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  1. Hello all...it's been a while since I last visited. Been busy and now I have some time on my hands again. Anyway I'm looking for some help in finding a couple of things. The first is a 1:25 scale drag chute that's realistic looking with simple assembly. I picked up a Scale Concepts kit through Ted's and it looks realistic but the instructions are kind of tough to follow (especially for these old eyes). So I'm looking for any and all suggestions that you may have. The next (and this will probably be impossible to find) thing I'm looking for is a 1933 Willys pick up as I want to build a gasser like the attached file. I can't seem to locate any kits or resin bodies. Thank you in advance for any help! P.S. Attached a few shots of my current WIP...need the chute for this one and still need to install the tinted windows and a few other things. CT Dude
  2. CTDude

    Custom Decals

    I recently used Josh Muma at bedlamcreations.com for decals for a tribute `55 Chevy project. He worked off of B&W photos from the 60's I sent him of my cousin's car. He nailed the decals. He's a little pricey but it is worth it to me. The decals were gold with a white outline and dark red drop shadow. I'd recommend him at least from my experience. Let him know I sent you. Gary Coles
  3. CTDude

    Do they exist?

    Hello all...just curious but does anyone know if Hoosier slicks and front tires exist for 1:25 scale cars? If so where can I get them? thanks! CT Dude
  4. Hello all...I’m looking for input about the best adhesive to use to glue wheel rims to the drag slicks. The rims are just a “hair” too small for the slicks but will stay put if you don’t mess with them. So my thought is to cement them to the rims. Any thoughts and all suggestions are appreciated! I really don’t want to buy bigger rims if possible. Thanks! CTDude
  5. CTDude

    wheelie bars

    Hey gang...first I want to send a BIG SHOUT OUT OF THANKS to the good folks who got back to me about a dropped tube front axle for my tribute `55 CC/G Chevy gasser. I truly appreciate the input! I'm now looking to either fabricate or possibly purchase a wheelie bar set with netting like the one on the attached photos for a `32 Ford 3 window coupe AA/FA I'm sort-of scratch building. Any ideas or suggestions on how to fab them or where I might purchase some are greatly appreciated! Again...THANK YOU! CTDude
  6. TarheelRick...thanks for your input!
  7. Snake45...thanks for your input!
  8. AFX...Tanks for your input. I think I found a parts Willys that may work. Thank you for your help!
  9. Casey..thanks for your input. I may have found what I need but if not I will look into this. Thanks again!
  10. Steamboat...I want to thank you for your offer. Very considerate. I have purchased a parts donner 41 Willys that seems to have what I might need. However...I don’t know if it will work. That being said...I may take you up on your offer but won’t know for about a week or so. You mentioned that you would need the track width. I presume that’s the width of the chassis front end? Let me know. Many thanks again!
  11. Hello all...I'm in need of a tube front axle assembly for a tribute build of my cousin's `55 CC/G Chevy that he ran back in the mid 60's at a little drag strip in Wingdale, NY called Dover Drag Strip. I've attached a few photos to show what type of axle I need. The kit I have is an AMT 1119M/12 (see image). If anyone has any suggestions or can point me n the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate any and all help I can get. I just got some killer custom decals from Josh at www.bedlamcreations.com who worked from the images I've posted. This guy is amazing! Anyway looking forward to hearing from you all! Thanks! CTDude
  12. CTDude

    Fat `N Wide

    Hi Andy...thanks for the offer. I found something on eBay that might work. Otherwise I’ll be in touch if they don’t work out. Thanks!
  13. Does Mark have a website we can visit?
  14. CTDude

    Fat `N Wide

    Hello all...I'm looking for a set of Pro Mod size Goodyear or Hooseir drag slicks for a scratch build 1:25 scale `32 3 window coupe outlaw AA/FA I'm building. If anyone has any please let me know and/or point me int the direction where they can be found.
  15. Hello all...I’m a newbie to this forum. I joined because my wife got me a 1966-67 Ford Bronco 1:25 scale for Christmas which rekindled my love of building model drag racing cars like I did back in the middle 60’s. Anyway, thought I’d say howdy and get right to it by asking how do I tint windows for a gasser and altered coupe I’m building now. Any and all helpful hints, suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated! Many thanks! CTDude
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