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  1. Through the roof realism. Absolutely beautiful rendition of a great car.
  2. Absolutely masterful replica of a completely nutty car. Bravo!
  3. Thanks Mark for info on polishing compounds. Low viscosity and thin coats is what works best for me brush painting the color. I work it in with the brush barely touching the surface and the low viscounts allows time to work the paint in multiple times. Think opposite of how we need to handle Future. As for Future. I plan to follow what I did on my Porsche 917K project. Polishing the acrylic clear, decals and only one coat of Future in the end to seal decals.
  4. These MFH kits assembled by master builders like you always look so impressive. Always a joy to watch your work.
  5. Looking forward to seeing the completed build.
  6. Another beautiful build from your productive bench Rich. Nice to see a car from fellow Canadian Ron, not too many of them around.
  7. What you are doing with the engine is masterful. I'm learning so much here. Engines on these 60's F1 cars make or break the kit because they are in plain view. This one will definitely make the kit. Bravo!
  8. For this one I used 2 drops 930 dark blue, 4 drops 990 light grey, 6 drops 521 metal medium and 15 drops 524 thinner medium for each of the 2 very thin coats over a light grey primer. Here's a photo in natural lighting. I plan to try polishing compound for the clear. I have Tamiya Fine and Finish to try. Any input would be helpful as this is a first for me. I was thinking I would do the usual 6000, 8000 & 12000 wet sand carefully staying away from all these edges and then Fine compound and finally Finish compound. Enough or too many steps? Input from other builders would be helpful.
  9. Thank you John, I appreciate the support. I learn so much from other people's build so I share my learnings thinking I might occasionally provide useful information to other builders.
  10. Body primed a few days ago. Some minimal wet sanding 4000 to 12000 grit, then 2 coats of color brushed on today. A bit early to see what the color will look like with clear and in good light but I am happy it went on smooth with not a trace of brush marks. I'm gonna let her sit there in the cabinet for 2 or 3 days before moving on with the clear coats. Polishing that clear should be "fun" with all the surface changes and creases.
  11. That color seems to move quite a bit depending on lighting. Sometimes lighter/darker or ice blue to gray-blue in tone. I'll do what I can but using GM Silver Blue as my reference.
  12. Thanks Cliff. I very much appreciate the help. Unfortunately the Rev's chat is down and I am already it the painting process. I will attempt to replicate silver blue as best as I can with my mixing capabilities. If I get there 75% I'll be happy.
  13. Decal? I can't even see the dashboard! 1/87 scale...brave man
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