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  1. A christmas gift arrived today, sent by Mustang. He sent me a new bumper for the 'stang, which I promptly completed. Despite the issues with the fit on the nose, I thoroughly enjoy this kit. I HAVE to do another one with the Eleanor custom front clip.
  2. 🤦‍♂️ Wow, and the Nash one seems to be like 3x more expensive. Alright, what are you looking for Steamboat? Hopefully we can come to an agreement if you are willing to part with it.
  3. Fantastic! What is the difference between that and the Nash Bridges version?
  4. I'm looking for a kit that can either convert a revell 71 cuda into a convertible, or just the 71 cuda convertible kit itself. Thanks
  5. She done! Finished it up today, alongside the mustang. Both look nice on my table, but camera died before I could get a shot of the whole table. C&C welcome.
  6. Under the hood, and with the rest until I get the bumper on. I am overly happy with the wiper blades themselves. It's a silly little thing, but I think they just look nice.
  7. I am really close to getting this one done. In all honesty, it is my best automobile model yet (just watch as i accidently sit on it or something). Once the front bumper that Mustang here provided (many many thank you's to him for that) arrives, it will be the last touch. Instead of BMF I might instead do molotow pens or maybe do black trim instead. Not sure which yet. Chrome trim on one seat, one to go. Also for size comparison with the GT.
  8. Little progress. Still need to finish the engine though... http://www.spamodeler.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_thumbsup.GIF
  9. Thanks guys! Neat to know that you worked on the GT Gotnitro. One thing I noticed about this kit, and I don't know if anyone here knows why, but the headlights are not road headlights. Are they specialized racing lights? Those are the real ones, These are the kit ones http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1356/4477/products/07041__d_01_ford_gt_le_mans_grande.jpg?v=1547112323
  10. Thanks, I have one on the way now. Please remove this thread.
  11. So I started this kit a while ago. I forgot to start a thread though, so here is what I have done and where I am now.
  12. Same colour combo I did, looks great!
  13. As tittle suggests. Mine broke and then half of it became a rocket ship and is no where to be found.
  14. I filed down the headlight insert areas, and that has helped a bit. This was before filing, so the gap is a little less terrible.
  15. Great kit, just... don't melt it. Also a warning, the decals are a little brittle. Just be careful with them.
  16. I will get some pictures in a bit. Stay tuned!
  17. Got any pointers for the nose? It seems too wide for the body at points... Also the locating "tabs" just... came off.
  18. Well everyone is right (as always). The front just doesn't fit... so I will glue what fits in place then putty from behind, do another coat of purple. That might fix it.
  19. Greetings all, been a while. I want to know how well the Mission Models Gloss clear works. I use their primer and a few of their colours, and they are pretty nice but somewhat fragile. Would their clear work over AK Interactive XTreme Metal paints? I assume considering the mission models stuff is acrylic, it would sit just fine on top of enamel. Any suggestions or theories are helpful.
  20. I wanted to have them as one unit, but I didn't think I could fit the interior and chassis assembly in after the front was on. Thanks though,
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