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  1. I like them, I buy different scales. I have the GMC Sonoma and the Ford Explorer.
  2. I think it's bent. I was told it was cracked but from what I remember (it was long ago) it looked like someone welded it. The car sat in the woods for at least 15 years. Well, it wasn't woods when it was parked there.
  3. That's a good point. I've been wanting to get it running again to relist it. I probably should get on that.
  4. Looks can be deceiving. When the rear view mirror fell off is when I decided it was too far gone. Technically, the mirror didn't fall off. The roof structure that the mirror is screwed to fell off, the part the upper windshield glues to. It's pretty much an engine, transmission and rear end surrounded by large chunks of rust.
  5. It's my favorite lawn ornament, but I would sell it to someone that could use the parts. It has a Pontiac 400 with a 350 transmission.
  6. Sort of reminds me of mine, except mine is a LeMans. It's far to rusty for me to do anything with it, but I drove it around my yard with no brakes once.
  7. Casey hasn't been on since April 30th. I wanted to ask in Where's Waldo but I don't know him well so I thought someone else would have by now.
  8. My wife saw this and picked it up for me. Unfortunately it's missing the cab. Oh well, she tried.
  9. Reminds me of the one from Big Trouble In Little China.
  10. Is the Mack the same as this one minus the trailer?
  11. My posts are to allow the posting of creative discussion, Luke's posts stifle the discussion.
  12. Your first post when you entered the discussion was fine, other than the bit about the spoon. It's your second post when you decided to be the thread police that was unnecessary.
  13. Last time I checked you didn't start this topic, and the OP and others were enjoying a conversation. Thanks for telling them they aren't enjoying the forum properly though.
  14. Yes, I mentioned that it was Round2 (AMT) and not Revell. That doesn't mean Revell can't do the same smart thing. Round2 saw the viable business case. Remember, there are other people in this world that don't think the same as you. I'm sure there are plenty that like the idea of having both, and plenty that don't want to paint clear parts. Easy for you, not so easy for others.
  15. I'm not sure if Revell did it, but AMT has. They could follow suit. Without digging through everything I know the AMT '76 Gremlin has both. I think the Econoline or Chevy van does too.
  16. Considering how it's going to be more expensive anyways, they should include clear and smoked like others have had recently. Then the tops can be smoked with a clear windshield.
  17. I always thought the same about the Chevelles too.
  18. My oldest surviving build is the Impala, so I'll get one of those. Probably two, mine is missing a part.
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