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  1. That is one fine collection of well built models. You should be very proud of those. And, I bet the show promoters love to see you walking in the door. Big boost to the car count!
  2. That is an excellent replica of the epitome of 32 Fords. That is an awesome build.
  3. That is outstanding in every aspect. As Cousin Eddy would say " she's a beaut Clark"!!!
  4. Outstanding progress. I'm following along.
  5. Cool project. Your paint skills sound like mine. I buy a can of paint and a gallon of purple power. That's how I roll....
  6. Wow! That kit builds up really nice. You did a great job with it.
  7. It's a shame the modern factory offerings don't possess this kind of character. You did a beautiful job on your build.
  8. That's a beautiful build. Your chrome work is outstanding. Did you use bare metal foil? I've seen some Molotow pen work that looks great also.
  9. Fantastic job on the series first champion. I'd say you nailed it.
  10. That is one fine build. I'd be very proud of it.
  11. Looks great. I always thought the Monogram Luminas built up really well.
  12. Testors gloss red, or duplicolor flame red looks nice also.
  13. Looking mighty good. I really enjoy your championship builds.
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