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  1. Man, that's nice! I like how you did the e-brake linkage. I couldn't get that on mine.
  2. Rumors are started by people who read the title, but not the content. We should not have to pay the price for their shortcomings.
  3. Well, there it is! It finally happened! Round2 will finally introduce.... a Coke© sponsored '69 Charger! Woo-hoo. Anxiously awaiting that long desired Coke© sponsored USS Enterprise. It's coming! I can feel it!
  4. Hate to buy it, just to find out if the high beam lens are molded in red. Anyone?
  5. My! My! My! Lookin' fine!
  6. This was photographed yesterday in a nearby hobby shop. Hate to see it come to this.
  7. Either a '38, or '39 Ford pickup
  8. I would say either-or. It's more about avoiding obvious oversize in 1/25 scale, than accuracy. I personally feel that even in early 20th century automobiles, hobby plug wires are fine. I suppose that thread could be used for that era auto, tho I have heard that running thread through wax is the method used back in the early days of model building.
  9. Perfect example of "garden hose" plumbing. Thanks, Bill.
  10. Some builders, especially on the social media pages, have no idea of the level of the hobby as it is today. They are still content with using thread for plug wires, or worse, oversize junk found in electronics, etc. Not to shame them, I just want to show them what "oversized" wiring looks like. Have you seen this as well? Do you have photos of that from way back before you advanced? I also hope to steer them to pages such as here.
  11. How do you do that? Besides having boxes of spare parts, you must have a box of spare imagination! And speed! Just killer creativity, Chuck.
  12. Glass shop could cut you more shelving to fit. EDIT: Noticed you already made reference to that. Also, why can't I delete my own reply?
  13. Great taildragger!
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