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  1. Everyone is so supportive and amazing here! Thank you for all the advice! Lot's to take from here, now I'm actually considering repainting the model. Hopefully the structural integrity is intact after I've removed the coats and putty. @Mark Thanks Mark at one stage I was considering just scrapping fixing it anymore and just building the kit but everyone here is so helpful and encouraging I don't mind going back and re-painting it (although I wont get those two cans of tamiya pearl white back, lesson learned) Note taken about the spray can, shake and wait. I'll buy some plastic spoons to do my test runs on! Is there a technical name for 91% alcohol? I'll try have a look at the supermarkets tomorrow. I think the turpentine I have might be too strong? I'm leaning towards the approach of doing the base coat and clear coat spray in one session, after the primer coat has dried. @youpey Thanks youpey, I've been washing the parts in soap and drying them before considering any paint work. I'll always try to prime from now on, of course along with body preparation and sanding. I think it's just a regular plastic kit, but don't count me on it. I'll just make sure to prime and hopefully the base coat won't have any yucky pin holes this time. @MrObsessive Thank you for the encouraging words! The propellant not being settled makes absolute sense, I'll take those precautions next time. So, I'll start again, first stripping all the paint, putty etc tomorrow and then when the primer (Mr Hobby Surfacer) arrives I'll try again! I'll prime it in white so the pearl white has a white base. I can definitely see how airbrushing would be the superior method, but I'm currently just dipping my toes in the hobby..maybe I'll get one for my birthday. haha @Plowboy Thank you for the tips, I'll be more aware of the angle and distance I hold the spray can next time! You're right, I should have just done more research before taking things into my own hands. This great forum was just a click away haha.. and thanks for the heads up about the pearl white, could be good to make some exotic pearlescent finishes with something under the white? I think tamiya already has pearl clear that could do that with a green, blue etc base if I remember correctly. I'll start by: 1. Stripping all the paint and putty, although I might lose some structural integrity because I used the putty to fix a part that I scraped off a bit of. (The left front fender) - Is turpentine too strong for this? In that case I'll go find 91% alcohol 2. Priming it in white 3. Paint with two coats pearl white 4. Finish with gloss coat. 5. Compound polish and wax. Sounds simple enough.. Wish me luck Quick question though - what should I do if I find dust on the base coat? Continue to clear coat and then polish and wax? Won't the dust/debris still be there under the clear coat?
  2. Hello everyone! I've literally just started building my first car and have obviously ran into some problems. It's a Lotus Europa 1/24 from Tamiya and the main shell that came off the sprue is white. After the first base coat, I had some tiny paint holes and build up, like bubbling or mounds, one area near the front fender, and one under rear bumper. This is the part where I think I began to get overcomplicated and ahead of myself. I tried sanding down and filling the holes with Tamiya basic putty which is grey. I waited a day for the putty to settle then sanded it so was smooth and in the shape of the shell, and the holes were filled out. Then, since I sanded the first basecoat (because clear coat is not recommended to go on a sanded base coat IIRC?)I tried spraying another (2nd) basecoat of the pearl white, and to my dismay, I found out that the pearl white spray (TS-45) I was using was very translucent, and showed the grey putty areas. So, I sanded the car again trying to get rid of as many grey areas as possible. At this stage I have ran out of spray (100ml can), and am too eager to finish the shell. Now this was probably another rookie mistake, I tried hand painting the more difficult grey areas with Tamiya flat-white enamel because I couldn't wait to buy another can of the pearl white. Now I've bought 2nd can 100ml can of pearl white and sprayed the other parts (bumper, back engine cover, spoiler) and then on the main shell yet another basecoat (3rd). There is still some orange peel from my amateur spraying, one or two grey putty areas (3-5mm in size) you can see when it is well lit, as well as some scribing scratches. You can also see slightly raised patches where I've used some enamel in my amateur attempt to cover up the grey putty areas. Now I've used two cans of Tamiya pearl white spray, and still have a pretty mediocre shell. Please refer to the photos. So now, do I buy third can of the pearl white and spray to cover up the grey regions and fill scribing mistakes? Do I sand down everything and start again? Or should I just clear coat it now, polish, and just build the car. Regards LG
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