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  1. Tina was smokin' hot. Her persona, her drive, no one else like her.
  2. Yeah, that's awesome!
  3. Awesome model of a version not usually seen in scale! 100 internet points!
  4. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! There's... no other words I can describe!
  5. Outside lighting is not always an option. If you have nearby source of indoor lighting, you're better off not using a flash. This using a Samsung Galaxy S21+.
  6. Ain't nuthin' finer then a car that has the color coat been wet-sanded from medium-fine, up to ultra fine grit. Wipe it dri, and admire that shine. But NOOOooo, WAIT! There's more! Now you want to wax it! Automotive grade stuff. Best to use a soft clean facecloth, apply small amounts of wax, Not too much. Start in the middle of the panel, rubbing in circular motions, AVOID THE BODY SEAMS, and AIR GRILLS & VENTS. If you fill them with wax, just wash it away, wipe, and start over. Otherwise, that beautifully laid down dark paint will have door and trunk lines (amongst others) full of unsightly chock looking buildup. If you FEAR the CLEAR and the occasional contamination issues, try wet-sanding. (IE: Before waxing.) Works best over clear, but if the paint finish was relatively smooth and problem free, just start from the medium grit, and work your way to the high end 10,000,000 grit {I recommend Sarcasm Brand.} Nooo.... better still, have your local AB supply house set you up with a few sheets each of #400g; 600g; 800g; all in the black Aluminum oxide paper. 'ell em you don't need the whole damn packet OF SANDPAPER, as you plan on quitting model building the day after you die. See if that gets their attention. They do have grits that go higher than 800, but honestly, when you're done water sanding like I described, it's going to shine just like that sparkle in your significant others eye when you asked her to own you for the rest of eternity. Cause that it what she'll hear. Heah! Heah! I do my wet sanding right in the kitchen sink. I knew a dude who claimed he took the model bodies right into the shower with him along with black oxide folded and torn down to hobby size. Be sure to mark the grit on each piece backside with a Sharpie marker.. Start with the roughest grit- 400, and move on up through each grit. Don't skip anything. I may be so shiny at this time, you might just want to skip the wax. And you could, but you come this far, just wax it! Oh, one final thing- I've never painted a model in water-borne acrylic. So consider that when you're thinkin' what to do. Ya see, I'm 66, and still learning. If you're new to this, why not open a new Word File, and save this to it. Great for reference. And it just might come in handy one day. If you put rubber ducks in that sink, that's on you! I won't judge.
  7. Tho I'm not familiar with previous Atlantis tooling, I wonder if perhaps they are adding temporary roof supports? That would add strength for shipping purposes.
  8. Riviera Paradise - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  9. Pipeline. Only if I'm in the mood for it, tho.
  10. Gotta get the Fiat Double D! Need the engines for all these curbsides being issued, and the Fiat has 'em.
  11. Try to locate Sharpie Industrial Markers. I found they don't turn purple.
  12. Press n' Seal. Just stick it on.
  13. Pete: While film is workable on the side windows, I am not certain that the rear window is perfectly flat both vertically, and horizontally. And as such, no guarantees the film would adhere. Tamiya Smoke; I have read poor reviews of. I would need more information before attempting. But the bottom line really, is why couldn't they just include one window set clear; and another set tinted? Gassers and dragster kits frequently are made available with both clear, or in color.
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