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  1. Thank you for showing this great build. You pointed out that you feel the stance is a bit high which made me understand why these Meng look a bit different vs the Fujimi. I had the impression the men front fenders were too much "bulged up" but if we could compensate by dropping the ride and pulling the front track width a bit it would look just right I love your builds, they always look so realistic!
  2. Can't wait to see the final result. The amount of work you had to put into this massive transformation is impressive.
  3. Thank you all for your nice comments. I will certainly post more builds on this site in the future.
  4. Hello all, This is my first posted subject on MCM. Excited and a bit nervous. MPC body over stretched AMT T-bird chassis, Polar Lights 429 engine. Excellent Powerslide decals. I also used the wheels and tires from the AMT T-bird chassis. All finishes are brush painted. I mixed my own colors using Vallejo and the clear is just Future Metalized parts are a mix of Tamiya silver and flat gray plus Vallejo washes plus some Tamiya weathering master to give it a weathered appearance I used Tamiya smoke and a flat varnish on bumpers also to give it a bit of a weathered effect. Thank you for looking
  5. Testing, never did a post before
  6. Wow, beautiful work. What products do you use for weathering the engine parts? It looks so realistic.
  7. Both of them knocked out of the park. Gorgeous!
  8. Wow these are all great. Nothing beats the funky colors from the seventies. Beautiful builds!
  9. Looking really good. Impeccable work as always with your builds!
  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and what great subject for a scale model. Thank you for sharing!
  11. Thanks, silver before primer, most useful tip.
  12. This looks most promising. What do you plan to do for the white over red plastic challenge?
  13. Wow, this is absolutely delightful work. So much to absorb. Your engine looks so lifelike with the detailing but above all the beauty of the metalized parts showing just the right amount of tarnish/wear. Inspiring!
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