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  1. Paint job 2.0 is complete, it came out very good, better than the first I believe. I also got the bumpers prepped for chrome and the backup light is cut into the body this time not painted on.😎
  2. Well a bit of an unfortunate series of events occurred while polishing the paint, I burned through on the top of the quarter panel, which I could have lived with honestly, then while I was removing some making tape from around the tail panel, for the center mount reverse light, the clear decided to come with it. The clear seemed to flake off rather easy, I believe I let the base cure to long before I cleared it, also the base coat seemed to have more of a shine than normal, the paint store may have mixed single stage by mistake which would explain why they said I might need some base coat hardener. Either way the body has ventured it’s way into the purple pond, hopefully it will strip the urethane paint off. Hopefully I’ll have a positive update soon😁
  3. After many attempts to get the color right I believe I have gotten as close to Elkhart blue as modern PPG paint will allow, it is the prime formula mixed using the original 67 paint code, I really like this color and am considering it on a couple other projects. Now I’m off to strip the chrome and reshape the hideous mold lines on the bumpers. Then final assembly can begin, I noticed in all the test fitting that the front wheels needed to be moved forward about 3mm to center up, the interior tub still sits a little forward for my liking but at this point I’m just splitting hairs. As always thanks for looking
  4. I completed 90% of the chassis I’ve still got to mount the rear exhaust and the cross member before I can permanently install the engine, but all in all it’s moving along slowly but surely, I ended up using big block exhaust manifolds on the small block engine I’m sure it won’t bug me to much once the car is finished.
  5. So I have made a bit of progress on the interior, I used VHT titanium blue over grey but the color was to light looked more of a silver, so I tried a base of royal blue then sprayed the titanium blue over it. That had much better results, next is the rest of the suspension details and then the knock off wheels.
  6. So here’s my pics of what I have so far, I used the rear clip from my junkyard roadster along with some bits from a scrap roadster I had. I used some styrene sheet to reinforce the body where I joined the two halves. Then shaped the window frame to look similar to the convertible.
  7. I have thought long and hard about how to correct the 67 corvette roadster by revell, I love the kit it’s self, (I have about 30 of them in my stash) just everytime I build one the front end needs major reshaping. However the coupe kit nails the body shape in my opinion. So I finally bit the bullet and combined the two. My question would be do I do this every time or should I attempt to recast this body out of resin? Also has anybody ever cast a body out of resin and are there any pointers on how I could accomplish this task? Thanks in advance
  8. Yes, as long as you use the interior tub from the 67
  9. I’ve got the frame painted, and most of the engine painted. I tried to recreate the over spray on the fiberglass portion of the chassis, only problem is the blue almost blends with the dark gray fiberglass. Next is the suspension and the engine details.
  10. I think that might be the best option, I’m thinking about using the whole rear clip from behind the doors.
  11. Thanks, I think I’m going to scribe it in the tail panel. Or paint it on, Ive been thinking about the best way to do it, the biggest gripe I have with the body is the size of the tail light holes, they are a bit to big.
  12. I finished up the body mods, now have it in primer. Next I’m going to start on the engine/chassis while the body work fully cures.
  13. After a bit of test fitting I found that the revell 67 chassis will fit perfectly, my 69 z/28 camaro was kind enough to donate it’s small block engine, I removed the fender vents from my old junkyard scene sting ray. I have some knock off wheels around here some where, locating them is a trick though. Other than that I believe this is now a complete kit, time to get started
  14. You can use purple power to strip paint, just submerge it in a plastic tub with a lid for a few days and the paint will peel right off, ive stripped many many models this way for a few years now.
  15. I think out of all the movie cars in the history of cinema the 1967 Elkhart blue corvette roadster from the movie Con-Air stands out to me the most. Maybe it was the car it’s self, a rare corvette in pristine condition in a movie not about cars at all, or it’s unfortunate fate. Probably one of the most memorable moments of destruction in most car guys mind. A lot of people argue that it was a mock up, or dummy car, that there’s no way they destroyed a real one, unfortunately the footage of the car looks to be quite real, complete with control arms, brakes, turn signals, and a very bright orange oil pan. I’ve always wanted to build a model of this car prior to its plane ride, the biggest issue I have it the car is a small block with a standard hood, revell has a great 67 kit bit the stinger hood is wrong, however the 63 snapper car be made to look correct with a few modifications. So that’s where I will begin. Looking at the still frames of the car it appears that the hero car is Elkhart blue with light teal interior, with rear exhaust and 64-66 knock-off wheels, the drop car has a black interior, there is an article on google saying the drop car was restored to its original condition in the form of a 435 hp 427, with side exhaust and bolt on wheels, but that wasn’t it in the movie. So here’s my attempt at building AZZ-KIKR, the ill fated 67 roadster.
  16. I got the engine complete and in the gts chassis, the rt/10 engine is built but still waiting on a few parts before I build it’s chassis. Other than that everything seems to be going smoothly now
  17. I agree, the original viper was a beast especially in the 90s, who ever heard of a 450 hp v10 with no door locks or even handles lol, plus huge 17 inch rims. Rounded bodywork in a time everything was square, it looks kinda tame by today’s standards but the original car is an absolute icon, and deserves a quality model, I mean it was designed by Carol Shelby. figment seems to be the biggest problem I’m having, it’s almost like doing a real alignment just getting the wheels straight, test fitting after every part is put on, but it seems to be paying off, the wheels fit the body properly this time around, the ZR1 wheels kinda give it the ACR look, I’m hoping to get the issues worked out on the RT/10 so I can finish both at the same time
  18. I got the gts on its wheels today, I’m pretty happy with its stance, was a bit concerned at first with it being to high, but after test fitting the body the ride height is pretty good. I did the brake calipers in metallic orange, still not 100% on a body or interior color, I know for sure I don’t want black or red. But now that the suspension is built I’m going to move on to the engine.
  19. I forgot all about the viper being a 6 lug lol, I think I’m going to fill them in and paint the rims dark charcoal or black.
  20. So after being snake bit by the yellow viper rt/10 for a couple months I finally made some progress on the gts, I got the suspension built and centered I chose some better disc brakes out of my parts bin, and decided to go with the wheels from a 2009 ZR1 hopefully I’ll be able to get the chassis on its wheels in the next few days
  21. That’s one nice lookin car. Love the color combo with the wood grain
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