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  1. Thank you! The raised panel lines make it a lot easier to keep straight though. If I had to paint that on a flat surface, no way it would look as clean.
  2. I only just realized, you can't tell what colour it is in these pictures. It is a dark (apparently) olive green from Vellejo model air, 71.007
  3. Hey that looks pretty neat! I have to get myself one of these. I like the non branded tires, they are just a little different.
  4. Oh the Piper would be cool! Could do a hot rod piper XD
  5. I picked this up a few days ago. I decided to go back to my roots, and I hand painted this. No airbrush or spray paint except for when I airbrushed some Pledge floor gloss at the end. Paint is all vallejo and citadel.
  6. A little update: I got impatient. I was going to do the panels via decals, but I had paint and an itch to work on this. I have to say (hand painted without any masking) the lines came out pretty straight. Have to do fix ups obviously, but I am pretty happy so far. The lower saucer lines look crooked, but that is because of the escape pods being raised. They will be painted a tan colour.
  7. Ah ahaha yeah the corsair is a little... finicky. I did the 1/48 B17G. Hand painted it too... man I think I got carpal tunnel from that. I was thinking of doing an airfix 1/72 paul boultan defiant, but maybe I should do one of my old revell ones... You should pick one of those and do that. Get a little variation in this group/community build (not that cars a bad thing)
  8. No problem, I will let you know which one when I figure that out for myself
  9. Sooooo is that a no to only cars? The newer revell aircraft are just re pops, no new moulds. I have done a few of them, the Corsair being my favourite. That one however is such a pain to get the wings to sit right, so I would advise caution when looking at Revell aircraft. Love them still, but a little difficult.
  10. Quick Question: MUST it be a car? I only recently (ish) started cars, but aircraft is something I can go back to?
  11. Anyone else from NS? Looking for a club, or just people of the sort.
  12. I can't stand the new batman but that batmobile is the stuff of dreams. Nice paint colour! I really want to do one of them.
  13. Thank you! I used to love airfix. I really want to get back into aircraft building again. Used to do tons of airfix aircraft. Good prices and the quality is what you pay for, so I like them quite a bit.
  14. G'day all, I recently fell to temptation in the hobby store. I saw the cutest little kit. A 1/32 Ford Model T by airfix. I looked at Scalemates and my kit version is 1973. I got it for a whole wopping 15 Cad. Would it be trecherous if I built it, or is it worth more than 15 dollars? If anyone has built one, what is it like? Any mods suggested? I need info on this kit before I know what to do with it. Thanks
  15. Super clean interior! Looks pretty good so far. I always have problems with BMF, so good luck. Will be watching, nice job so far
  16. I adore those wheels! They look so much cooler on that car than the car they were meant for. I'll be watching, can't wait to see more
  17. Are you going to use any gofer decals? From what I see, they have a lot of sponsor decals that could be used in addition to your Pepsi livery.
  18. Er.. heres something that pales in comparison to all of yours. Still technically working on it, but that's it just without the jet engine.
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