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  1. I appreciate the offer, but I'm fairly well stocked on squarebodies.
  2. I have the snap Blazer and two Deserters. I want to cut off one cab at the rear of the door and put it on the Blazer, and use the bed to make a long bed with the other.
  3. I had an 82 T top 5.0 Capri but not for very long. I sold it shortly after I got it, never even put it on the road. Also had an 83 4 cylinder 5 speed and an 86 3.8 both Mustangs, I think I sold all three in a package deal. I drove the 83, got the 82 and 86 at about the same time then sold them all.
  4. I'll get another 56, even though I haven't finished the one I have.
  5. I guess I'm optimistic, I like to think everyone was trying to help. Some offering advice on their knowledge of paint, some telling the first time poster that he may have made a mistake and this isn't a 1:1 exclusive website. If I wanted advice on how to shingle my roof I wouldn't ask on a dollhouse forum even though there might be a couple roofers there.
  6. Finally, the Walmart near me has models. I limited myself to these three, for now.
  7. I try not to argue with people that say apples and oranges are the same thing. "They're both fruit. They're both somewhat round. They both taste sweet. You use the same process to remove them from the tree." I just wanted to cast my vote for logic and reason.
  8. For some reason I like this one better.
  9. I was guessing Marlboro. I guess I was close. Looks good.
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