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  1. wow, the HRM wheels look so finely molded. They will be perfect for this build...I mean one of the 3 builds!
  2. Thanks Mark, the figurine is from JPGModels. I bought this one of Nuvolari who won Le mans in this car as well as one of Fangio in driving position (for a future project). Not cheap but very well made.
  3. Final final mockup before going to paint, under the watchful eye of Tazio.
  4. Added some PE fasteners here and there on frame, steering system and suspension attachments to add a bit of appeal. Fenders are now glued permanently. Point of no return...
  5. Andy is the smarter shopper. His Alfa has a nice hinged bonnet. I'll just have to fake it...
  6. Windshield frame...can't imagine how to set that in place after paint with my shaky hands. Had to modify shape at interface for better fit and add pins for locating.
  7. Made my own registration lighting as the kit parts were too fragile and hard to clean up of flash
  8. Wow, fabulous! The details are so crisp it's hard to believe it's 1/32 scale. Homerun!
  9. This is as good as it gets. Through the roof accuracy and realism.
  10. Beautiful work Misha. This car looks cool and I love the the content you are adding to replicate the racing car as it was then. A most worthy entry to the 64 Sebring field. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Brings back memories of my 86 Z, black on black, 305 manual. Beautiful and fun to drive but just ok on power. I had two gen 4's, a Z-28 and then a SS. Definitely faster but they did not look half as good as the gen 3 car.
  12. OK... IROC?...ASA?....IMSA/GTO? So many possibilities
  13. Very, very, very impressive work. With your research, design expertise and 3D printing you have basically redesigned the whole kit. You could market this as a trans kit... or a complete kit as I doubt very few original parts are left.
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