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  1. '55 Nomad - KingDigit Design Replica

  2. What did you see on the road today?

    Saw this '67 or '68 Mustang coupe when we left a restaurant today. Nice & clean.
  3. Unusual 'vette

  4. Bugatti Atlantic

    Oh yeah.... my eyeballs would have popped out as that slinks on by!
  5. Der Beetle Bus Issue, Manufacturing Fault?

    Your kit part was damaged. Mine had a correct front axle. I can send you this one, if you like. However, I did strip the plating off of it. Just contact me and I could mail it to you.
  6. Wild Thang 3 & 4

    When that ugly, it must be the Tokyo Motor Show.
  7. MCM Problems?

    I was thinking SkyNet finally became self aware.
  8. Think this has ever been offroad?

    Oh man, that would be so fun! In my teens, we went out in someone's 4x4 on a Cape Cod beach. Rode a few miles along the coast. Possibly not as regulated back then. Other four by's parked along the coast, campfires, beer, and party time. Music, fun, and the sound of the surf. The best!
  9. What did you see on the road today?

    Not a fan of the wheels, nor stance. Still, I wouldn't push it out of the driveway.
  10. '94 Chevrolet Impala SS Grand Sport

    Best looking whale I have seen! Last of the big Chevy sedans.
  11. Piranha Drag Team

    Heard a rumor that this is coming back, but I find nothing on Round2's web & Facebook pages. Anyone else hear this?
  12. Future of the hobby

    The hobby is slowing down. But it's not in a death spiral. No need to start digging a grave. Lot of good comments here. About the "new kits to last a lifetime" thought, I am more concerned about the building supplies availability. Is Testors cancelling some types of paint? Hate to see the assortment of supplies thin down.
  13. Slapper Bars

    Great how-to tip. I remember a lot of street cars running slappers, or traction bars. Gave it that "all business" look.
  14. Dodge Lil Red Wagon

    Thanks. I used DupliColor Medium Red Pearl, a Toyota color. The 1:1 truck is not a bright red. May be metallic. Then it was cleared, same brand, then wet sanded. No clear over the decals.