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  1. It definitely needs to go down in the rear. Reminds me of my old Camaro.
  2. My limit is about $65 for semis and about $40 for cars. I have far too many other things I can buy to worry about not having a mini garbage truck.
  3. I saw this. Not sure what it is though. Looks like Chrysler.
  4. Seems poorly worded to me. Why mention the gasket at all if it isn't included? And if mentioned then w gasket and w/o gasket was the "old way" of doing it. Even better, spell out the whole word. It's only a couple more letters.
  5. Calling a 4 door a coupe doesn't make it a coupe. The main element needed for a coupe is 2 doors. A sedan has 4 doors. Unless we're continuing to corrupt the English language, which is usually the case.
  6. They should re-release the Chevy Citation. That would be a hot seller.
  7. Strange how those emoticons bring out such... emotions. Oh that's why they're called that.
  8. Snake started the thread and is participating in the discussion so it seems he's fine with it. But you do have a heart by your comment so it is possible he has a heart on for you.
  9. They are cool books. I have a few lying around. Lots of neat stuff inside.
  10. I've been watching. I like what you're doing. The engine is really cool and a good choice for the car. The hood will make the front end less boring.
  11. Who's trying to be the last post?
  12. Am I in the silly category or non silly?
  13. They seem pretty self explanatory. Somebody loves me. Somebody thinks I'm a winner. Somebody thinks I made a funny. Somebody thinks I'm nuts. So, they're all positive.
  14. As long as they're laughing, I'm fine with it.
  15. I don't need to know who I made laugh, as long as I know I'm funny.
  16. This one doesn't bother me too much.
  17. I have a Revell one, but it doesn't look like those.
  18. Oh that's why the shaker hood scoop is in the reissue, I didn't realize they changed the hood.
  19. Plus the first page is already almost half pins. Uses up some prime space.
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