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  1. Nice job. I built one of those kits not too long ago. Had some issues but went together OK.
  2. Nicely done. Brings back some high school memories.
  3. Nice work! How much are you asking?
  4. Superb, perfection, looks like the real thing. Love the interior.
  5. Nice job on all. Why did you change the grill and headlights on the yellow camaro?
  6. Mike F.

    Yellow streak.

    That's not fair! Taking pictures of an actual car and trying to pass off as a plastic model...... Nicely done.
  7. Looks Great! So realistic.
  8. nice! How about a pic under the hood?
  9. So, some progress. I finished the hood and decided to go with this metallic green for the body color. I may do the roof in gloss black, not sure. Also may add some striping. Body needs a wet sanding and then another coat of the green, followed by some coats of clear. It's getting there.
  10. Mike F.

    1949 Ford

    Nice! Upholstery looks great!
  11. Very "adventurous" build. Nicely done. Color scheme is really nice too.
  12. Looks like the "car behind the egg crate grill" is taking shape nicely. Enjoying your build 👍
  13. Thanks Scott. Yes, it is pretty much wedged in there and had to cut up the interior pan a bit. However, it is sitting on the frame. Won't look realistic, but still fun. Good thing about the turbine not being real is that you can take some liberties with the detail, which I did.
  14. I did a couple of these a few years ago. Built at same time, one stock, other with the custom features. I remember a lot of fit problems. Both had windshield issues. Don't mean to step on your thread. Plus, your build turned out better than mine.
  15. @carbuilder1950 Would love to see more, when you get time.
  16. So, a little further on the hood. Did some putty and sanding. Created a front hinge. Now just needs a little more putty work and more sanding.
  17. Just stumbled across it, looking for a kit with two engines, for a donor. At the time, I did not realize how old it was, until I did a bit of research. There were two more. I'll have to go back and see if they are still there. Not a big seller, I guess. Was thinking I might try to recreate the Chrysler turbo dart. Although this is not a replica of that engine.
  18. Indeed. Surely would crush th competition.... Kidding aside, Nice job on the build.
  19. Turned out Great! I like what you did for tail lights detail. I never thought to do that for my '62. I may try to now, in-situ.
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