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  1. modiol

    SMP 1960 Impala

    I just searched ebay for white Laser water slide decal paper. The paper I got is a generic decal paper, it didn't have a brand name
  2. I finally spent the money and bought an original 1966 Impala. It was mostly complete. I built it stock and painted it with Scale Finishes Willow Green. I recently started using Scale Finishes paint, and I'm really happy with them.
  3. I build this 1960 impala several years ago while I was testing a new brand of paint. It came out kind of lime green. My friend asked me if I painted it with a High Lighter pen, so I had to do something new. I repainted the Impala using Scale Finishes Cascade Green. I used Bare Metal Foil, and covered it with Tamiya TS13 clear coat. I sanded the seat inserts and printed a set of green decal inserts. I like the updated look.
  4. Here are a few pictures of the truck. I had it for several years. I painted it with testors paint, and started to wet sand it to get ready for the clear, then I just boxed it up and forgot I had it.
  5. I have a 1960 Chevy Long Wheel Base truck. It is the modelhaus resin. I painted the body several years ago and never finished building it. If you are interested in it, I can pull it out of storage and we can work out a price.
  6. I built mine years ago, but I forgot who made it and where I got it from. You guys are correct, the 54 is the first year of the solid windshield. The dash is different as well, but the correct dash came with the kit. Another change is the door handles. 54 had push button handles, not the twist type. Another major difference is the bed rails are flat, not angled. I used the bed sides from the AMT 55 stepside truck.
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