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  1. Another beautiful classic mid-60’s super stocker Eric! Love the understated almost showroom stock look of this one. I’m impressed how quickly you’re knocking these out! These are my favorite vintage of drag cars - keep building and posting!
  2. Very creative! Beautiful craftsmanship! Love that bomb fuel tank!
  3. Nice build and I particularly love that tire repair / bumper jack pic. Brings back memories of all the lousy bumper jacks that came with my first few $300 “transportation” cars. I am so glad someone invented the scissors jack that came with the later cars I had back in the ‘70’s.
  4. Yeh, I think engines are generally the weakest areas on OOB builds of Revell and AMT/ Round 2 1/25 car kits. I have become totally addicted to Fireball Resin carburetors as well as Detail Master parts - you can easily double the price of a car build (triple it with good paint!) but what a difference these aftermarket parts can make.
  5. Fabulous engine detailing Ryan! Love them all but especially the Jags. Hard to believe you’ve only been at this for eleven months. You sir have a talent at this hobby! Keep building and posting please!
  6. Thank you Engineerbob (Grant) for the detail instructions, looks like a good way to go. I’m hoping to push the front axle forward as well on a few of the cars which may be a challenge. Not too worried about the chassis and interior mods. You do really nice work btw. Much thanks!
  7. Really impressed with all these AWB builds done by modifying stock wheel base kits. Are most of you guys using two bodies/ kits to do these or are you cutting out the wheel openings on the bodies, shifting them forward and filling in the remaining cut open areas with sheet styrene? I hope to build the AWB ‘65 Chevelle “Seaton’s Shaker” using the Revell kit soon and wondering if I need to find a second Chevelle kit to do the body mods. Would rather not use an AWB resin body or one of those crappy AMT AWB kits.
  8. Nice Thunderbolt Eric! Old Fred Cady decals? If so, how did they work? Any cracking? I’ve seen old sets for sale but have been concerned that they might fall apart when immersed in water.
  9. I agree Robert. MCW offered a resin ‘63 Catalina set but they’ve been out of stock for sometime. I would love to to kitbash a ‘63 resin body with the ‘62 AMT chassis to make this Arnie Beswick car: With dark decals on a silver car, I might be able to do my own decals at home. Decal availability seems to dictate what I build as well as kits. When you look at George Klass’s website, it’s amazing how many hundreds (thousands?) of super stockers that burned up the strips in those early days.
  10. Your Camaro with the integrated flip hood and doors is totally bitchen. Here’s a shot of the Camaro-Corvair car (with a 409!) that I mentioned, I think this roof actually improves the appearance of the first gen. car.
  11. Amazing creativity and workmanship! If you were to ever apply to Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, CA, this collection could qualify as a portfolio. My favorite is also that rear engine Charger, it would be an absolute hit in 1:1 at the National Roadster Show. Speaking of NRS, I remember seeing a first gen Camaro with a second gen Corvair roof grafted onto it, it was wonderful and it would be my request if you were ever to do a commission for me.
  12. That is one impressive gullwing! Next best thing to dropping a mil on a 1:1! And those scratch-built eyebrows you did came out perfect, bravo! If $$$ and space we’re no object, I would love to have two of these kits to display, one complete and one with a naked chassis.
  13. papajohn97

    12 for 21

    You build ‘em neat tiddy & FAST! They are all beautiful but that Z/28 is my favorite, classy and unstated with the black stripes against the charcoal, look’s like a 1:1 in your photos.
  14. Really like the paint scheme on this, the slightly dark metallic red stripe in the silver came out sweet, really pops! Silver can be challenging - this one came out great!
  15. Looking good! Nice job on the painted window trim and the redline tire decals. I also like the look of the black steelies with the yellow. Looking forward to seeing this beauty come together.
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