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  1. Good progress on that Coupe. Seems like there is some curvature on the chassis rails. Is that the way they were designed or a visual distortion from the pictures? Just wondering cause the frame on my AMT kit is straight.
  2. Steering arm running in between exhaust header pipes... now that's packaging creativity and will be fun to model in 1/24 scale!
  3. Vallejo for primer and color coats. In my experiments the only brand that I could successfully brush paint plus the ability to mix my own colors.
  4. Thanks Mark. First time using Silver instead of Metal Medium as a metalizer element and I initially struggled a bit but made it work with more thinning.
  5. Superb effort. Simply said, it looks like a 1/1 scale!
  6. Tim, this must have been a super challenging paint job and as usual you nailed it. But then you always do. I have not done a NASCAR build in a while but this sure provides inspiration. Bravo!
  7. Entry #1 body has color on it. Always a bit of a go-no go check point for me with the challenge of brush painting, especially a light metallic. At this point it's a go.
  8. This would be great Edgar, but I think this vintage kit has not been widely distributed.
  9. Welcome to the group Andy. Your models are beautiful.
  10. Thanks Mark. I started with a standard sized air filter but could not quite clear the hood despite my best efforts to get the engine low in chassis. The 9 in. filter benefits the hood opening I carved for the hood scoop. I'm doing csx2196 Sebring spec (The Turd) which was a leaf spring car with a H&M 427 thrown in and pretty rough fender flares to widen the track. The one you want to do is the heavily re-engineered csx 2196 in Nassau specs with the clamshell front and rear bodywork (Flip Flop). BIG challenge, perfect for you!
  11. I think that's going to do a world of good to the proportions of the car. Looks really good.
  12. Check out these eyes....I'm so sorry, I'll keep doing it but I am sorry! And we think we are the boss...
  13. Impeccable detailing of the dash. It's a shame it will be hard to see through the limited side glass opening.
  14. Very very nice model Tony. I think the 64 Mercury stock cars looked formidable and you rendered the look perfectly.
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