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  1. You have some serious craft ! Congrats on your awesome big M !
  2. Hi Ron, thanks for the input man, appreciate the offer for the 3D print service. I am looking at diving into the 3D print world this coming fall when my shop is set up. I will keep you in mind for sure. Right now... a 1/16 scale version of a detroit 8v92 TTA engine would be the only consideration... and lucrative for you maybe.... dont know what the current climate is for folks building these big kits... i paid 70 dollars for this kit back in 81... bought 2 more NIB kits for cheap off a local guy. and 200 cdn recently for an aerodyne KW kit... I got the floatation tires and some other bits off a damaged NIB erlt farm toy truck with low boy trailer for 40 bucks US shipped.to my place here just North of Rochester NY on the Canadian side. I was inspired by the Bill signs model I have.. to breathe new life into my old 359. More to follow !
  3. Hi James, I've bought a few cheap E bay glue bombs in my day. Most of the old models of the 70's and 80's were built with the testors single stage adhesive model glue, it melted the parts together on contact... so the more glue used... the more area of potential contact... the more painful it will be to separate the parts ! The only way to reliably separate the parts if they are well glued.. or super glued.. is to use a super sharp long point X-acto blade and surgically cut through the bond. Hot water could offer a small advantage to soften things but I would not be confident in handling a 45 year old piece of plastic after being heat soaked. Surgical separation is a lot of bloody work.. but its worth it when you save an old kit.. and your kit in new condition would be 300 or so dollars US.... or 425 or me in Canada. I will see about taking pictures of the mirrors on one of my 4070A trucks...For new replacement pieces for my old ERTL International tractors, dump trucks, mixers etc.. I will buy a cheap IH 4300 transtar kit for 35 dollars and kit bash it as needed. Best of luck in your progress, and I will see about a close up pic of the mirrors. Cheers. JIM
  4. Restoration and modification of my very first big rig model first assembled back in 1980 when I was 12 years old.... as per the box art... then dismantled and repainted in black... twice.. now its the final and most invasive reconstruction: - Stock hood modified for right air cleaner with flared fenders for the floatation tires -Single headlight mod. -Customized stock bumper -Steerable Heavy spec front axle with super single rims and flloat tires -Twin late model air cleaners -Chrome vent visor -Stock stacks cut short and finished with stainless foil -Black painted fuel tanks with foil straps & details & mounted under cab -Custom Battery boxes mounted under sleeper -Single bunk walk in sleeper using cut down original -Custom headache rack -Mesh platform over rear frame --Frame has 1.5 inches inserted between rear axles for a Canadian spread appearance -70 ton fifth wheel and supporting mods -Upgraded air bag rear suspension -custom individual full rear fenders -Black painted body with red painted front fenders, roof cap and sleeper top for a classic scheme -Possible conversion of the CAT 3408 to a Detrot silver 8v92 TTA and addition of a roof top AC unit... More to follow.. & more pics to come.. - - -
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