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  1. I have been waiting to see someone else do this before I get one myself. Will be following..
  2. Totally off topic, but I love your name 😆
  3. What is the difference between a "pro modeller" and a non pro modeller? Are they different moulds?
  4. I spy toes. Nice build! I really want to do a modern challenger at some point, but I have never had any idea how to attack it. Thought silver or purple, but nothing seems original. Your colour choice is really nice though!
  5. I vote for white. I did a 68 z28 that was turquoise with a white interior. Looked pretty sharp in terms of colours.
  6. This is nuts. I love it! I like how it is a sort of modern-ised version of the classic body (my opinion). Honestly, if this was cast in resin, I would buy it instantly. Super cool! "She is one well endowed lady"- Scotty
  7. As tittle suggests, I am looking for a 1980s daytona if it has the 2.5 inline4 engine, or just the engine itself. I also really would like an 83 mustang for a kb that I want to do of my own old car, a 1986 Dodge 600. I think I can use the mustang body for the majority of the car, and was told that the chassis and engine of the daytona (especially shelby) would be good for a dodge 600. Thanks
  8. I have looked through shapeways, but their prices are disgustingly high. I got a USS Enterprise A (ST:Beyond version) at about 5 inches for about $70 before shipping. I have no clue why I wasted my money like that... Thanks anyway though!
  9. Your experience does help, as I am more likely to trust someones who has first hand knowledge, than the information I glean from google. Even if the information is not pertinent to the car or engine I get, I do enjoy talking about it with someone who knows something (no one I know personally has any interest in cars or mechanics, so my mind is very lonely in that regard 😆). Perhaps a Daytona is worth looking for if it is anything like a 600 as you describe it to be. I appreciate the tip about the trans fluid, I had plans to re do all the fluids but never got to that point. Maybe if I find a new 600, I will have better luck with it. I wonder what it is about the pumping of the ATF that ruins the transmission? Is it the process or do they use some sort of liquid that erodes the insides somehow... Disturbing nonetheless. Thanks for chatting btw, I don't often get a chance to discuss mechanics or anything of the sort with my peers, as they are all still stuck in their phones.
  10. Perhaps I can bash that with an 83 mustang if those exist. Reshape the body a bit.
  11. Ha I will plan accordingly then 😆. I was weary of settling for the first car I found (1969 Dodge Dart that had the fender aprons coming off from rust followed by a 1968 Olds cutlass that had the worst steering I have ever seen and the kid who was selling it put a carb on it and I just do not think it was the right one for the engine). I had looked at maybe 5-7 cars before I found Sheila. I found that the neutral safety switch was iffy in my Dodge, but from what I can find is that the trans-axle was not all that reliable. However, and I will be repeating this, I have such little experience of my own to make any real determinations on that matter. The fact that your one worked well in the snowy and hilly region you lived in is great to hear, considering I live on West Coast right now, and will be going to East Coast in a month. (Snow, cold, snow and some more snow, but it is flat.) That engine was super easy to get around though. The size was easy to work with, and everything is pretty easy to get to. Thanks for the link, I will see what they have on there. From what I heard (again no way to back it up, perhaps you can) the 2.6 was the worst version of this engine, and the 2.5 was ok but not as good as the 2.2. I did not know about the balance shafts, so that is good to keep in mind.
  12. I really like the K-Body styled cars (Aries, 600's, reliant, LeBaron) from the 80's. I have found a few other 600's for sale near to me, but none in the place I am about to move to. However, I do really think saving up for one is worth it. Thanks for the info on the carbs. Perhaps I will look into the 90s, but I do really prefer the 80s/70s.
  13. G'day everyone, I posted this on the All Scale Trek forum *check it out, it has some really cool stuff*. This isn't the completely finished version, but it is as close as I came with pictures. The cargo pontoons are 3d printed. Decals courtesy of Del from MultiVerse Models. If you want to see my build, I will put the link to the AST build. Thanks for reading, https://allscaletrek.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=6003&start=40
  14. Hm perhaps you are right. A mechanic I spoke to said that the 2.2 was just terrible, and I have less experience than him so I took his word for it. Mine was not turbo. Thanks for the comment
  15. Saddest part about selling the car was that it was in really good condition. I am moving soon, and I had to get it all fixed and insured before moving, but I could not afford that, nor did the household have the room to have an extra car that didn't really do much of anything. If I wasn't moving, my plan was to totally redo the ignition system and get someone to put new brakes on. I wanted it to be my summer car as you said, but things just did not go in my favour. Your comments are appreciated.
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