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  1. So after ordering the previous issue from the Orient, sans lady, car in yellow plastic, lowrider version, they do this. Just my luck. But, what the heck, you should still order it. You get white plastic, a bikini babe resin figure, actual thin whitewalls on... something not quite Cadillac wheels. It is a crude kit that some say has JoHan roots. No engine, very promo like. Crude interior- the dashboard is literally a slab face, the raised edges of the instrumentation pods is represented by a decal, with lines. It (the decal) won't even be visible on a dark interior. You do get window plastic on all four sides- good if you want to try dark tinting. I personally wish it had a bench seat, instead has crude style buckets.
  2. Barry was a great guy. He welcomed us into his home many times to just talk model kits and stuff. I was able to make a decal for him, and he was so grateful. He thanked me then, but now I want to thank him for being a friend.
  3. I have that as a stalled project. I went with buying a stock mid eighties ElCo promo, with the correct nose. Zipped the hood off, and... that's about as far as I ever got it. The promo should be available on the 'bay. Sorry 'bout the lousy pic.
  4. Um, a big increase in sales in a rather short time?
  5. found on another page: “I contacted Rustoleum customer service, and here's the deal: This is *only* for international (i.e. non-US) distribution. The Testors lines remain very much operational and will continue to be distributed in the U.S. Which, for me, is very welcome news, as Testors is my go-to for enamels (I'm not a fan of acrylics).” In other news, tonight's menu consist's entirely of crow. I don't mind the embarrassment, as long as we get to the bottom of it.
  6. I just sent a request for information to Rustoleum's help & support page, for clarification on this matter. I don't know if they will respond.
  7. I just sent a request for information to Rustoleum's help & support page, for clarification on this matter. I don't know if they will respond.
  8. I'm sorry, what were you folks saying about "Basically same rumors like "Testors paints pulled off market" "Hobby dying" nonsense here for years. LOL. "
  9. This one is my fav of the group.👍
  10. Dave, that would make any Vee Dub fan proud to call their own!
  11. Jon Cole

    Fake is Dumb

    While it has already been covered here, I just have to say how much those fake, bogus convertible tops really burn my cookies! So outdated! Can't help but thinking about ol' Larry The Lounge Lizard finally gets a hottie out to Lovers Lane, only for her to say "Not unless you put the top down!" LoL!
  12. Jon Cole

    68 chevelle SS

    The color really looks bold! Especially out in the sun.
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