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  1. Thanks Philippe. Looks like I've been put on a "30 day moderation period" for using bad words so I guess I'm out for a month.
  2. Here's my 56 pickup painted with Rust-Oleum flat white primer and cleared with Tamiya TS-65 Peal clear.
  3. Good looking Chevy truck. The old workhorse. Great kit. NIcely done Mario.
  4. Yeah....that's got some swag. Nice color and perfect stance.
  5. WOWSER...that looks pretty kewl. love that color combo. I like what's in the business end.
  6. Gotta love those big ol Chrysler's. I think your colors are much better than the box art. Nice job Mario.
  7. Nice looking drag car. Colors look great. The engine looks nice seating in the business end.
  8. That is pretty kewl. Looms like a sand rail. The green looks nice. Love that Hemi.
  9. Nice clean looking little Hot Rod. The color looks great. Nice job.
  10. Pair of two good looking Hot Rods.
  11. That's just a good looking ride Luke. Yeah that black paint job is killer. Really nice.
  12. Nicely done Joel. Great detail work and the color looks nice. I had a CJ-5 1:1 back in the day.
  13. Looks to me like it came out just fine. Color looks great. Nice job. Look at the size of those collectors ☺
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