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  1. Thank you. This car is really mythic in Europe
  2. Hi everyone, A little jump to the past, I made a vidéo on the beginning of the modifications : seats + motor. I let you discover this : Lancia Delta Integrale Part2
  3. Here is some update in this project. I made some painting with the red base coat on t the motor and the chassis. I also made a black base coat on the little pieces of the chassis and the dashbord. Then I worked a lot on the motor, with painting and added some details like cables and hoses. Stil have to connect the battery and apply a little wash to have a "used" style. The negative part is that I'm not really satisfied with my painting skill with a paintbrush... a lot of progress to do.
  4. Thanks a lot for the lesson 👍 Yes, there will be other cables or tubes that will be added once the motor is painted 🙂
  5. Here we go again !! I had to rebuild all the ignition system I did yesterday... It didn't fit, it was impossible to close the hood 🤬 So I decided to rebuild it from zero, and make it smaller. I forgot to make photos during the build, but basically it's the same that yesterday. Here is the result.
  6. Some work tonight, on the engine. The USCP resin kit is well detailed, but the sparks cables are molded and not very realistic. Sooooo.. i decided to rebuid all the ignition circuit, whith spark cables and the ignition head (not sure for this translation, sorry) USCP Kit Starting the head with Evergreen sheet and Rod (from left to right : 1/8" rod, .020*.040" strip, .030" Rod) .042" stainless tube for the elbow and a wire recycled from an old USB cable
  7. I made my sanding sticks with one of my kit's box (at least everybody has one) and white glue. I made a little video with english translations
  8. In the north of France, it's too cold to make some paint, so I continue with detailing some parts of the car. I modified the back of the seats, to fit with reality I detailed the back of the hood with some structures (made with 0.25mm and 0,5mm Evergreen sheet) and added fake hinges. I tried to wake a real openable hood, but there is not enough place for the hinge system Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, I'm a bit disappointed with photo quality of my One Plus 6T...
  9. Indeed, these cars are quite rare nowadays. I will search how many of it has been produced. In france I only saw few in showrooms, not on the road
  10. I put the first coat of primer on some parts (chassis, rims, etc..) Primer : Zero Paint light grey Airbrush : Harder & Steenbeck @15psi There is still some work on the motor and the body. If you're interested, I made a first vidéo for this model building, step by step:
  11. The Lancia Delta Integrale was an iconic car in Europe during the 90's, one of the queens of the world rallye championship... My goal with this kit is to make au "museum" version of the car, and to keep as close as possible of the original car. I spent several hours on the web to retrieve all informations I can find : color shemes, interior configurations, and photos ! A lot of photos : body, interior, chassis, motor. Here are the first steps of this buiding : - suppress the molding lines - apply some putty if needed - cut the hood, be cause I want to have the possibility to open it, a motor will be added with USCP kit - bleach bath for the rims, to remove de chrome paint on it
  12. Hello guys (and maybe girls?) ! My name is Arnaud, I'm 42 and as the title says, i'm french I live 50km in the north of Paris, I'm Digital Project Manager in a leasure park and photograph. After a long 10 years pause I decided to come back to scalemodeling hobby, but I have to learn a lot from your buildings. So after spending weeks to buy new tools, paints and some kits, I finally cut my first piece of plastic from its sprue some days ago. I'm sorry if my english is not really good, but I will work on it Best regards.
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