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  1. Thanks! That is the 1/24 1971 Plymouth Cuda by revell. I put a wanted ad in the classifieds already
  2. I cannot... I tried. But I am looking for a new body. At least now I know that orange really needs a white base, not a light gray. Every cloud has a silver lining as they say
  3. That would be hard, as it is a plymouth XD But I had considered that. Not really my cup of tea though
  4. Yep. Needless to say, I need a new body.
  5. 1/24 monogram/revell Edit: I need the front grill not bumper. Sorry
  6. Here is my paint job. Have a little bit to fix on the bat symbol, but I am really happy with the look of it so far. Again, looking at the wheels from the kit, they look too small even if it wasn't a batmobile. I like that this car could be driven to stop crime or to the annual Justice League Charity Gala.
  7. Good to know, Thanks! Thank you, I try to be a little different Thank you Please come again XD
  8. It's bat tech, yes. But because I couldn't stop thinking of Batman gassing himself with his own car, I turned the headers around
  9. Man, I have no idea I may do some routing to put the exhaust out... the bottom?? I don't know yet, have to see what has room. I had some side pipes somewhere, but cannot find them. If I find them, its out the side
  10. You have a great eye. That is almost correct. 1/72 b25
  11. Hi again... I post way too much stuff, I am sorry for that. BUT I think this is a build that will actually be interesting to people, unlike my sci fi stuff which no one looks at. I had this kit, didn't like it, thought it was ugly and put it up for trade. But I was staring at the headlights and thought, "yknow that could be a cool batmobile". Soo... But then I thought... "it's missing something... oh yeah a stupidly oversized jet engine in the back". So I whipped this up. I want to paint the bat symbol on the hood in maybe a grey on the gloss black or maybe I will just leave the vinyl mask on after painting to raise the symbol off the hood a bit. Also the kit wheels and tires are so tiny... I need something more buff and off road ready. Thanks for looking, if you have any wheel/tires that would be good for this, let me know.
  12. Here is the paintjob. Have to do the detail painting today, but the tape has come off of the tiger stripes. I have decided that the two stripes on the roll bar are the number of years evading the federation.
  13. Yep. I used a 1/1000 Reliant rollbar. The original is an excelsior bash, and I used a tos saucer, didn't invert it though. Thanks for the comments! Thank you, I hope you enjoy the paintjob I did... it is a little bit different from most trek ships.
  14. This is interesting, it was the complete opposite for me. I used to be hugely into planes, but now they aren't as much of an interest. I did at the time want to be a pilot though.... and I was a cadet. Wish I was still interested in planes, but nothing really inspires me anymore. Bit of a sore spot still...
  15. As I wait on my other projects (firebird stripping and decals shipping) I decided to do some scratch building/kitbashing. This is a version of a design seen in Star Trek Deep Space 9. I like the original design, but didn't have those parts, so I made my own. I have my own story for this ship though, and any trekkies on this site might enjoy that. If you have no idea what I am talking about, just appreciate it for the model building aspect 😆. This ship is made by a band of ex-starfleet engineers who quit starfleet and fled federation. They saw the federation as a domineering society with no freedom to choose your own path, it was starfleet or nothing in their eyes. They sneaked into a graveyard and built their own ship that was warp capable, and disappeared into uncharted space. As this ship is owned by a separate entity, they scrubbed the hulls of any starfleet or federation livery, painting it in their own "freedom" colour scheme. (Which I have not decided on yet...) The panels are "patch" panels, and the extended antennae are sensor arrays. The second picture is of the original design, for those who do not know it. The below picture is the sort of hull pattern I want to try. Credits to Christian Bode on Star Trek Online for the pattern. Some ideas for a logo I want to put on the ship. I like the one on the bottom left, it looks like the "not equal" sign in mathematics, but using the delta shield instead of a slash.
  16. I don't see a lot of these built either. I am in a bit of a waiting hole right now, so I don't know when I will update this one yet. I hope soon, because I hate it when my topics die
  17. Well when I started my firebird, I was confused as well. As for glasses, the only person who can tell you to get them is an optometrist haha
  18. That isn't the actual door. The door comes in two halves, the interior and exterior. What you are seeing is just the moulded in support for the body, as the doors are on separate sprues.
  19. Oh I like those wheels. I think a red chicken would be pretty cool
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