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  1. Amazing build, the color is perfect for this car
  2. Just finished this 71 Cuda. It’s painted in createx purple pearl/ blue pearl at a 5-1 ratio. Then cleared with ppg euroclear. It’s my first time spraying createx paint and I have learned it is VERY different from what I’m used to. Over all this is a pretty simple kit, it went together without any problems and the fit and finish is very good.
  3. Got a little more progress done, I made a steering wheeL ring out of a popsicle stick and used the photo etch set from a 66/67 for the center of the steering wheel, I’m pretty happy with the results, I don’t really want to stain it I’m thinking I should just put some gloss clear over it, I used super glue on the back to add some strength to it since it’s very thin, and then filed the finger grips.
  4. I might have to change the paint color on this project, I recently picked up a 1:1 1968 coupe and am wanting to build a resto-mod I’m thinking platinum graphite with either blue or dark orange interior. I think building a 1/25 scale of it would be a pretty cool blueprint, and answer the question of what would look the best.
  5. I did one of these as a bar find a couple years back, I love how accurate the body is on the coupe, I’m gonna make a roadster out of the coupe body one day😁
  6. I haven’t posted on this car in a while, I’ve got the body fitted properly, I had to take a break from it for a little while. But I should be painting it in the next couple weeks.
  7. I removed all of the molded in detail from the firewall and used a piece of sheet styrene to smooth it over I need to rearrange the heater box and wiper motor so I have a place to mount the PCM I also used a newer master cylinder and brake booster from the C5 kit that also donated the engine, I got some test fitting done on the front suspension with the struts as well, the mods are almost complete and I’ll be able to start painting soon😁
  8. Here’s a couple shots with the modified leaf springs in place, and a comparison of the stock tire and the ones I’m using.
  9. I wanted to use some wider tires on this car, but I didn’t want them to stick out the sides, kinda makes the car look like a turtle. So I cut the stock rear suspension and built new axles out of aluminum tubing, I then cut away the frame rails in the rear, and was able to narrow the rear suspension by about 6mm now the wider tires fit under the quarters, I’ll adjust the ride height when I make the rear springs and tie rods, but I’m pretty happy with the progress so far.
  10. I wanted to do this car in a resto-mod style, so I’m adding an LS engine along with modified suspension, I’m trying to decide wether to use a modern rack and pinion steering system or keep the old drag link. I carved out the inside of the stock front suspension, to make it look like modern lower control arms, built strut towers and added upper control arms. I have some resin brakes from a 2009 ZR1 I’m going to try out along with some wide 5 spoke rims, everything is rough cut right now I still have to clean all the cut lines and fill in the frame where the coil springs used to go.
  11. Beautiful car, I love that color
  12. Their backwards on my 1:1 lol, I didn’t realize it until I parked next to a grand sport one day, and noticed they go in the opposite direction. Luckily they are just decals, I’ll fix it one day 😁
  13. Electron blue is one of my favorite colors, that is a beautiful car, I think the side moldings work better on certain colors, I don’t really like them on red and black cars, but on metallic colors I agree they are a really nice accent.
  14. Here’s the kinda look I’m going for, it’s a bit dirty due to the rain and me living on a dirt road.
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