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  1. The gathering of kits is exciting! I have begun work on mine, the pictures look super dark, but the colours are a lot brighter in reality. I cannot do much at the moment, as I am waiting for a cockpit decal set from Quinta Studio. Can't wait to see more of all your builds!
  2. My kit is still in the mail... 😥
  3. Those silver pinstripes must have been a pain.. Super nice job!
  4. PHew that's pretty large! (Your signature is terribly funny too)
  5. Not the only one! They are sweet little cars
  6. Now thats different! Looking forward to seeing more
  7. Sorry, I don't follow racing or the such. It is cool none the less
  8. I find snap kits too toy like (like the revell snap mustangs), and I don't really know that they are even functional as an introduction to actual modelling.. Just my opinion
  9. @iamsuperdan was most gracious and open. Went fantastic with iamsuperdan. Highly recommend, 10/10. This guy is also very funny. Thanks Dan
  10. Thank you! I was hoping to stay away from the federation style of painting. I do have a lot of starships, yes... more to come though as always Thank you, the weathering was meant to show that the parts had been floating out it space for a while, and really, who has the time to clean your star ship when you're on the run?? Are you talking about this ship? I made that before the 1/1000 Discoprise (as seen on the far right) came out. I liked the colour scheme, so I did the ISS Enterprise in the TOS version with disco paint scheme. I put the mirror universe livery on it though, just for fun.
  11. What a mean looking car! Great job, thanks for posting that!
  12. I am glad I did try again, it was just sitting on my bench glaring at me otherwise Thanks for your confidence and comment! I have had some success with Rustoleum. Got a pretty nice paint on a Honda NSX I recently did. Spraying the body is always a nervous activity... But I am learning a lot just from this model. I hope to see more of your firebird too!
  14. I saw the weirdest 2010 Dodge Charger today. It had Baldwin Motion like striping on the hood and sides. It was just... ugly and weird. Much like that, but on a grey 2010 charger... why??
  15. Super slick looking! I like the combination of colours. I don't follow NASCAR myself, but I bet that looks pretty accurate!
  16. Have you gotten anything more done? I am really looking forward to seeing where you go with it
  17. Thank you, I know I seem super overly excited about this, but I rarely actually get a fine job on a finish.
  18. I did just get some of the Duplicolor paints, I am looking forward to trying them! Thanks for the confidence.
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