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  1. Thanks guys for all the great input I’ll be doing some reading up before jumping into this build. I do plan on using a nascar truck series kit but have to do some research on them too and see which would be the best fit as far as detail and what not. Thanks again charlie
  2. Hello all, I’m looking to build a salt flats pickup using the moebius 65 custom cab and want to kit bash with a nascarkit. I’ve never built a race car so not really sure which direction to go in. Any help on a nascar kit to use for suspension, roll cage,etc. any builders here can give some pointers would be appreciated. Thank you and if anyone here has built a salt flats pickup I’d like to see them. Thanks again Charlie b
  3. Hello all. This is the amt surf wagon kit I built as a curbside because I didn’t really like the kit. Lacking a lot of detail but I think it looks good for a display car anyhow. Hope ya like it thanks for looking. Charlie b
  4. Thanks guys. The paint is a flat grey military color with a clear coat can’t remember the brand perhaps model masters. It’s an old can with the label ripped off
  5. Charlie B

    '49 Mercury

    Very nice love the modern additions on a classic
  6. Hello all, my version of revells 48 ford police car hope you like it thanks for looking.
  7. Thanks everyone appreciate it. The body was done with the salt technique. First red primer then salt then tan then salt then flat black then salt then blue then some brown and orange acrylic done with brush. I would like to do some sort of tutorial sometime but perhaps I’ll do a car with more surface area.
  8. Very cool build. I Like the creativity
  9. Hello all. Quick build here it’s the amt kit with some other parts box stuff. Hope ya like it thanks Charlie B
  10. Very cool great job on the build and the photos very realistic
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