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  1. Nothing against Ford, but I would rather see Moebius go with the oft requested early Dodge Power Wagon.
  2. Nice. Care to share some pics with the hood closed? That's beggin' for an outdoor shot.
  3. That is a top shelf COE right there! With zinger paint and an OMG! look. What's not to love?
  4. Hey, that is really sharp. I like the orange w/ black wheels.
  5. Absolutely, Tom. In fact, many pro photographers will tell you not to assume that one pic we take will look good, so take several. A lesson learned from pre-digital age! Also, I still have my Mavica around here in it's box, collecting dust. Took the ol' 3.5 floppy, iirc. Can they take a memory stick? I can't remember.
  6. Smartphones are great for when you need a quick progress shot at the work bench. Flash isn't all that good for close up pics. You will get better lighted photos if you add more sources of light instead. My "no flash" photo is lit with a LED gooseneck lamp, and another lamp off to one side. I'm using an old Samsung S7. These have great low light capabilities. Don't assume that you need to use a flash every time. And if the focus is off, back up a bit, and either zoom in, or crop away excess after you tap the shutter.
  7. My first car was a '63 Chevy Nova. Straight six, three on the tree.
  8. So the forum is so small, that there is no room for alternate opinions? Hmm. I must have missed that memo.
  9. Sharp build! And to have it on public display is a win.
  10. I think you did a great job on it! It's a Cadillac. You got to luv 'em.
  11. Ditto. Basically, just coat the strip with the liquid cement. The chemical will soften the plastic. You may need to sand the strip smooth after. Hopefully once it is on the model.
  12. So fine! 100 internet points!
  13. Jon Cole

    New Forums.

    Ron is referring to the new forum layout. I think we will all adapt just fine.
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