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  1. Since we are tossing longshots, maybe the rare Corvair Lakewood Wagon. Made for just two years ('61, '62) Stock, taxi(!), or lowrider.
  2. Real clean! Great photography, too!
  3. Possibly the nicest looking Electra I have seen❕
  4. I hate to bring this up, but when look at the E-type, I can't help but see a greenhouse that is too small. Needs to be taller, and longer towards the back. Anyone else see that?
  5. Can't go wrong with an old Chevy. Seems like the '62 would be a save bet. Contemporary. Old skool. Stock.
  6. I agree w/ Rob, a later model GC such as this 1990 would be so fine. I had one similar to this.
  7. It is a shame, indeed. However, if you have photos of it, and clearly, you do- than you will always have it. What is amazing, mostly for never realizing it before, is that like us, the resin sags with age. Another however- each batch of resin may differ, so it is indeed possible that not all resin will "die".
  8. That UAW strike they had last year didn't exactly help to move production along. But you're right. At this point, they should be licensed as 2021's. I'm guessing, however, that is not possible, as the vin's were probably stamped before the car was actually built. I would think that would place it before the strike? At least on the early runs. But I don't have any carved-in-stone fact on that.
  9. This may or may not be what this thread is for, but it is started irking me, big time! Trying to help builders on Facebook. You cannot tell them anything. No matter how polite, or carefully worded. Read it; then re-read it. Take a pause before I hit "send". But the little darlings cannot be bothered to reconsider, or even research. They won't even consider visiting this site, in spite of telling them of all the great how-to's and such. Why do I even try? Today's lesson to myself was suggesting that piano wire, or even a paper clip is fine for making hinges. NOPE. "I ONCE HELD A TIRE TO A RIM WITH COAT HANGER WIRE, AND DROVE THE CAR HOME. IT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME". Okay, then. Excuuuuse, me. LoL. BTW, that is an actual quote.
  10. Good point. Never thought of it that way. Although, they could perhaps change that to Round8Models. No complaints here.
  11. I also can only access the first two paragraphs. Probably because I have clicked on their articles so many times in social media. We get limited views, then no more. Welcome to the paywall. Remember when it used to be free?
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