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  1. This one has a scratch built version of the kit chassis. The front axle is from a '34 Ford Pickup kit, drilled with scratch built disc brakes. A lot of my builds are '60s and '70s drag cars and reflect what was common then. The Double Dragster kit chassis is getting a T body from a Parts Pack. The wheels and tires are 'set up' pieces, the car will have a different set when finished.
  2. I started building this before I realized there were resin bodies available. I would have still done it simply for the challenge and enjoyment.
  3. Thanks! I'm going to post some pics of a few of my ongoing projects. I'm a real kit basher, I can't leave anything the way it came in the box. The only kit car I've ever built is a '32 Ford Vicky (stock version) that I started almost 40 years ago and it's still not quite finished...lol
  4. Hi all, I was an avid builder from when I was around 11 until my late 20s. It's now 40 years later and I started building again a couple of years ago. My main focus is 1/25 cars, primarily '60s and '70s drag cars and muscle cars. I'm now working on a diorama of a late '60s early '70s drag strip laid out on a table made from two 4' x 8' pieces of plywood. It will consist of the pit area with a garage and the starting line. Fortunately I never got rid of any of my old models or tools, I had them all packed away in four large boxes. I found a dozen or so new unbuilt kits that cost $1.19 - $1.49. Things certainly have changed over the years. I was a serious detail freak in my younger days, this time around it's going to be more for fun with just some basic detailing.
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