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  1. The primer looks good to the eye with a few exceptions so I took close up pictures to help me better see what needs improvement. All quite fixable with the exception of all the pits on the tires extending into the delicate rims. That I don't know how to handle.
  2. Careful, wet paint! Well it looks like it's still wet, and gorgeous!
  3. Mark, this brush painter ain't going away. There will not be a spray booth in my city condo. I did this in a cardboard box outside on my balcony on a perfect 70F day. I decided to go this way for 2 reasons. First I was unsure if my usual brushed Vallejo primer would have good enough adhesion over a resin body and second I wanted a better white primer underlay to give me a fighting chance with the brushed yellow color coat (the hardest of all colors to brush paint). Andy, thanks for the previous advice. I am now starting to understand that resin requires fixes and re-primes. How many times I don't know yet but I now know it is not unusual.
  4. Primer is on. I decanted Tamiya Metal Primer and brushed on the various metal components, then sprayed Tamiya fine primer. I never had issues preparing styrene surfaces i.e minimal fixes after primer but this is a first for me dealing with resin. The primer helps reveal flaws I had not previously seen or properly addressed. Nothing major, mostly dealing with some pitting issues. Otherwise the surfaces are pretty smooth. I assume the best course of action is to fix the various little defects and shoot another layer of primer on the repaired areas.
  5. I would think so. The rods are soft metal but having 3 of them for each fender makes things pretty solid.
  6. wow, the HRM wheels look so finely molded. They will be perfect for this build...I mean one of the 3 builds!
  7. Thanks Mark, the figurine is from JPGModels. I bought this one of Nuvolari who won Le mans in this car as well as one of Fangio in driving position (for a future project). Not cheap but very well made.
  8. Final final mockup before going to paint, under the watchful eye of Tazio.
  9. Added some PE fasteners here and there on frame, steering system and suspension attachments to add a bit of appeal. Fenders are now glued permanently. Point of no return...
  10. Andy is the smarter shopper. His Alfa has a nice hinged bonnet. I'll just have to fake it...
  11. Windshield frame...can't imagine how to set that in place after paint with my shaky hands. Had to modify shape at interface for better fit and add pins for locating.
  12. Made my own registration lighting as the kit parts were too fragile and hard to clean up of flash
  13. Wow, fabulous! The details are so crisp it's hard to believe it's 1/32 scale. Homerun!
  14. This is as good as it gets. Through the roof accuracy and realism.
  15. Beautiful work Misha. This car looks cool and I love the the content you are adding to replicate the racing car as it was then. A most worthy entry to the 64 Sebring field. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Brings back memories of my 86 Z, black on black, 305 manual. Beautiful and fun to drive but just ok on power. I had two gen 4's, a Z-28 and then a SS. Definitely faster but they did not look half as good as the gen 3 car.
  17. OK... IROC?...ASA?....IMSA/GTO? So many possibilities
  18. Very, very, very impressive work. With your research, design expertise and 3D printing you have basically redesigned the whole kit. You could market this as a trans kit... or a complete kit as I doubt very few original parts are left.
  19. Taking notes my friend...as I want my Alfa 8C to have a bit of a end of race look to it. Thanks for sharing your methods. Always something to learn.
  20. I think you are right Andy. The engine looks much better on your Alfa kit. The lower part of mine is molded into the chassis pan, making cleaning and finishing quite difficult. I noticed the wheels on mine are a bit twisted and the thread pattern is uneven. I'm still quite happy with the kit and excited about topic I am modeling. The long tail Alfa Le mans just looks so nice! I'll do my best to make a good model of it. Look forward to see what you do with Mr. 42 but it could take a while as you've got a lot of projects on the go.
  21. Hanjo, the weathering you have done on these first few parts is absolutely gorgeous. Please share how you have done this. Please please please?
  22. Slow week. Did not spend mush time on the bench and most of it spent on cleaning, sanding and attempting to get parts to agree with each other. Finally I got to do a bit of rewarding work. I was not happy with the kit supplied steering components so I made my own.
  23. Funny...when I look at the real car pictures, they're further back on the right side that the left side. You are brave to take that on. Nobody would have noticed.
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