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  1. Your paint work is absolutely amazing Mr L. You should be painting 1:1 Ferrari’s, you’d make a fortune!
  2. I agree with you Eric on this new tool XKE roadster, it approaches Tamiya quality IMO. I believe this is a series 1 3.8 L which was produced from ‘62 -‘64. You did a beautiful job on your build and I particularly like all the correct paint colors and details you included under the hood and in the interior. I just finished a red one for my wife and am tempted to pick up another one to finish in metallic blue for me, it was that much fun to build. Too bad Revell didn’t get the front windshield height right on the coupe version of this new kit (looks like they used the shorter roadster window on the coupe).
  3. Beautiful execution on one of Revell’s best 1/25 auto kits. The black steelies are a great choice with the dark blue, gives it a realistic understated early ‘60’s super stocker look. The decals and your application of them are very nice - are they a Fred Cady set?
  4. These are some builds I did before the pandemic hit. I’ve been building mostly super stockers since these but I love these “old early days” subjects, gotta build more of these!
  5. Love this two-tone scheme with the wide whites. The chrome wheels are very nice as well -did they come in the kit? Sounds like a less-than-perfect kit which you managed to beat into submission- nice job!
  6. Really impressed with the transformation you achieved on this one - great job! Too bad you couldn’t “clone” the model you started with to park next to your finished maroon beauty. I must admit, I also love the innocence of the “before” one, like a fine piece of folk art, it’s so bad it’s kinda cool! I feel your pain regarding recent metal foil, I just purchase a fresh new sheet but it’s nowhere as good (in thickness or adhesion) as the old sheet I’ve been nursing for years. Another victim of our supply chain challenges….
  7. Very nice job merging the AMT ‘60 Starliner chassis & engine to this old tooled Merc. This car looks good in white & red with the jacked up chassis and teardrop hood. As much as I like the fastback ‘63-64 Ford Galaxies, I think this Maurader has even nicer styling. Beautiful super neat build!
  8. Beautiful clean build of an unusual short-lived model from Lexus. I think The styling is pretty nice when compared with more recent Lexus models (ugliest front ends IMO since the Edsel). I’ve seen everything in the streets here in So. CA including Bugatti Veyrons and La Ferrari’s but I have yet to see one of these LFA’s in the flesh, they must be pretty rare. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Beautiful job Tom! Love the subject and your fabulous execution. The look of whitewalls on early sixties SS’er’s, so nostalgic for me (as well as for other fellow old geezers). I wouldn’t have even noticed the height of the rear if you hadn’t pointed it out. Under hood detail is also really nice. I experienced your BMF troubles this morning in using a brand new package - it doesn’t stick worth a darn! I had to pull out what little foil I’ve been using for a few years to finish the small job I was doing (Revell’s new XKE roadster). I guess we need to add adhesive to use this newer stuff?
  10. Hey Tom, here’s a photo of the Mel Burns SMP decals I bought earlier this year: As you can see they are nowhere near as nice as yours. I think I was another of one of those suckers who bought my set off a vendor on eBay (teresawulf) and not the SMP website, I suspect they were bootlegged. I’ve learned since that there is a number of folks copying and printing other’s decals (and resin parts) and selling them on eBay. The only pics I have of this car you probably already have:
  11. Thank’s guys for the kind comments. Bogger44 - I used Scalefinishes “Dodge Viper Stryker Orange” basecoat along with a white basecoat. Scalefinishes basecoats work great for two-tone paint schemes, I rarely get any bleed thru at the masked edges (I use green Frog tape). I’ve given up trying to use gloss lacquers for two-tones, the solvents in the lacquers just laugh at my masking barriers and bleed right thru!
  12. Nice recovery Tom on the body replacement. I love these early sixties SS’ers so you’ve got my attention. I wanted to do a Mel Burns lightweight 62 Galaxie SS (I grew up in Long Beach) but the SMC decals I ordered were really poor quality (they use fuzzy rastor graphic files vs crisp vector graphics?), hoping yours are better. I ended up building the Jerry Alderman sponsored A/FX car because it only needed monochrome dark blue decals which I was able to print at home. It was my first resin body project (also using the excellent AMT Starliner donor kit) and a “learning experience” for me (not sure I’ll go there again unless it’s a really special subject). Looks great so far! - Looking forward to watching your build!
  13. I love it Bob! Love the fact that you incorporated a blown straight six (a 235 Chevy?), a typical late fifties rail made in some dude’s backyard financed by his Mon-Fri job. Those must have been fun (and crazy dangerous) days. We all must have at least one of these extra slingshot dragster frames left over from the double dragster kit, your build is inspiring me to copy you here! Thanks for posting this very cool subject.
  14. Nice job Ray on painting and assembling this “diecast kit”, a genre I didn’t know about until I read your post. I like the understated two-tone color scheme and leaving decals off, gives it a sinister intimidating outlaw racer look. Did this Acme kit include those fuel lines and fittings details? (very nice). Would love to see a pic of the left side of the engine and the underside of the chassis. Thanks for sharing!
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