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  1. Yes I do know that, it was there just so I could make sure things lined up when I put the two halves together. Thanks though I preshaded with some Mission models black.
  2. I like the song idea: Bobby Seger Night Moves: Out in the back seat of my 60 chevy... chevy whatever, idk.
  3. Haha! I know what its like to live where everybody agrees... West Vancouver High schools... yeesh. That being said, I just thought the amount of emotion behind some answers were a little out of the blue. I like discourse, but I don't like derailment.
  4. I agree with that. However, I don't see this much oddly placed anger in some of my other forums... Perhaps this place is just so full that every imaginable opinion will surface. I am also surprised about the longevity of this threads life.
  5. Jesus, I regret opening this discussion. Had I known there would be so much animosity around it, I would have kept my mouth shut. Forgive me for being a stupid and curious youngster with an interest in learning about your opinions. I don't see how some of you could have gotten so riled up (myself included) about a simple question.
  6. Thank you, I did the lighting myself, it was my first proper lighting done.
  7. Oh I want to do that for one of my other ones. My next one is going to be an american street diorama with nazi officers on the street with regular american peoples and a mix of american and german cars. The buildings will have the nazi american flags hanging where you would see normal flags. I want to go all out with it, and do some lights in the buildings and little shop fronts.
  8. Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately you never actually get to see the invasion of the States in the show, so I just made the pattern up myself.
  9. Update time: I have worked on the cockpit a bit. I can't do too much until my extra parts arrive from Russia... that will take time. I drilled some holes into the battery/radio and added some wires. I tried to make it look like the rubberish coating on the floor had been scratched away with feet. Still more to come
  10. It has been a while since I posted here, as I have been over at other forums recently. I have gotten back into aircraft modelling as of late, so here is something I have been working on. The paint scheme is NOT real. I made it up for my first of hopefully many Man in the High Castle builds. I want to do a street diorama next... The scheme was my idea of the American Reich aircraft. Take it how you will. If no one has watched Man in the High Castle, this must look very confusing to you... just google it, you'll understand. Here it is all done: The base is made from some weird piece of wood I found in the basement. I used some grout powder on drywall plaster for the ground effect. The paints are moslty vallejo with but the green is Citadel. It is a bit shiny because it is actually still wet from my satin clear.
  11. The gathering of kits is exciting! I have begun work on mine, the pictures look super dark, but the colours are a lot brighter in reality. I cannot do much at the moment, as I am waiting for a cockpit decal set from Quinta Studio. Can't wait to see more of all your builds!
  12. This is my kit for the GB:
  13. My kit is still in the mail... 😥
  14. Those silver pinstripes must have been a pain.. Super nice job!
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