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  1. Thanks buddy. Yeah I got up early this morning and decided I wanted to get this one off the bench.
  2. I appreciated it Greg.
  3. I'm calling this one done. Pics have been posted "Under Glass"
  4. Got this done this morning. This is the MPC 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery. Unfortunately once I got to the end the hood would not fit, not even close. Maybe I didnt get the body square enough on the chassis. Paint was Anita's acrylic paint cleared with Rust-Oleum clear lacquer then polished with Novus 2.
  5. Thanks you Sir. I do appreciate it .
  6. Yeah Dave.....that foil work looks nice. Everything is looking nice and tidy.
  7. Your Ford GT is looking great so far. Never had a Tamiya kit but I've heard they are top notch.
  8. Reallly nice looking trikes. Love the color on all 3 and they looks really slick. The "Three Amigos".
  9. Super sharp and clean build. Love that Ford Blue Flame Metallic. I'm still looking for a build of this quality. I think I'm looking in the wrong places ☺
  10. Nice looking cars. Very well done.
  11. Zippi

    Supra Nova

    Good looking wagon. That engine fits nicely and looks good. Well done.
  12. Nice looking beater. Great job on the weathering.
  13. Good looking Mustang. Nice job.
  14. That 442 is looking good so far.
  15. Good looking ride. Nice job. That old boy driving sure seems to be having fun.
  16. That's a good looking Challenger. Paint looks great and the engine bay looks awesome.
  17. The red boots I wanted to use wouldn't work. I didnt like the way they looked. Ended up drilling holes.still need to do some tweaking and touch up.
  18. I didn't mention it but after the clear has cured for 48 hrs I wet sand and polish.
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