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  1. I primed it with one coat of RUST-OLEUM Ultra Cover Flat Gray then airbrushed the ceramcoat on with 3 coats. I then gave it 3 coats of the X-22 Tamiya Clear.
  2. I was just at Harbor Freight picking up a pack of small drill bits and came across these little cheap LED lights. I thought they would work great for taking pics. Got them for $3 each and they came with the battery's. I'm not pro at taking pics so they work fine for what I do. Just thought I would share.
  3. That candy apple red looks killer. Nice build.
  4. That's what I thought when I bought it but the bottle says clear and that's what it is. Lesson learned for me to read the bottle and what finish I want.
  5. The current project I'm working on will be painted with Ceramcoat Acrylic paint and I plan on trying Pledge Revive it this time around. The video's I've watched show that it seems to be very compatable with Acrylic paints and lays down a pretty good shine. Time will tell I guess.
  6. Thanks again guys. One thing I read a lot about Before I built my kit was the hood not fitting well. I set my hood in place before I glued in the cross member that connects the fenders. hood fit great.
  7. Thanks. Yeah....didn't really take long to figure it out. I just make sure to spray a test pattern prior to shooting the body to make sure it's not to much paint coming out. I like spraying multiple times with a fine mist.
  8. Fellows....I looked all over at HL and even got a lady in the area to help me. They just don't carry them. We have 3 hobby shops in town and I did not check one of the 3 out as they mainly deal with the electric/gas car guys but this morning I checked the website out and halaluya brother......they have them. Guess where I'm headed to this morning ☺ Since I could not locate any 30 AWG wire locally I ordered a 100' roll of the JohardTool wire that NOBLNG mentioned. I am really disappointed in this amt kit. It is full of flash, warped parts, and the parts don't fit very good at all. The heads do not want to mate up to the Tunnel ran setup and look nice enough for me. I shaved the nubs off the bottom of the heads to move them around for a better fit and look presentable. Update : Last one Hobby Town USA had in their show case.
  9. The Tamiya X-22 is just what is says.....clear. The Tamiya clear is a matt type finish and not a gloss. I just airbrushed it over acrylic craft paint.
  10. Well I went out this morning on the hunt for some 30 AWG wire and a Molotow Liquid chrome marker or any fine tip chrome marker and i come up short on both. Started out at Hobby Lobby then on to, Walmart, Target, Staples, and a couple local electronic stores. Looks like I'll have to order both online.
  11. Great info. Not sure If I will try this on my current build as I'm just a rookie but I will get around to trying this out.
  12. Gareth, Your script turned out pretty good. I'm just now resarching this method and found a lot of vidos on the BMF method but nothing on appliing it over script. I can barely make out the script on my amt 1967 Chevelle Pro Street so I know there is no way I can cut the foil around each letter. Can you explain a little more on how you applied the BMF and just how you cut it off the script?
  13. Thanks for the help fellows. Ill do some research on the "Foil Under Paint".
  14. I have the amt 1967 Chevelle Pro Street kit and I"m looking at the badges on the body trying to figure out how to go about getting some color on them. They are extremely small even under the magnifying glass. Maybe just shave them off or leave them and paint over them. I normally do small detail work like this with a fine tip sharpie or a fine tip chrome pen. Looking for suggestions fellows.
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