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  1. Very very nice build. I am surprised by the level of detailing considering the small scale.
  2. Jeez...how many J1's do you have Gary. I keep seeing new body parts popping up. Now admit it, your parts box is a cargo container right?
  3. Looks really good. Personal preference but I like the panel line as it is. On my last white car (Chaparral) I used a gray wash for panel line and it preferred it to the high contrast of the black panel line.
  4. Hey Paul, remember not so long ago that Chris was taunting you, writing that he'd easily beat you to the finish line because you tend to be distracted by other projects? Well you are totally focused, moving fast and the stuff looks simply fabulous! What can we say Chris, hope is not a strategy...😅
  5. I would not call it beautiful but my favorite because it was my first weathered paint and I had no clue how to do this. All done with brushes.
  6. Steve, I understand your point about the limitations of Future and my thread was not as selling it as something better than clear. I'm not selling here. That being said, many among us use Future, each for our own reasons, and the stuff is out of production so the topic is about testing Quick Shine as a possible replacement. Pointing out here that I brush paint everything because I build in a condo in the winter in Montreal. I do use Tamiya X22 clear which I do polish. I build race cars with decals and I want them protected, hence the process polished X22 clear, decals and Future seal coat (unpolished) as the final step. This latest test is with Quick Shine replacing Future as a final seal coat brushed on a (gulp) black body. A touch less gloss than Future but easier to brush on. I think the lower gloss is ok and looks period correct for 60's racecar builds that I usually do. So my verdict is that Quick Shine is a go for me
  7. Amazing what you have done...starting with that porous lump of metal.
  8. Beautiful work David. Definitely inspiring me to do one someday, but perhaps the original LP400 if such a kit exists. Looks like you are close to finishing this beauty.
  9. I would use 1/4 inch punch with 0.5 mm Evergreen to create the 4 bases/bexels, chrome paint it and fix the modelers lenses to it with Canopy or Krystal Clear glue
  10. The mockup looks really good Gary. What is the plan for headlights, printed photos or you have actual parts going in?
  11. Thank you Thomas. I had more luck with decals as my kit was a 2004 issue and the decals were fine. I look forward to your posts on your two Chaparral builds.
  12. Almost a shame to cover that gorgeous chassis with a body. Bravo!
  13. I agree with Tony that the self leveling characteristics of Future is unmatched. What else could you brush on so easily and get a smooth glossy finish in one minute? Personally I use Future only for glass and final body seal coat after decals. I do X22 clear over color coats and polish that before decals, then Future as final step. Going back to the Quick shine comparison, yes it self levels as well as Future and from that one body test was very easy to brush on and produces a tough finish. Overall equal or better than Future for the body but not as good on the glass. The product has a milky appearance out of the bottle but brushes and dries crystal clear. I'll be giving Quick Shine another shot on my current project, a black Ford GT40
  14. I did the similar 71 Le Mans winner kit (Martini livery). Very good kit, you will enjoy it.
  15. Formidable chassis Andy. Rich with fine detail. OK...going back to my styrene & putty "masonry" project.
  16. I hear you Chad. I started this thread for people who like using Future, not to convince those who do not use it that they should. Sharing ideas, nothing more. May not be a high quality clear coat but I like what it does for me as a final seal coat over decals Pierre
  17. Rich, I never tried Looks Like Glass. Thanks for the tip. For now my goal is to see if Quick Shine can replace Future. I clear my bodies with Tamiya X22 and polish it before decals. I future over decals as a seal coat only. It's gentle to decals and the gloss goes up if the surface below it is very smooth. It took time for me to refine my process so for now would like to stick to it. Joe, I brushed it on with a soft bristle brush just like I do for Future. It is easier than Future because less sensitive on overlapped areas because it settles a little slower. I did the fingernail test to the finish this morning (about 15 hours after brushing it on) and it passed the test. Appears to be a tougher finish than Future. I tried glass this morning. One piece came out ok, the other I goofed and try to redcoat without success. Surprise, Windex does not wash it like it does for Future so I'll probably have to buff that piece and re-coat. More testing needed but I think Future is still best for glass.
  18. Beautiful build. Up to your usual very high standard.
  19. So now that Future is now a thing... of the past....and that my stock is running low, I decided to try Quick Shine Tried it on a discarded body that was painted a long time ago. I scuffed it with 4000-6000-8000 and brushed on the Quick Shine. Brushes on even easier than Future. I'll check in a few days to see if becomes reasonably resistant. Promising.
  20. Happy you are taking on this kit. It's one of those on my wish list but I read it was a challenging build.
  21. It's hard sometimes not to be a touch oversize in scale when working on such small components. You could try wrapping 35 gauge around a 0.6 mm drill bit but it's asking a lot. I think the springs you have made are very good as they are.
  22. Too bad about the rework, but difficult to avoid when you are on the journey what is essentially a 100% scratch built race car. A lot of nicely detailed components requiring innovative fabrication methods and in the end hoping it all fits together perfectly. Big challenge.
  23. Another beautiful build from your most productive "factory" Paint looks beautiful but certainly was most challenging...especially white over red plastic body. Always a pleasure to view your builds and frequently they are of cars I want to model some day. Keep'em coming sir!
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