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  1. Techno Bubble 41 Willys Bonneville car

    That's just.... stunning! I don't know how you do that; as in design and layout. So convincing.
  2. 1959. Iconic style that defined a generation.
  3. Bond...James Bond: 25 new DB5 Bond-movie replicas

    And yet, they will all sell. Considering how many 1:1 cars in the world were purchased new, with little intent to ever be driven, it is not surprising. It is not so much a mode of transportation, but rather high end art. A rich mans conversation piece.
  4. Neil Bonnett's Armor All Olds

    That has to be one of the best looking race car graphic schemes of all time. Certainly an eye catcher. And your version of it looks great.
  5. 1955 Dodge

    So period perfect!
  6. Cubic Cuda Pro-touring with Viper powertrain

    Looks so fine!
  7. This is too good to not comment on! What a great model!
  8. The return of Hemi Under Glass

    The latest rendering shows the car sans rear deck lid, replaced w/ fastback "glass", and engine moved back. Should be awesome, if it becomes reality.
  9. BMF

    I showed this to display the potential. I don't polish around side windows, roof pillars, etc. By polishing it right on the sheet, all the BMF material will shine.
  10. BMF

    Brand new sheet here of "New Improved Chrome" BMF. Looks more like aluminum than chrome. It responds well to a Novus 2, then Novus 1 polish, right on the sheet. Warning- it will leave a dirty, black soot smears to surrounding area, plus your hands and anything you touch. Use white cotton gloves, or an old tee-shirt. In the pic below, I did about a third of the sheet. Just wanted to see how it would look. Definitely worth the effort.
  11. Help What glues do you use?

    Anyone familiar with this type of super glue? Does it work as good as the bottle stuff also shown?
  12. 2019 Motorcraft Ford GT

  13. Corvette C7

    Great build, Bruce! Everything just pops in white!
  14. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Snake, that's some good fortune you got there! Congrats!
  15. Ford starliner super stock build

    That is the look! Black w red interior; Cragar mags w lifted rear. Just like I remember them.