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  1. Thank you sir. Means a lot coming from someone with your impressive skill. With each new build, I learn from my mistakes and from input from the others on this forum.
  2. I like it here too. It is fun to show the results of ones hobby to others who appreciate them and to get positive feedback and constructive criticism from those more experienced than me, that helps improve my own ability. Than you for sharing your beautifully done models.
  3. Thanks Mike, much appreciated.
  4. Just finished this one. Hope you enjoy. Progress pics in WIP section.
  5. Really nice job all around. Makes me wonder though how someone is expected to sit in the back, LOL.
  6. Pretty much done with this one. Will post more pics in Under Glass, when I have time.
  7. Please keep me posted. Definitely interested. Thanks.
  8. Looks like very tedious work, but seems to be coming together. Looking forward to see the finished product. 🤞
  9. I would build the 1962 Tempest per the kit instructions, rather than save it for someone else to build or not, that has $100. With nice paint and trim and maybe some custom rims and tires.. Do the gasser with the Valiant.
  10. Thanks David, white was the way to go. I'm a bit disappointed with the Impala SS decals though. They don't really stand out. Although easy to apply, I would rather they were molded in so I could have painted with a bright chrome, or, dare I say, tried to foil.
  11. So, I got all the decals applied, touched up the chrome and clear coated it. Just need to polish it up.
  12. Yes, I was irritated by the headlights being chrome. I gave them two coats with a flat clear, which helped, kinda-sorta. Maybe add a touch of white to it.
  13. You are right. After a bit of searching the net, it does appear to be a 66. Missing some chrome above the bumper.
  14. I believe the below picture is of a 1963 dodge dart. Can anyone confirm, or offer another opinion?
  15. Beautiful work. What I would like to know is how you take those one handed pictures that come out so clear?
  16. Hah! I am an expert by no means, but thanks just the same.
  17. Nice! This interior is going to be incredible.
  18. Yes, one of many. Glad to be done with this one.
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