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  1. Great looking Chevelle. Nice detail work on the business end and on the undercarriage. The decals really stand out against the red body color.
  2. Nice looking Chevy. That Pearl Yellow really stands out nicely. I like the stance. Nice job.
  3. Zippi

    Foose Caddy

    Nice looking Caddy so far. I use to see this kit at HL all the time but haven't seen any in some time now.
  4. That 32 is looking tough Rusty. Great looking color and I'm diggin the Nailhead. Nice build man.
  5. That is a Great looking Willy's Jeep. The way you have it painted reminds me of the Jolly.
  6. Boy that's a good looking Shoebox. That body color looks great. Nice job.
  7. Thanks for the info Dave. Looks like I need to do a little research on some primer for my airbrush.
  8. At a boys James. I knew you would figure it out.
  9. I hope you get it figured out Buddy. Let us know what you find out tomorrow.
  10. Guys I have an update on painting with my spray booth in my garage. I have the dual fan spray booth and it's working fine if I use my airbrush. I am still using Tamiya rattle cans for my primer and I've been spraying that outside. The last two models I build I sprayed the primer in my spray booth. Big mistake on my part. The rattle cans spray out a ton more paint vs my airbrush. I have over spray on my 1:1 49 Chevy Restomod. I can get it off the paint with a clay bar but no more using rattle cans in the spray booth. Word to the wise.
  11. Have you tried the metal cup instead of the bottle?
  12. The Paasche H is a simple single action airbrush and has now got me scratching my head James. I do remember when I first got my Paasche H I was using the bottles and the paint would stop coming out due to the small hole on top of the bottle continually clogging up. I use the metal cup now and have not had a problem.
  13. I see the 3 rings around the cone. Any chance you have a bigger needle inside that 3.0mm cone? Just checking all Avenues.
  14. That's a good looking Gasser. Nicely done.
  15. I would give a Paasche H distributor a call or give a call to the place you bought it from. Could help.
  16. James. Makesure your paint is not to thick. I found this online. Maybe it will help AIRBRUSH DOESN’T SPRAY PAINT This can be caused by many things; the most common are a blocked nozzle (due to poor cleaning), a loose needle chucking nut, improper/low air pressure and the paint being too thick Blocked Nozzle – Clean or soak the nozzle Needle not Moving with Trigger Action – Check and tighten the needle chucking/locking nut. Paint Too Thick – Thin paint with appropriate reducer to a milky consistency Pressure Too Low – Sometimes the paint can be slightly too thick and the pressure is too low to atomize. Increase pressure.
  17. Good looking Drag car. Color looks great.
  18. That 59 Impala top gives it the appearance of a chopped top and looks pretty kewl. That's a lot of realstate to paint. Looking good.
  19. Nice. Love the car but hate the two tone color on the box art.
  20. All the models look Great but I gotta go with the Blue 50 pickup because blue is my favorite color. I've been wanting this kit for some time.
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