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  1. Great job Jesse on painting/ re-chroming/ foiling this ancient AMT (promo?) kit. This green is perfect for this car/ period and the finish and workmanship is first class. The front and rear grills/ bumpers and wheels/ WWW tires all make your build much more realistic looking. Wish Round 2 could/ would re-issue this kit, it’s so weird it’s cool. Thanks for posting!
  2. Another front cover masterpiece! A pink fuelie Hemi AWB early funny! Cool!!!! Love it! As I may have posted before, I really really envy you for your magazine collection! What a great reference library!
  3. Thanks Michael for posting these two builds. I grew up in So. Cal in the 50’s-60’s and Hayden P. was one of many local drag racing legends. These two all-red beauties are a fitting tribute to his very successful 409/ Z-11 racing period. Thanks also for describing all the details to kit-bashing the ‘63 Impala Z-11 using the ‘62 Bel Air chassis, all your efforts really paid off, especially in the period correct front “jacked-up” stance on both cars. You’ve inspired me to build these two in the near future to add to my growing super stock collection. The one criticism I have is not with your build execution but with SMP’s decal graphics. They offer a wonderful selection of early super stock drag subject decals but unfortunately most of them appear to use really large litho rastor graphic files instead of vector graphics like Slixx uses. You can really see the difference if you zoom up and compare the clean sharp decals of the ‘62 Bel Air (Slixx?) with the fuzzy ‘63 Impala (SMP) graphics. Sure hope SMP can eventually address this issue.
  4. That is a wonderful collection of my favorite drag cars. You can never have too many ‘62 Bel Air 409’s!
  5. Beautiful funny, particularly love the chassis with all the linkage and plumbing eye candy. I feel your pain on the “old decals over dark paint” challenges. I’ve been able to minimize this a few times by 1) removing all the decal adhesive from the old decal after wetting and separating it from the paper backing by rubbing it off with a soft paint brush and water and then 2) applying a thin mixture of Micro Set (blue bottle) and white glue between the decal and paint to provide adhesion and fill voids to prevent ghosting. If you use this method, be sure to remove any excess MS-white glue from the decal area before it sets up, otherwise it will leave a un-glossy film.
  6. R. Thorne - I left the stock exhaust system (muffler) in place per NHRA rules for S/S in ‘65. I’m not sure when the 1:1 photos were taken (’66?) but in that time a lot of these cars were morphing into match racers/ pre- funnies so it’s likely they removed the stock exhaust. I believe Shirley replaced the dual cards with Hilborne FI sometime in ‘66. MADmodelDOCTER - I used Tamiya acrylic tan (FX-55 deck tan I think), airbrushed on the interior.
  7. Thanks guys for the “at-a-boy’s”! Compliments here are very flattering (and encouraging!). I thought the same thing when I first saw the pinstripe decals on the Slixx sheet so I photocopied the decals and used it as a guide when cutting my tape masks. Slixxx prints a thin white boarder on both sides of each pinstripe which really helps maintain an even gap between each stripe and the masked blue edge on the final two-tone painted body. If Slixx had just made the pinstripes a single blue line, I think the final mounted decals on the masked painted body would have looked much sloppier and uneven.
  8. Cool build Fish! I think you did a great job capturing the "no-frills guy with a day job in the sixties" look on this build. Love the color, love the rear black steelies, love the minimal decals, love the stance. Sweet! I feel your pain on the fractured Moebius door handles, I broke the left one on the '65 Ply I just posted and re-aligning the pieces and re-bonding them together using CA was an exercise in micro jewelry making. It look's ok from 18" away.....
  9. This one is built using the Moebius '65 Plymouth Belvedere A990 Butch Leal "California Flash" kit and a set of Slixx decals. I replaced the 426 engine with stick shift that came with the kit with a Moebius 426 Hemi with a TorqueFlite automatic that came out of the Moebius '65 Belvedere Hemi hardtop kit. I added a Detail Master distributor + plug wires, solder wire fuel lines, seat belts, Fireball Holley 3116 resin carbs and a detail Master tach. I have used the nice machined aluminum Detail Master velocity stacks on previous Hemi S/S builds but they were never period correct so I decided to try making my own scratch-built velocity stacks for this build using styrene sheet and tubing that I think came out a little closer to the original factory stacks (although larger/ taller like the resin carbs!). Exterior paint is Scale Finishes "Tru-Blue" and white base with TS-13 clear coat, everything else Tamiya and a little Alclad metalizer. I was a little apprehensive in attempting to align the Slixx pinstripe decals adjacent to my masking borders but it came out pretty good I think. Shirley Shahan was an amazing super stock driver back in the sixties, shutting all the boys down in the '66 National's and taking home top stock eliminator, all while working at the Gas Company full time and raising three kids. I believe she is still with us (83?), retired and living in the Central Valley of Cal. What a cool woman! Cheers, John
  10. Amazing craftsmanship and creativity! Love the front wheel pods and the rear suspension. You really thought through and sweated all the internal details. The only thing missing are Ferrari logo(s)! Bravo!
  11. Absolutely agree (most beautiful and perfect F1 car ever), probably the one 1/12 MFH model I would consider if $ and my skill limitations were no issue. Fabulous build!
  12. Soldering a brass chassis from scratch looks like quite a challenge. It reminds me of how we use to build 1/24 slot car chassis from scratch back in the 60’s. You might want to do a search on the web for videos on building soldered brass rod/ piano wire slot car chassis for tips on soldering materials and methods, alignment jigs & fixturing, heat sinks, etc. I saw JJ win the night at OCIR in ‘69 in this car. Last drag race I attended in the 60’s, good old days! Looking forward to seeing how you make this chassis come together.
  13. Your masking, painting and foiling look fantastic to me. I love this AMT kit, one of their best. 426 Max Wedges Rock!!!!
  14. Lovely execution on this great Moebius kit. In white, this model reminds me of the ‘56 DeSoto Firedome Sportsman that Jimmy Stewart drove in one of my favorite classic movies, Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” (although I think I prefer the cleaner styling of your Chrysler). Beautiful build and nice photos!
  15. Thanks Michael for posting the Comet -T-Bolt underside comparison photo. I was surprised that the Comet was that much shorter and narrower than the Fairlane, a little more cutting than I expected. Sure hope Round 2 re-pops this ‘64 Comet kit before I get too old and feeble to kit bash one like yours!
  16. Another fabulous “cover car” Michael! This one might just be my favorite of yours. Look’s like the T-Bolt chassis slips right into the AMT body without much trouble? Did you use the T-Bolt interior? I may just have to copy you on this one if/ when the Comet kit is ever re-issued (ultimate compliment, right?). I better start looking for another Revell T-Bolt and a set of these decals!
  17. The body mods, that injected SBC, the colors, the decals, the wheels, the stance, it all just “clicks”. Nice!!!! Your build inspires me to take another crack at this kit which I remember struggling with as a kid
  18. Very nice builds of a wonderful subject. I’m with you on this being one of best SS kits ever released, I’ve built two so far (Dick Brannan’s and Gas Ronda’s) and could easily build a few more if I could find some interesting usable decals. The other SS kits I keep building are the AMT ‘62 Bel Air (3), the Lindberg/ AMT Round 2 ‘64 Dodge (3), the AMT ‘64 Plymouth Belvedere (2) and the Moebius ‘65 Plymouth’s (3). Can’t wait for Moebius to release their ‘65 Dodge kits!
  19. Love these “cover car” builds that you’re posting Mike. Did the ‘66 Galaxie kit that you got the cammer out of to build this Mustang also include the two air inlet conduits? I tried building those from scratch for a Mustang A/FX I posted last year (and gave up!). In my perfect scale modeling fantasy world, Moebius would release an accurate 1/25 kit of the H-M ‘65 Mustang 2+2 A/FX with their 427 SOHC (from their Comet kit), accurate front and rear AWB adjustments, period correct wheels and tires with proper “stance”and the weird front torsion beam suspension and then Slixx or Fremont Racing Specialties would issue sets of decals to build all 10 (11?) of the resulting drag cars….a boy can dream…
  20. Your Pops has impeccable taste! The colors, the lowered stances, the choice of wheels, everything just “clicks” on both of these! The paint, the foil work and overall build quality is first class on both as well. I thought the styling of these ‘59 - 60’s Chev’s with the bat wings were weird (kinda ugly) when they first appeared in my kid days but now they look beautiful to me.
  21. Thanks guys for the encouraging responses. Also thanks SuperDan for pointing out the misspelling on the dash decal -that gave me a good laugh. I can’t promise that there won’t be spelling errors on any future builds I post, my spelling skills suck! One thing I did different on this second go round on this kit which helped was to fully assemble the engine + trans + differential before installing into the chassis (instructions call out installing the trans + diff to chassis first). The rear of the engine still suffered downward angular “sag” off the rear axle pivot point but this was fixed by just pushing the sagging engine back up into the chassis/body and bonding the rear of the exhaust pipes to the body cut-outs.
  22. Fabulous job on this one Randy. I have to echo the compliments on the painted wheel covers, a tough area to get right. Also noticed that you painted the weather stripping on the door openings which really makes these open gullwing doors visually pop. All around sweet build!
  23. Sweet! Love the understated colors and overall sleeper look of this Poncho. So are the tires/ model from the AMT “Polyglass Gasser II” kit? If so, I gotta keep a look for that one, can never build too many sixties Pontiac’s!
  24. This is my second attempt at wrestling a 1/24 Fujimi 356 kit into a presentable finished model with all four wheels nearly touching the ground. This one was no easier than first (a yellow coupe I build a year or so ago). I used ScaleFinishes sixties Ford base paint for the ivory exterior, "Corinthian White", and Tamiya acrylics and Alclad metallics for the other colors. Despite the challenges, I love the look of these Fujimi bathtub Porsches, I think its the fabulous looking wheels that come with these kits that makes them worth building. Cheers, John. (PS - the rear tail lights are wrong, the red should be outboard/ orange inboard....always something!)
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