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  1. I’ve worked with polyurethane resins for over 40 years and intrigued that this stuff can cut lacquer without cutting styrene. If this stuff is non hazardous it certainly won’t cut polyurethane resin castings.
  2. You have a tedious task there Len. May I suggest placing double sided adhesive on the back of the cowl and use it as a template to scribe the outline on the body. Remove the cowl, rough cut the opening with a Dremel and work to the scribe line with emory boards and jewelers files until you get a fit.
  3. Pressure pots don’t come cheap. Fortunately I have access to them and that’s been the only answer to reducing but not quite eliminating these pesky bubbles.
  4. Unfortunately you’re introducing bubbles to the plastic by hand mixing. A fast curing resin will make matters worse. A pressure pot will help. Especially with a slow curing resin.
  5. This 4 part rtv mold was formed over a RenShape master without pressure or vacuum. The resin casings (second photo and ready for primer) are cast upside down and sprued to the inside top where pressurized mixing guns shoot the airless plastic down into the bottom of the mold and push the air up and out through risers along the perimeter of the part. This resin kicks within 20 seconds after filled. The same technique can be done on a small scale by poring vacuumed resin into a syringe and pushed into a two part mold.
  6. The mold for that tire was well made. Is that a two or three part mold?
  7. I’m not knocking BMF. I use it. But the MIG is a great alternative to where I don’t need BMF. Such as my illustrated photo.
  8. Hey fellas My MIG AMMO adhesive aluminum sheets just arrived from Ebay and compares well with BMF. The MIG measures about .0015 compared to .0005 Of BMF. The MIG goes down just as easily and sticks very well. There are 5- 7 3/4 X 11 inch sheets per package at under $20.00 including shipping.
  9. It’s easier to mold with silicon rubber. A silicon rubber mold will work for whatever material you are casting with. When casting, a release agent is recommended when using polyurethane but is required if casting with silicon rubber. A pressure pot is not needed when silicon molding but helps when casting any material. Splitting the tire in half would make molding and casting easier because you would only need a one part mold if casting with urethane. The air bubbles would rise to the gluing surface. Glue the two halves together, clean up the parting line, and paint black. . A solid tire is a little trickier to mold and cast without having a parting line and sprue present. Try Smooth-On Corp for tutorials and material.
  10. Holy (rap Bob it seems like you’re putting up a new model every week with some pretty nice detail work and you have time for honey do’s and grand kids?!! God Bless!
  11. Go for it! Modeling takes many stages of experimenting. Even with tutorials. I hope you find the materials and technique you’re satisfied with and can share it with us.
  12. I didn’t know Arm & Hammer gave out modeling advice!😆
  13. Agree with you Trevor. I also use clear fingernail polish for its viscosity.
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