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  1. Great inspiration gonna build one myself if ya don’t mind
  2. Very cool my mom had one when I was a kid
  3. Thanks for the input guys this world is full of tough decisions.
  4. Charlie B

    56 Chevy

    Man that’s great nice work love the beaters
  5. Hey all not sure what direction to go with this kit. The body seems the only thing salvageable in the amt Plymouth kit. I’ve got two chassis mostly done with no real plan for them let me know which way ya think I should go or any ideas at all. Thanks Charlie
  6. The revell 1/16 bus what a great kit hope you like it. Thanks
  7. Charlie B

    First one

    Thanks guys I’ll do some more practice. Gotta say it’s almost as fun as building the models
  8. Charlie B

    First one

    First real attempt at a diorama and some outside shots messing with my camera on my phone. Any pointers would be appreciated thanks
  9. Very prolific I love dioramas I’d like to see yours not sure if you’ve posted them before
  10. That’s pretty cool your builds are fun. It seems you post a car a day that’s a lot of building wish I was building as much. How many builds are in you collection. keep it up Charlie.
  11. Hello everyone. Built this for a living diorama I’m still working on. Hope you like it thanks Charlie
  12. Thanks guy. I’d like to see some other folks builds of this kit and see how they had dealt with the issues I had. There’s not a lot of these builds posted on line.
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