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  1. Site Update Complete

    It appears that signing in* is necessary to reset. Once done, all is good. * or should I say, re-signing in.
  2. Another movie car done......32 Ford

    Dave Van, I see the pics distorted as well. However, I view everything on my 'puter @ 125% screen view. If I reduce the view to 75%, they are no longer distorted. So it may be a photo size issue.
  3. 1/25 AMT '58 Edsel Pacer

    That color on the cover art makes me think...
  4. Another Q for Dave M; will the next Hudson (PLEASE!) have those awesome wire wheels & wide whites? They make all the difference! Thanks!
  5. Thank you Moebius for the Chevy II's! My first car was a '63 Nova, and to me, the '64 is close enough! After all these decades, I wouldn't be able to nit pic even if I wanted to.
  6. Please be a Maytag! Please! Please! Please!
  7. new for 2018

    Wondering if they have their finger on the pulse of common sense. How would one go about opening the hood on this?
  8. Post your crazy IMSA cars...

    This is the one that trips my trigger! A 914 GT2 in the "hippy" paint scheme! Thanks JC for sharing.
  9. How do You Say 1:1?

    I always said "OneOne scale".
  10. Post your crazy IMSA cars...

    1974 Chevy Camaro with IMSA panels made from card stock. I was in my early twenties when I built it. Hand painted graphics. Wish I still had it.
  11. Buick Electra STW 1986 ready to "Under Glass"

    Awesome, ambitious project! So I had to try a Google search*, and I found picks. *1986 Buick LeSabre Estate Wagon However, you would need to look over the pics, as things like year or model tend to get mixed up on Google. These are just a few: (Only allowed 2 pics per post???)
  12. VW Convertible

    Aw, now I'm sad. Had both the IMAI Bugs in my stash, but had to go. Are they the only "curved glass" Beetles in 1/24- 1/25 available?
  13. Mazda Vision Concept

    Does Madza have a design center in California? I just cannot picture that car being designed in the Orient. Their designs are usually full of folds, creases, scoops, and airfoils. Or maybe that's the American design way? I dunno.

    James, I hear ya. But that actually bolsters my comment- the casual hobbyist, walks in to a hobby shop. Sees AMT kits for $31.95, and... that's not exactly a selling point to bring in that casual hobbyist. Plus, he just may be wise enough to turn that box over, and see that parts layout. Possible.... just may recognize it's the same kit he had way back when. That may sell the kit. Or, that may make him put it back. Like anything in life, for many of us, price wins. In my life, I have put stuff back on the shelf due to price. And I don't mean just in hobby shops. At what point does it all become too much? Me, I have enough stash. I will never get to build them all. I hope you guys can buy them. Hate to see them fail. Of course, we're not getting any younger here, either.