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  1. Another fabulous job Michael, hard to believe that’s a resin kit-bashed effort, it looks like what I’m hoping the new Moebius AWB ‘65 Dodge will look like. Great job dude!
  2. Very very nice job on this Merc Bob. The paint, the brightwork, the fact that you were able to get the trunk to operate and look good closed (something I failed at on my recent build). This color also really suites this car and really makes the chrome, brightwork and wide whites pop. Even when built as a totally stock, these '49 Mercs look like a mildly customized car from my late 50's- early '60's childhood. Totally love what you've achieved with this old AMT kit. A+ dude!
  3. Amazingly fine job on this ancient kit, especially the engine detailing. Funny that Aurora omitted a passenger seat in this kit which I believe was a requirement on the mid-60’s in the various series these Chaparral 2’s competed in. I would love to see this 1/25 kit re-issued along with the Ferrari Berlinetta, Maserati 3500 GT, Porsche 904 and Aston Martin DB4. Had no idea they also kitted a Cunningham.
  4. OMG! What an amazing resource! I may be up late tonight (and a few future nights) reading the issues from the 50’s - 60’s. These old HR issues are like the HAMB website on steroids! Thankyouthankyou!!!!
  5. Fabulous job David, love the look of the whitewalls & mags with the red paint, very mid-60’s vibe. Also very envious of your 1:1, what a sweet looking ride! Your build made me think about the upcoming Moebius ‘65 Dodge releases, can’t wait to buy and build a few of those!
  6. Just now joining the crowd watching this WIP. Very cool car Tom and amazing Swiss watch maker detailing that you’re doing on this one. I love the pic of the pink primer undercarriage with the black frame and all the eye candy details. I have always loved Tamiya’s Pearl light red but have only used it on a custom I once built, never thought of it for a drag car. Looking forward to seeing this one finished.
  7. Enjoying your WIP on these Mopars Ron. Love the look of the silver with the mags on your last posting. I’ve built three of these Lindberg/ AMT/ Round 2 ‘64 Dodge kits (as well as two of the Plymouths) - I love ‘em, they’re great BUT….the plastic axle pins on all four wheels are crazy weak and may eventually break on you. I’ve had some success drilling out the front spindles and rear differential/ axle housing and replacing all four plastic pins with 1/16” OD brass rod or tubing. I’m hoping your plastic pins survive but if they don’t, rest assure it’s an easy one to fix, good luck!
  8. Thanks guys, John - the AMT ‘62 Bel Air kit comes with poseable front wheels. I wish AMT included extended arms with pins on the spindles and a tie rod like Revell does, one of these days I need to add one to this and a dozen other AMT builds I have with pigeon-toed front wheels….
  9. Pro-mods are generally not my cup of tea but I love this build, not just because of the craftsmanship and details but the styling transformation that you’ve achieved with this ‘64 Dodge body, it really works as a stretched front end, chopped roof, boxed rear spoiler pro-mod. Fabulous!
  10. Love today’s B-T-C car Mike! How did you kit bash this one? Reliable Resin body and Polar Lights engine/ chassis? Beautiful blue paint and decal work, overall appearance and stance came out looking very accurate! I have yet to model a first gen. flipper FC but your builds are motivating me to give one a go. I got to see the original 1:1 of this car with JJ behind the wheel win the night at OCIR (in ‘69?) when I was a pimply 16 yr old and “Age of Aquarius” was climbing the Bill Board chart. 45+ years later, I encountered this same car at the “World of Speed” auto museum near Portland, OR before they shut the place down. Wished I’d taken some pictures of it!
  11. What! No magazine cover? Just kidding Mike, this is a very nice build of legendary JJ’s pre-funny car period gasser. When I picked up the Moebius Chevy II gasser kit, this was one of the cars I thought I might build so it’s great to see a finished one. Also, I don’t think I would have even noticed the black/ white decal overlay issue if you hadn’t mentioned it, look’s fine as is. I’m thinking now of doing the Moebius kit as an altered wheel base car, Doug Thorley’s “Chevy-2-Much” but procrastinating because of the extensive body/ chassis surgery required. I also still want to build a “Seaton’s Shaker” with two of the Revell Chevelles, with all the cutting and puttying, maybe another “binge build” is in my future? You and Altered Ego (Jeff) with your amazing productivity, you’re leaving the rest of us in the dust here!
  12. Thanks Jeff. Four of the five are posted here. The fifth build I did in my “binge build” was a sloppy version of Dick Brannan’s “Lively One” ‘63 Ford 427 using the recent AMT Round 2 re-issue with the one-piece chassis and pin-in-sockets replacing the four old self-tapping screws. Among other issues, the front end slight jacked-up stance came out all wrong so I parked this one on my shelf-of-shame…. John Witzke did an A+++ build of this same historic stocker which he posted here and which I’ll just say I was hoping to do at best a B grade version with the kit chassis but ended up with a D minus. If anyone wants to model this car, I recommend copying John’s build using a ‘60 Starliner doner chassis along with the correct resin interior and the excellent Slixx decal set.
  13. Agree with others here on your color selection David, perfect for an early period gasser. Turquoise was really popular in the 50’s/ early 60’s and it really clicks with the satin black. Nice job! Please build and post more classic drag subjects!
  14. Yet another beautiful cover car! I’m blown away by how quickly you knock these builds out Mike and each one is a very clean and high quality build. Do you display your collection with the mag cover behind each one? It would constitute an easy winning “collection” entry at a model contest someday (and an article in MCM?). So does the body flip up on this one? If so, post another pic or two. Much thanks!
  15. Nice clean build Mike on this R code racer. I really like the side profile slightly jacked-up look you achieved in the front stance, did you use the lower front axle holes provided in the kit chassis or did you have to adjust them? Some kits tend to be too jacked up IMO, yours looks just right. Just when I thought I had all the mid-sixties SS kits I would ever want, now I gotta look for one of these!
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