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  1. Sorry for the late reply as stated already the camper specials wheelbase was move at least 5-10 inches back and about 3 inches higher. So I moved the wheel well forward and down. Still more work to do but the jist is there.
  2. Btw there may not be much activity in this thread for a while. These fenders are going on the replica of my late uncle Roy’s truck. He had a 79 Ford. I need more details and it is in Seattle and I am in North Saanich British Columbia. He called her Big Red!
  3. Well thanks to my buddy Bart, My short bed 4x4 is going to be a 77 and my hauler will be a 74.
  4. Well since I got the Star truk from my buddy Bart, my short bed 4x4 is going to be a 77. So that freed up my 74 grille for this build. Minor update but I hope to get moving on this. Soon
  5. Thanks Bullybeef. I like your build Thank you Oldcarfan. I appreciate the advice. I will put it to good use.
  6. I can't get enough of these dent sides. I just bought another one to replicate my late uncles 79 ranger. I already have 2 going right now though.
  7. Well, I added about 25 mm of frame to this bad boy, I really don’t know if that is too much or just right. btw, I haven’t made wheel cutouts yet. Let me know what you think!
  8. Thanks Tom! Yes, I think I will lengthen the wheelbase. Thank you for the suggestion.
  9. Mock up with the bed. I had to reglue it together so I taped it first. Reenforcing it with superglue. Hopefully that prevents it from falling apart anymore. This is going to test my scratch building abilities. I want to add track for the tires to grab onto, lights, winch, larger mirrors.
  10. My first attempt at building the bed. I thought it was going ok. But than it was uneven and kept falling apart. This is my second attempt to make the bed. Measured and cut. I really like where this is taking me.
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