfortunately will not buff out. Bummer!
  5. If you look closer I forgot that I installed valve stems.😆
  6. Or we hear from a certain know it all who hasn’t posted his opinion in a while.😆
  7. Model master specifically makes a “Chevy engine red”.
  8. Nice! What did you do to replicate the hose clamps?
  9. I agree that some builders go larger but in 1/16th scale .039 is 5/8ths and 5/16ths in 1/8th scale. The larger you go, the more detail you’re leaving out if you DON’T install the detailed nuts. I once attempted a “Big T” and realized if I didn’t put in the oil pan plug and bolts it wouldn’t be detailed enough. such a dilemma!!! I wound up passing it off to a buddy of mine because I didn’t want to spend eternity on the build.🤣
  10. Those are very nice but unless you’re looking for large bolts, they are not in scale. 1mm is close to 1” in 1/25th scale. I don’t mind putting in some details that are slightly out but sometimes the proportion is so far out, it looks toylike IMO. I can appreciate the model builder who attempts all the detail but I just assume leave it out. 🙂
  11. TRJ is the best publication of ANY journal on the planet.
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