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  1. Sharp build! And to have it on public display is a win.
  2. I think you did a great job on it! It's a Cadillac. You got to luv 'em.
  3. Ditto. Basically, just coat the strip with the liquid cement. The chemical will soften the plastic. You may need to sand the strip smooth after. Hopefully once it is on the model.
  4. So fine! 100 internet points!
  5. Ron is referring to the new forum layout. I think we will all adapt just fine.
  6. Thanks for the warnings. Revell needs to address this issue.
  7. I agree w/ Bill. I go with a two-part catalyzed glazing and spot putty. I learned this from back in my real auto-body days. Mix in equal portions. So the concept is, if you were to squeeze out 1/4 of the putty, then you squeeze out 1/4 of the hardener. note that the two tubes are not the same size, and therefore you will not be squeezing out the same size qty. to each other. So your golfball sized putty lump will have a much smaller sized lump of hardener.
  8. Caption says it all. How to attach bucket seats in Testors late model Charger Daytona R/T? I know there is other kits like this. I think AMT had a current style Camaro with flexible seats.
  9. At some point reading the description, my jaw fell off. Absolutely stunning craftmanship!
  10. That looks like it waits on the dealer lot for delivery. Ready to go.
  11. Tomo, that... is a superb collection! ??
  12. Not everyone deals with Ebay. I try to avoid that nightmare.
  13. Thanks for the info. I will go to the hardware store tomorrow. Didn't feel like suiting up today.
  14. I cut the dog leg door and hood hinges off a Testors Dodge Charger R/T Daytona diecast, way back when. Then it got tossed in the "maybe someday" pile. Now I want to finish it, and glue the body panels shut. I am not messing with the paint. Not stripping the paint. Anyone ever do this before? Glue diecast to diecast? What is the best glue? EDIT: The hinges are long gone. Looking to glue panels shut.
  15. That's actually a cool build! All black- aftermarket rims- aggressive stance. What's not to love?
  16. Awesome conversion, Steve! Everything works, proportionally.
  17. Time limit? I just posted something five minutes ago. I want to delete it, but I cannot. Is there another way?
  18. Maybe Chad is stuck on that Coronavirus Cruise Line.
  19. Speaking of Round2, still waiting on Chads video of March releases. If...there is to be any. With this whole virus issue, I'm not sure what the future shipping status is.
  20. I have used tire decals on numerous Nascar racers, and goldwalls on a Chaparral. But no whitewalls from a water slide decal. Joe Wheat used to (still?) sell die-cut whitewalls stamped on 3M labels. I have had them on models for decades.
  21. Perhaps the "Molded in the USA" branding also means packaged in the USA; thus possibly avoiding the anticipated shipping delays of other kits due to coronavirus manpower shortages in China?
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