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  1. Thank you I used BMF for seat braces
  2. Very well done, love the color
  3. Thanks to everyone, your comments mean very much to me Stay healthy Stay strong
  4. I wanted the red to be as bright as possible and because I had no white primer I used no primer/basecoat at all, and painted over bare plastic white
  5. Hope everyone is doing well Finished a few days ago Tamiya LP-21 Italian red. Hope you like , any and all comments welcome
  6. Thank you again to all
  7. Thank you to all for your comment's
  8. Thank you The candy colors do require a silver base coat and patience with the top coat, other than that it's like most paint
  9. Alclad Candy Cobalt Blue
  10. I did lower the front, sat to high in the nose, as for issues I did not have any went together well
  11. Finished this for coworker, this kit went together nice and came out well
  12. Started this a couple days ago for a coworker Tamiya mica red with panted white strips
  13. Finished the body work and put the base coat on this morning, painted the blue a few hours later. The color is a bit darker than expected but I like it, Will wait a few days then clear and trim.
  14. Just finish this , I'm happy with the way it turned out , comments welcome
  15. Put the final touches to finish this build will post more pics in completed section
  16. Thank you, the clear is Alclad gloss coat I wet sand then polish with Novus
  17. Very nicely done I like the color!
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