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  1. It's a car. That comes in a kit. So... This almost full-size Tamiya model isn't just for kids - Hagerty Media
  2. I think people should be aware, Chris lost his wife last month due to Covid. This I learned from his Facebook account. I feel for the man. To have to run a small business, while grieving a personal loss, must be such a hardship.
  3. Only interested in building a garbage truck if I enter it in a contest with a nice fresh, smelly load of garbage in the back. I call it "ultimate detailing."🤮
  4. I would definitely go for the Rat Fink Int'l truck. Not for $70+, but otherwise, sure. Also, may have a Rat Fink figure included. Just a guess. It certainly implies more than just decals.
  5. Just came across my photo of Derrike Cope's Chevy Lumina. Showed it to him at Boston World Of Wheels the year after he won Daytona. He liked it, signed it (hood was off car at the time). It sits at the bottom of my display case.
  6. Awesome! Great stance!
  7. Several quality reference photos of the 1:1 Mooneyes here: The Mooneyes Dragster: Cloning Our Heros | DrivingLine
  8. Oh my Gawd, now they're all art critics.
  9. Likely a third party vendor. Notify Amazon so they can stop this from happening to anyone else.
  10. Man, that is sweet! Iconic muscle car.
  11. Whale tail!!! LoL! Now THIS is a whale tail:
  12. It's the doings of the marketing people. Give the people a name they recognize, and it sells. Never mind that they bastardize the original.
  13. Small to large: Maverick, Ranger, and F-Series. Ford Ranger length: 210.8" Honda Ridgeline length: 210.2" Darn close!
  14. Being Memorial Day weekend here in the States, we made our rounds for family burial cemeteries. That's when we saw a headstone with a '67 Belvedere on top. Have no idea what it was made of. What a cool memorial.
  15. Chopper was an awesome builder. I didn't know him personally, but I knew that name led to some fine creations. RIP, Chopper. Smooth paint forever.
  16. Hey! That is epic sharp, Tom!
  17. Quite rare 1964 Studebaker Daytona convertible. Nice twin exhaust rumble.
  18. Not necessarily on the road, but out behind a shop. I'm thinking maybe 'Studebaker'.
  19. This is... one of the coolest Chevy LUV trucks that I have seen! I have a soft spot for 'em. Was my first new car purchase. Though new, it was not as wild as this one!
  20. Perhaps they plan on including p-etch brake disk to go over the groves?
  21. May I suggest one of the most important things about this issue needs to be emphasized right at the top- BIG SCALE. In BIG letters. Easy for an excited kit purchaser to grab and purchase a kit, without really reading the box. May not want a big scale. Otherwise, I really like the new box art.
  22. Aw, man! That's in the sauce! Beautiful!
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