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  1. Looking closely...I want to learn how to make my own headers. Please start the lesson professor Mark!
  2. Beautiful and creative approach to this build. No surprise since your modela are always gems! A pleasure to follow this one.
  3. Wow! The detailing and weathering is second to none. Outstanding!
  4. It's taking shape. The part on left side of the accessory drive is a dry sump pump?
  5. Hey Mark, have you finished and posted this car somewhere? I need my fix man!
  6. Talk about detailed research! I should spend more time with intake manifolds. Definitely interested on how you will fab this one!
  7. Anton, some builders have developed techniques for brush painting Tamiya but I struggle with it on large surfaces. I use Tamiya only for small metallic type parts like exhaust headers, etc. Tamiya has a lot of great products but for large surfaces I have migrated to Vallejo. It's all about experimenting and developing a technique that works for you.
  8. I totally agree, brush painting takes the weather out of the equation. A must for me because I build from November to April... in Montreal (cold cold cold) Thank you again for sharing your work methods. Exchanging learnings is actually the best part of the hobby for me.
  9. beautiful detailing and the black chassis looks really good!
  10. You'll make this one great with this quarter panel improvement...and an alt chassis of course!
  11. She's getting more detailed by the day. Can't wait to see it all come together. Massive project!
  12. What...afraid of success? I have no worries this will be another great build!
  13. That interior is coming along really nice! What material are you using for the black seat padding?
  14. Congrats Wayne, Your build is simply outstanding. The level of detailing and upgrades is through the roof. The motor compartment looks so real and the paint & decals are exquisite. Simply amazing!!!
  15. What a neat way to do a roll cage. What sizes of evergreen tube and type/size of wire do you use. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing sir.
  16. Is this a scam? Pictures of the real car? Seriously this model is amazing. Simply amazing!
  17. Hey Mark, I am totally amazed by all the fab work you do on your models. It inspires me to try to stretch myself a bit. I purchased Tamiya white today, yeah! Not ready to get into decal making though, I would not know where to start. Your fabulous work inspires me my friend!
  18. Mark, I love the paint job!!! Did you have to polish the MM Acryl before the Future layer?
  19. The hood looks good, so after polishing it should be superb. Following this one with great interest!
  20. Congrats on that first brush painted project. Isn't fun to have the flexibility of mixing our own colors? I will follow your next steps with great interest. Particularly as it comes to your polishing and clear coating decisions.
  21. Courage my friend. It took me a while. From my experience if you see a brush stroke when applying, the paint is still too viscous. Stop ans wash the body immediately. Dilute the pain more and apply a thinner coat...if that makes sense.
  22. Most impressive my friend. I have always been afraid to try extensive body mods like you do but you inspire me to give it a try. Would you mind sharing what putty materials you use? fantastic work!
  23. Mark, thank you for doing this research. I definitely will try this when I start building again next winter. I was looking for an alternative to brush painting trim with my hands being less stable as time passes... I look forward to future progress on this fascinating build of your's.
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