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  1. I wasn't mocking. It just doesn't seem like a wise way to handle a concours car.
  2. I guess driving them would have decreased the value. Good thing they didn't do that.
  3. We know where you've seen those lips before.
  4. A Chevette kit is on my want list. I would buy a Tesla kit.
  5. Can you post pictures of some of yours so people know the right ones to get? I've seen them elsewhere here, they're pretty nice.
  6. I assume stores that sell models consistently don't need to mark them down. Stores near higher populated and more trafficked areas, like mine. I went to one probably 15 miles or so further away and all their kits were priced $5 more.
  7. Technically you also copied someone else's intellectual property, GM. But I'm okay with that.
  8. My daughter sent me this emblem picture and asked what kind of car it was. Anybody know?
  9. I don't remember my first, but I remember some earlier ones. Johan Cadillac Eldorado (green car on box), AMT 88 Chevy Silverado, Monogram 57 Chevy, AMT 1/32 55 Chevy, 1/32 Chevy Malibu, 65 Lincoln Continental convertible, 80s Nissan pickup snap. I have my oldest surviving build, AMT 58 Impala. When I see the reissue I'm going to get two. One to build again and one to replace a piece that went missing.
  10. I might have asked this somewhere else already, but is that the same kit as this? I'll still want another though.
  11. I'm never disappointed when I click on something you post.
  12. The ones posted here that were on clearance aren't on clearance here, and they still have them on the shelf.
  13. That looks like swirls in the plastic from the injection molding process. I don't think I've ever seen that on clear parts before.
  14. I got one a while back at my LHS and all four tires are deformed.
  15. I remember those. I should have got one when I saw it on the shelf.
  16. I just checked the one near me and there aren't any kits on clearance. I noticed they got in the Peterbilt wrecker though.
  17. I think the next logical step is a teleportation device, like in The Fly.
  18. Other countries have service stations that can swap out the batteries for charged ones as fast as refueling a car. But the cars are built to accommodate that.
  19. I'm more of a cat person. The Chinese type of cat person.
  20. I hope they're working on Soylent Green so we don't starve to death.
  21. I remember at least one dealer around here was "Dodge Chrysler Plymouth."
  22. My wife and daughter said they wouldn't sell any. "Give this one to my brother." "I want that one." "OK, give him this one." "I want that one too." "Well, you're going to have to give him some."
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