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  1. Outstanding. Concours level of paint. Very impressive.
  2. Thanks guys. Still some work to do on the paint and I also think I will need to tone down the gloss a bit. Picture below is what I will aim for. I just realize from looking at multiple pics that the 64 LeMans winner had black headlamp pockets, not the often seen silver.
  3. I finished the "canopy" hardware. I glued in small 0.5 mm rods with the tips painted chrome. Not bad but I have to find a good source for rivets for future builds. Also the small A posts have been painted and bonded to the glass piece. The canopy and airfoil are just installed loose at this point. Gluing them in will be at the final build stage. I still have to build a wiper. Gotta design a solution first...
  4. I still have a lot to o on this one but I could not resist doing a quick mock-up. I set up attachment/axle setup to the printed wheels and I am satisfied with the ride height I have set up, and I like the look of the wheels. Taking pictures also help a lot to assess the body mods. I am happy with the way the fenders now gradually roll to the sides of the body. keep in mind the paint has not been polished yet so some small brush strokes may be visible.
  5. X2, you're not done until the camera says so!
  6. It's beautiful Jeff. Not an easy kit but once conquered like you did it results in a rewarding build.
  7. I love watching the parts made from multiple materials. Making all four spats like that is a lot of work but your model deserves nothing less.
  8. This looks very good Mark. Photo of the hood shows the pearl finish quite well and it appears to have brushed on quite successfully. I'm still looking for a silver that will work, so I should see what Createx has.
  9. Just curious Bill, why self-etching primer on a styrene body. Not critiquing in any way, just trying to understand the reason.
  10. Vallejo surface primer Pure Red 70.624 and the color coat is Vallejo Model Air Ferrari Red 71.085
  11. Neither am I Gary but right or wrong I was looking to achieve the color "rosso corsa" which is a warm but slightly darker tone compared to the often seen "rosso scuderia" Not sure if I got it perfect but I am satisfied with the result.
  12. Paint proved to be a challenge for this project but it was all self inflicted. I mixed a red tone that I believed would work and painted the car. It looked a bit off...and I thought that a coat of clear would move it a bit darker and warmer as it usually does fro reds. Did not! Genius idea, I decided at add some Tamiya clear red to my Tamiya X22 clear and give it another layer. Nope...no genius here. I stripped the clear and headed to Jac Hobby looking for the right color and bought 4 that showed potential. Third time is a charm. The best fit (to my eye) was a color from the Vallejo Air line called...hum... Ferrari Red! Only one coat of clear to do a photo test. 2nd coat of clear and some polishing will improve things.
  13. Congrats Mike, your build is outstanding. Beautiful detailing, especially around the engine, and the paint finishes look so good. The gen 2 Camaro is too often forgotten but I believe the styling was fresh and beautiful. I love your photo setting, it makes your model look so life like.
  14. Nice to see this one back on the bench Bill. You've improved the kit wheels quite a bit, they look nice.
  15. Look forward to this new experiment, I can see a similarity with my silver brush painting experiments, so high learning potential for me. Going straight to the Ford or testing with spare body first?
  16. In communication with Jason at Jack_Modelling about 3D printing in-laced wheels. Got him a set of pics of Borrani wheels on 250GTO in 6x15, 6.5 and 7.5. Waiting for his feedback.
  17. So boring when everything fits on the first try. I suspect this one will be a bit more interesting. 😃
  18. There's a rumor all four of them will be done the same way on a lathe...
  19. Superb build and I too love this car.
  20. Purchased through E-bay typing: jantes pour maquette voiture 1/24 You can also go to his site https://www.jackmodelling.com
  21. The two you just made on the lathe look so so good Andy. You'll hate to hear this but... nothing looks more like metal than...metal? I'd turn two more and leave them unpainted...
  22. Bob, I am a huge fan of your work. Your w.i.p. was a pure delight to follow and what you have done pushes the realism through the ceiling. The ultimate lesson in scale model building, period.
  23. This is a very interesting discussion about surface preparation migrating to what the paint should look like. I don't think there is only one answer here but there is one key question we should ask ourselves. What is the topic and what should the paint look like to reflect that. Period correct off the factory paint job, meticulously restored car, new race car with vinyl wrap look? Answer that question first, then strive to achieve the paint to reflect that. Measurement of the paint finish has two key elements : gloss and DOI (distinctness of image). Gloss is the measurement of the amount of light reflected, DOI measures the sharpness of the reflected image. Good surface preparation and expertise in paint spraying of Ace's green hood have netted him the high DOI combined with semi gloss look reflecting a great period paint job he wants to replicate. The extensive and meticulous steps used by Steven are key for him to achieve the high gloss and high DOI he would want to replicate a high level paint restoration. Personally I like a period look of well prepared race cars from the sixties, typically polished lacquer jobs with relative high DOI but medium gloss and I adjust the preparation and material choices to reflect that as best as I am capable of. Not one answer for all, it's about what look you want to replicate.
  24. Thanks guys. I finished the wheel/tire set today. I only have the kit tires that I can make work for this build so I cut off the embossed Good Year. Better a no name than the wrong one as this car ran on Dunlops. A lot of sanding, flat clear and Tamiya "soot" weathering master to make them presentable. Painting the wheels was done with a brush. Paint used is Vallejo Metal Color and it works well for this application. Very little paint used, almost a dry brushing delicately done with a soft bristle. Flat aluminium for the wheels and Chrome for the spinners. I did not use the spinners supplied with the wheels, preferring a better shaped set from HRM.
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