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  1. Er.. heres something that pales in comparison to all of yours. Still technically working on it, but that's it just without the jet engine.
  2. "Careful with that axe Eugene" will always be one of my favourites. Whats everyone's fave album? Mine is either "Wish you were here" or "The division bell"
  3. You interested in anything in 1/32?
  4. This seems like its going to come out really cool! Will be following.
  5. Read less?? Shouldn't we be pushing to read more...? Reading is essential in life
  6. I do wish slot cars were more of a thing. I have wanted to try them out at some point in my life.
  7. If I had a 2021 Challenger and a couple hundred thousand dollars, I would mod it like that
  8. Nice colour! Smooth finish too. Is it just me or are the badges on the back a little too thick... Otherwise, great!
  9. How did this topic die?? Its been a month since anyone posted... oh wait, that's me. Well lets spark this up again: Fave paintjob (I know its not a car but I really like how it came out). I mean Spit with American Desert Camo? I like.
  10. This car reminds me of the "modern firebird" People using body kits to make their cars into older muscle just turns out... badly. Take the daytona for instance: Modern Muscle is not particularly interesting to begin with. But trying to turn it into the original? YEUGH
  11. Ah yes join the ranks. Welcome! This place is super positive and always a good experience to post or just read here. Enjoy your stay
  12. How about an obituary section.... for the people on this forum that aren't dead. And its just preemptive! 😆
  13. I saw a chevy just like that red one at Sobeys the other day. Pretty sweet rides!
  14. Ceaser_Salad or similar variations like Ceaser_Sa1ad123 has been my username for things because of my birthday. 15 of March is the date that Julius Caesar was assasinated. So Caesar salad. I spell it wrong on purpose those, I like the look of the easer better than aesar.
  15. I should add that to my melted 71 cuda haha
  16. Yeah I get that a lot of kids have things to do. And it really is a problem (I feel like it has increased) of kids having no time of their own. My busiest year of high school was grade 10. I was a senior position in Air Cadets (I miss cadets), had two jobs at one point, went to school on the mainland when I lived on an island (which of itself took and hour and a half to get to) add on school work and I was also helping raise the chickens then general medical appointments and therapies. But for normal kids who were allowed to do sports, they would have even MORE on their hands. I get that kids are busy, and I hate that they are so filled with other things that they don't get to live a life. I see so many people my age so devoid of character because they ARE their activities (most of which are not by choice). But yes, your point of the cost being static is correct. I just majorly fluffed up a kit. Melted the entire front end, stupid mistake with a heater. Anyway, I have to now pay for a new kit to get the body to do it again. That (including a paint I bought just for this kit) is 50Cad for original kit, 18 for the paint (automotive paint yay) now a new kit for about 30cad. 98 cad for 1 kit, versus $60 for endless fun is a really REALLY easy choice. I had a friend tell me to open my eyes a bit, I was complaining about my generations addiction to the internet. She said that there is far more cheaper things to do on the internet. Video games, 3d rendering, photoshop art, video making, all sorts of things that are way cheaper, AND are creative that you can do while not going anywhere. I do apologize to @Reegs . I wanted to snap at you for being ignorant, but I am the ignorant one here. I have no right to be talking about a subject I really don't know anything about. You are correct. Truce? haha But returning to the topic at hand. I guess the only reason I got into modelling is that I am not like my compatriots of age. I can't do sports, my family only had 1 computer among us when I was growing up so video games were not a thing. I don't have a fancy smart phone. Maybe my generation just doesn't need modelling. They get the experience of cars more visually in games. Sad to say, but if the generation above mine is the last to appreciate models, I think we can see where this community is heading. Sorry for the rant. Modelling is burning me out right now, I am seeing a bit of a different side. I am also going to be a real adult soon so I really ought to stop referring to myself as a kid and see some form of reality.
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