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  1. The meat & potatos on Ford, as quoted (in part) from Jalopnik:
  2. Pet peeve of mine!

    Steve, just got to say... what a stunning Ford! Is this built from old stock, or a roof from the '60 added to the '61 sedan?
  3. Sorry, Not in my book

    What amazes me, is how often we hear or read someone that sees a parked car that appears on its frame, but seems totally oblivious to the concept of airbags. While technically possible, they are not driving around that low. As in, grounded. Although there are many, mostly young people, who are driving around in "slammed" cars, a.k.a. "tuners", who seem to love demonstrating how eager they are to smash their oil pan open with their too low cars. I see that crowd as a different genre to the low street rods.
  4. The Hudsonator

    Thanks for explaining.
  5. Sorry, Not in my book

    Wait- are they now clearcoating the patina? If so, what's the point of the patina?
  6. IMC Model Company

    Here is the pics circulated at the time:
  7. The Hudsonator

    Another stunning work, Chuck. I have a sectioned, unfinished Hudson in my room, thinking of doing a chop. When you modify the windshield, do you trim from the top, or bottom of the glass? You seem to have nailed the color for the air filter. What color is that? Keep building!
  8. Pet peeve of mine!

    Of course, every coin has two sides. Offering an opinion should be good, as long as it's not a diss aimed at an individual.
  9. Pet peeve of mine!

    You win the internet for today. I am but a so so builder, who feels my age is starting to affect the quality of my builds. Who am I to criticize other's work? Plus, it is rarely taken well.
  10. Let's see some police cars

    A phantom 1995 LAPD Monte Carlo.
  11. Let's see some police cars

    Nice! Do you have any more pics?
  12. Sorry, Not in my book

    I think someone- maybe Jimmy Flintstone- casts this as a resin body. Yes?
  13. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    You can get a custom mixed can of spray paint from any quality automotive jobber for about $25. Just have to provide them with a paint code.
  14. Dodge Lil Red Wagon

    Not doing the museum truck, as I would have had to fabricate a center mounted cage and driver position. It seems like every photo I saw, was different in some way. So I am just going for an early career build. Not so early that it would still have the glass.
  15. What did you see on the road today?

    Saw a Maserati SUV. I didn't even know they had an SUV.