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  1. So, taking David's advice, I looked at many 62 Impala SS's side stripes to find that the majority had either white or silver-grey between the chrome. A couple had black and one had red. With my color scheme, I felt white the best choice. So then, I bit the bullet and tried again with the white decal stripes I had left from the kit to do one side. First, of course, I had to trim them to remove the silver border, as can be seen with the black stripes that came with the kit also. Hands down, these were the hardest decals I ever applied, but eventually got them on. Looks ok, but to the zoomed in eye of the HD camera, you can see many flaws. However, I will follow the whispered words of wisdom from a Beatles tune and let it be. I will do the other side with some trimmed down white stripe decals from another kit. Comments + or - welcome.
  2. Indeed no, David, I don't plan to mess with it. I was just responding to Gerald's comment. I will however ask for any opinions on the interior stripe color. I tried to use the white stripe that came with the kit, but it just did not work out over the foil. So, my options are five-fold. I was thinking to use one of these stripe colors that I have, Red, yellow or black, trimmed to correct width, or paint it white gloss, or paint it with the blue clear mixture that I used on the wheel hubs. Painting will be difficult for me though. Any opinions would be welcome. Of course, a sixth option would be to just leave it all chrome.
  3. Thank you all. I learned some lessons on this one.
  4. No offence taken. I suppose you are right. looking at the 1:1, the lower part of the trim goes through the center of the door handle, whereas on the model it is a little below center of the handle, almost to the bottom of the handle, but not quite. To someone more of a perfectionist than I, guess this would be an issue. To me though, it is not worth going through the trouble of sanding it off and starting fresh. I would most likely mess it up anyway. Thanks for the + comment though.
  5. Thanks for the kind words all. I finished the window trim foiling. Turned out OK, considering my propensity towards shakiness 🙂 I'm glad the 1:1 cars have no fender well edge chrome. Think I'd have had a nervous breakdown.
  6. Nice job on the interior. I like the shag carpet. Looks comfy 🙂
  7. Nice work on the steering column and good luck with the grill.
  8. Looks like a good start Joe. Are you going to scratch build the front grill/turn signal lights assembly, or modify the one from the kit?
  9. Thanks. Yes, a few fit issues. In particular the headers. Eventually fit them in, but they hang too low and side pipes did not line up, so I made some curved extensions.
  10. Picked this up at the local Hobby store. First time building a Moebius kit. Looks like a nice kit. Also picked up this old Turbine engine kit. I'm going to use it in the Knight Rider 2000 car, which came with no engine. Should be fun. Last, but not least, my son got this 1972 Duster for me for my Bday. Looking forward to start it. First kit I ever had that included heater hoses and a fuel line with filter.
  11. Nice! Very clean. I'm gonna have to look for this kit.
  12. Hi Joe, Kit was AMT's Gremlin X. You can see completed model in Under Glass and WIP in WIP. Had a few trying moments, but persevered.
  13. A little progress. I got the foiling done on the stripe that separates the upper and lower half. Not sure if I'll leave it like that or try to paint between the chrome with white. Also, could not resist a test fit.
  14. Hi all, Just finished this Gremlin. If you like a challenge, this kit is for you. Interior details can be seen in the WIP section. Thanks for looking. Mike
  15. Thanks all, for the kind comments. The Gremlin is done. More pics in Under glass.
  16. I'm so close to finishing this beast, I can taste it. Tastes like victory.
  17. So, looks like Tamia acrylic clear does not cause any issues, so I'll go with that.
  18. Thanks guys, I'll do some test trials.
  19. Looking forward to your next installment. I'm nearing completion on a Gremlin now.
  20. Thanks Riley. I am hoping to spray clear over the entire body. However, since the black is enamel and the green is lacquer, I'm a bit Leery of the result. I'm hoping for some advice from someone here.
  21. Thanks for the encouragement Riley. I was fairly successful using an Elmer's glue stick to prep the piece to be chromed, before applying the foil and it seems to work for me.
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